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2014-04-08 Tuesday Team Meeting

8th April 2014

Dundee: Helen, June, Ola, Dominik, Mark, Petr, Blazej, Will, Jason, Emil, Gus, Kenny, Graeme, Wilma, Simon, Andrew, Remote: Kelli, Andreas, Josh M, Mark H, Melissa, Seb S, Josh B, Colin, Douglas, Seb B, Curtis, Carlos, Chris

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Accepted
  2. Paris Mtg Update (Jason)

    • with Core Technologies For Life Science meeting
    • agenda to fit accordingly:
    • Proposed schedule
      • Day 1 (afternoon June 5th, Thurs)- Auditorium - space for 100
        • Begin with wrap-up lunch of previous conference
        • Spencer and Jason intro - 40 min summary
        • 4-5 guest speakers 14.30 until 18.30 or so
        • Large scale HCS example etc.
        • buffet dinner and posters - Maybe lightning talks for posters
      • Day 2 (all of the 6th, Fri)- Modules
        • workshops and demonstrations of core and consortium
        • likely roughly the same number of tracks (4), but less repetition
        • contacting attendants for workshop registration
      • Try to show off as many ‘projects’ as possible - less formal
      • Will start to list names/workshops over the next week(ish)
      • Comments
        • Douglas: big problem last year was so many people in that space talking at once.
          • Leaving dividing doors closed; cubicle dividers?
      • Andrew: Attendees to run workshops? - Jason: logistics - space etc.
        • Chris: CellProfiler?
        • Ian: monitor issue last year (projectors for those without monitors)
        • Laptop demos?
        • Volunteers & a gdoc with a list! (Helen)
        • Planning gdoc
    • Is there scope for additional dev meetings before/after the main meeting?
    • Saturday is dev team meeting
    • Douglas: Maybe discuss ‘high-level’ stuff (more briefly) then leave time for other meetings?
    • Jason: Or come back to Dundee. Add any ideas to planning gdoc. Tricky to get specific work done late on Saturday.
    • Simon: Fly out earlier for dev work. Josh: better than coming to Dundee. Jason: OK - who wants to? Plan ASAP!
    • Flights Deadline - End of Monday
  3. Project Status/Testing Update (Josh) - 14:59

    • 5.0.1 released! - Thanks all.
      • Any comments or feedback?
    • Ongoing
      • Breaking: map-annotation
      • Clients: tablet-UI, clients bugs, etc. No ‘big’ pieces of work
      • Ongoing rw & rwrw scoping/testing
      • Need more Windows testing! 64 bit & 32 bit. Josh: keep both running/testing?
    • Jason: German labs - windows users told to try install OMERO
    • Sketch of next several versions [suggestion]
      • 5.0.2 by the end of April
        • Import scenarios
        • Breaking: Map Annotation, Expanding annotations (client-influence)
          • Will: currently a number of annotations that aren’t even shown now.
          • Ola: Examples? instrument annotation for customizable light paths
        • Spike to kick off sparse/ndim work
          • work will be on 5.1 branch
          • Jason: lot of feedback, examples of HDF5, formats, … challenging the application
          • integrates large-scale import, thumbnailing, rendering, viewing others datas, new/more flexible data, ...
        • Get QA2 launched? Certs, production environment, ...
        • Helen: several people on vacation
      • 5.0.3 by the end of May
        • Rendering & Permissions
        • Breaking: Rendering settings, Units (client-influence)
        • At the same time as Paris Workshop prep!
      • 5.0.4 before the summer gap
        • More import as well as client priorities (bug fixing)
        • Rendering other data
      • Summer
  4. Glencoe Update - 15:27 UK

    • Nothing to add - watch this space...
  5. Consortium Update

    • FLIMfit release tomorrow (if all well).
    • UX meeting (Seb B) for U-track
    • Curtis: ImageJ-OMERO is working but needs polish
      • need to get local OMERO 5 up to speed - in-place import, dropbox etc.
    • Mark H. Stitching plugin (Stephen Preibisch) - speed increase 10x.
      • Will eventually be “IJ2-ised”, params declared etc. - could be used by OMERO.
  6. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits

    • Sussex visit on 29th April
    • Manchester workshop in June 30th - Need volunteers.
    • PiCLS symposium 'The Future of Science' - Fri 13th June, Westpark Conference Centre. Registration closes 1st May! Poster - Ola.
  7. "Webtagging and Webtagging navigation" - presentation by Douglas Russell

    • Demo - name tokenised, matches with tags (blue), extra tags (green), no matches (pink).
      • Don’t reload when images selected, switch to thumbnails etc.
    • Slow to render (E.g. 30 images in dataset)
    • Optimise with efficient hql queries
    • Might need paging etc for larger datasets.
    • Navigation:
      • find tags in intuitive filesystem-like manner
      • offer all tags as a starting point for navigation
      • refine search space by choosing tags
      • count of tagged items is reduced
      • when ‘done’ you can get the list of tagged items
      • standalone app at the moment
      • Performance initially poor - refined
      • Now much better - need to test on larger numbers.
      • Ola - some of these queries / projections could be in BlitzGateway?
      • Douglas - but they are quite customised. Will e-mail details.
      • Ola - could go in main Tags or Search pages of webclient
      • Douglas - think about integrating with other search criteria
      • Will - similar functionality to 3-column layout of other webclient pages
      • Tagsets - add to nav - equivalent of adding all tags from tagset. - Only want tagsets if some images have all tags from tagset.
      • Simon - how to take results from tagging and E.g. use them for searcher etc?
  8. Any other business (<5 mins)

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