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2014-04-01 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Petr, Chris, Jean-Marie, Emil, Mark, Dominik, June, Will, Colin, Balaji, Blazej, Ola, Helen, Andrew, Roger, Simon Remote: Stick, JoshB, MarkH, SBesson, SSimard, Liza, Andreas, Melissa, Gus, Douglas, Kelli, Ian, ChrisM, Ivan, Carlos

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Josh: should I make samples public?
      • Will: E-mail from Martin indicates that files are sharable.
  2. 5.0.1 Release status - 14:33 UK

    • How soon do we plan to release? Josh: ASAP
      • Josh: Jason observed that many people on N America trip were awaiting a release with particular PRs merged
    • See release plan card
    • See milestone 5.0.1
      • Josh: current open 5.0.1 tickets on Trac will be pushed to 5.0.2, please close them if done
    • In-place import - given this has now been discussed on the forums shouldn't we just publish the docs when we release 5.0.1 so ppl aren't attempting it without them? To-Be-Included in 5.0.1
      • Josh: more of the limitations need to be highlighted, will be included in release announcement
      • Josh: in-place import is proving suitable for some users but not others, so be cautious about suggesting it as a solution
    • Josh: frequent 5.0 releases when they solve critical / blocker tickets
      • frustrating for people to wait many weeks to receive merged bug fixes
    • Jean-Marie: some people still on 4.4 awaiting stabilization of 5.0
    • Will: a couple of PRs to go in, original file download in web is broken
      • Jean-Marie: if not regression from 5.0.0, can probably wait until 5.0.2
    • Josh: suggestion is to get 5.0.1 out pretty much now, and 5.0.2 in a couple of weeks
    • Josh: next phase is testing RC1, see tomorrow’s stand-up
  3. Glencoe Update - 14:51 UK

    • webtagging PR coming
      • not specifically on Douglas’ work
    • container hierarchies in web work, PRs coming
    • fixing unit and integration tests
    • fire hose
  4. Consortium Update - 14:53 UK

    • Ian: thanks for help with FLIMfit Windows build, it will help with testing
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits - 14:55 UK

    • Science communication conference not really worth going to considering travelling & accommodation etc, interesting programme but only 1 session directly relevant to us.
    • Jean-Marie: Jason in Montpellier, maybe next week, possible workshop
    • OME User's Meeting in Paris: remember to register THIS WEEK
      • Chris: no reason not to publicize it widely
  6. Feedback from N. American Tour - 14:57 UK

    • slides
      • size of data was recurrent theme, especially light-sheet
      • MATLAB is popular
    • Josh’s e-mail
      • ROI tracks, experiment field (ontologies), cloud computing, Galaxy
      • multi-scale data (e.g., imaging + mass spec.), HPC, need better developer docs
    • Trello cards updated
  7. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:27 UK

    • none

Done 15:27 UK

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