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2014-03-18 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Gus, Andrew, Colin, Dominik, Emil, Balaji, Graeme, Kenny, Chris, Will, June, Mark, Jason, Blazej, Simon

Remote: Carlos, Sebastien B, Douglas, Helen, Curtis, Mark H, Sebastien S, Andreas, Ian, Ola, Kelli, Josh M, Melissa,

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Project Status/Testing Update

    • 5.0.1 status
      • Josh will open 5.0.2 and push some
      • All remaining 5.0.1 tickets need to be assigned, discussed etc
      • Chris - upgrade-check timeout is “blocker” 12097. 3 PRs. Please give feedback, comments. No 4.4 merge build
      • Josh - usability of in-place import is biggest issue
    • Quick look at
    • Sebastien Besson - Breaking builds job
      • “Breaking” Pipeline has Andrew’s Channel int to float, Ola’s minified js
      • “Breaking” labelled PRs not included in merge builds, but are included in ‘breaking’ jobs.
      • Once one build has passed and gone into merge build, next PR can be built.
      • Andrew - currently chasing down bugs with Channel int to float.
      • Josh - focus on model changes for 5.1.0.
      • Andrew - few model changes ready to go: Map annot, timestamp, etc. Should be OK
      • Jason - need to get model changes done well before 5.1.0
    • Heads-up about folks away.
  3. Glencoe Update

    • Chris - Several installs of OMERO in restricted corporate environment. timeout issues etc. Proxy info for docs.
    • Emil - Dataset to Plate script extended with more features.
    • Andreas - Tagging work moving towards open-source (end of week).
    • JB - Heap overflows fixes on search indexing - number of files too large. Big files not fixed yet (for Ola).
  4. Consortium Update

    • Curtis - good progress on ImageJ-OMERO tickets etc. Milestones organised etc. Github issues
      • prepping e-mails to ImageJ, ome lists.
      • tables prototype working
    • Jason - well done on Projects release last week
    • Ian - Windows builds causing problems.
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits

    • Petr & JM in Toronto
    • Big Data keystone in SF next week (Jason, Josh, Douglas)
    • BigData poster feedback, last call
    • Paris meeting - last call for speaker suggestions
    • Gus at CLS symposium in Crieff this weekend
    • Simon at Data-Viz meeting (UofD). UX testing facility at CTIR.
  6. Presentation by Graeme Ball "Introduction, Tools, Feedback, Plans"

    • Jason: Graeme is “Image Analyst” - from Oxford.
      • This role has become important at various institutions
      • Need to encourage communication between institutions
    • Graeme…
    • Image Analyst role - see Nature methods
    • Knowlege of Tools:
      • ImageJ - ubiquitous, macros, open any images
      • Matlab - concise sytax, built-in analysis tools etc. E.g. tracking of particles, Microbes, etc
    • OMERO! - scripts for batch analysis
    • ImageJ pluigins: - SIMcheck.
    • Been installing ImageJ, Fiji, Matlab on many machines
    • Setting up booking system.
    • Using OMERO:
      • Scripts for de-noising. Handy for users with some data
      • Python API:
        • Docs have improved
        • Ice complexity not well hidden
        • BlitzGateway awkward, verbose to use etc
        • Eventually found bits and pieces outside Blitz (webclient/, script_utils)
      • OMERO is useful as repository, collaborative tool, batch processor etc.
      • OMERO interface needs tidy - important tools more prominent (E.g. rdef settings)
      • By default, in Dundee users are in “default” group
      • Need to be easier for users to create groups (don’t want to go via Admin)
      • Heavy lifting (processing) needs to run on separate machine
        • Blazej - hard to get ICE to work & be reliable, poor docs etc.
        • Douglas - set up will be complete in Oxford soon
      • Search not working!
      • Notifications within OMERO - E.g. comments etc. needed for collaborative working
      • Let web and Insight diverge
        • web for collaborative, admin, jobs
        • Insight for Desktop integration, IJ, sync
      • Fiji update site?
      • Getting images from OMERO to processing and results back to OMERO is hard
      • Sharing, creating groups etc - lots of discussion of tech and social issues.
  7. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Chairs
    • Please say if test chair is not suitable.
    • DO NOT take your blue chair with you!
    • Each desk will have 2-drawer filing cabinet
    • Video walls (notice boards later)
    • 2 walls with mountings & power for monitors.
    • Do we want to put monitors here? What would we put on them?
    • Concerns about distraction. Could put non-moving content, but possibly not justified cost
    • Might be useful for meetings etc. But might be better to have monitors in meeting rooms (instead of projectors)
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