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2014-04-15 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Chris, Mark, Colin, Emil, Petr, Helen, June, Ola, Dominik, Roger, Simon, Balaji, Andrew, Jason, Blazej, Wilma Remote: Sebastien B, Melissa, Mark H, Sebastien S, Kelli, Josh M, Josh B, Ian, Douglas, Carlos, Andreas, Will, Jean-Marie

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Project Status (15 minutes)

    • Mainline (5 minutes)
      • 4.4.11 status: going out the door any minute now. Watch standup for the scheduling of tasks on the 4.4.11 board.
      • 5.0.2 status: still needs scoping of how much work can be done on import TNG. Otherwise, keep focusing on blockers (5)/critical (15)
    • Glencoe Update (Chris) (5 minutes)
      • additions to scc, better logging, error-handling, PR now open
      • additions to 4.4
        • Carlos’ field handling in web
        • unit and integration tests using pytest running inside of OmeroWeb
        • Josh B’s search PRs open, not in 4.4.11
      • 5.x: tagging dialog in OmeroWeb
      • Carlos providing feedback on Ola’s PRs
    • Consortium Update (5 minutes)
      • Ian: thanks for help with getting FLIMfit out
        • discussions continuing following Jason’s visit
      • Douglas: integrating webtagging feedback, investigating backbone, etc.
        • will discuss demo server with Petr, Jean-Marie
  3. TOPIC: Proposal for future meeting agendas (Jason) - 14:43 UK

    • See copy of template with proposal
      • read from “Making the agenda”
    • Tuesday meetings come in 1 of 2 forms:
      • Regular
      • 15 minutes (max) status update
      • primary TOPIC (usually a presentation)
        • If there's an emergency topic, then push presentation back a week.
      • AOCB (schedule follow-ons)
    • Pan-project updates
      • Roughly monthly, led by Jason
      • Invite a wider audience
      • Each minigroup reports: docs, model/formats, server, web, insight, analysis, etc.
      • Prepare a few bullet points before hand: "Working on", "Major priorities", "Bottlenecks/Blockers"
      • 2-3 minutes each, plus questions
      • No technical discussions (in follow-ups)
    • New meeting type: "Coffee chats"
      • No fixed slot; scheduled when needed
      • Opportunity to look at boards, discuss priorities, dig into details, etc.
      • Andrew: is it annoying for remote people when discussions / decisions occur at Dundee over coffee?
        • Kenny: has brought Josh up to the Garland in a laptop computer
        • Chris: not clear that the coffee chats make the situation any worse
    • Jason: necessary to meet weekly?
      • Douglas: weekly meeting useful for finding out what is going on
        • e-mails, gdoc, trello, etc. overwhelmingly much, so meeting is useful summary
      • Helen: a month is a long time on this project
      • Ola: may be more productive, useful if strict about timing / preparation
        • Helen: perhaps limit to one hour every week
        • Ola: and maybe limit presentations to 20 to 25 minutes
        • Jason: so long as people who need to ask something may do so
          • Helen: but be strict about discussions arising
        • Chris: helps to have any discussion after presentation
        • Jason: so, presentation, then round-table, and limit to one hour
        • Jason: important things that run out of time can go to devteam, nitpick, etc. afterward
        • Jean-Marie: avoid adding too many agenda items, move technical discussion to after meeting
        • Jean-Marie: okay to have review then presentation, allowing discussion on presentation
    • Jason: useful to have larger discussion around some topic, perhaps monthly?
      • need only be attended by those interested in topic
  4. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:06 UK

    • Montpelier workshop may be soon after OME user’s meeting
    • Removal of support for Ice 3.3 for 5.1 and later
      • Chris: find minimum version defaults for platforms, distributions
      • Chris: also could be done for Java, Python, PostgreSQL
      • Jason: do in next week or so
        • Roger: sure
    • Jason: BBSRC grant for extending ROI, metadata work funded

Done 15:10 UK

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