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2014-02-18 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Jean-Marie, Emil, Chris, Gus, Melissa, June, Josh, Sebastien, Kenny, Blazej, Mark, Jason, Dominik, Roger, Colin, Will, Helen, Andrew, Petr, Balaji, Simon, Ola Remote: Stick, Kelli, Liza, Sebastien S, Carlos, Josh B, Ian M, Andreas

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting - 14:31 UK

    • accepted
  2. Focus on 5.0 Project Status/Testing Update - 14:32 UK

    • Jean-Marie: focus on 5.0 for stand-up this week, can largely postpone 5.1 PR review
    • Jean-Marie: imminent round of testing for OMERO.figure
    • Melissa: Bio-Formats renaming merged, classes in different components
      • Sebastien: new downloads page summarizes new JAR names, etc.
    • Josh: webstart JAR certificate process painful may not be done for 5.0.0
      • Jean-Marie: should e-mail list soliciting opinion on webstart blocking 5.0.0
      • Roger: given that 4.4.10 has the same problem, it is not a regression
      • Jason: delay is entirely bureaucratic
      • Josh: discuss later
    • Petr: RC3 is looking good, just minor issues
      • Josh: another round of wider testing needed?
      • Petr: no; in-place import will be exercised on Thursday
    • Simon: RC3 is nearly 5.0.0?
      • Josh: yes, few PRs remain
    • Sebastien B: round of docs testing? Readers can work through, especial attention to breaking changes
    • Gus: has 5.0.0 changes up
    • Simon: upgrade nightshade to 5.0.0?
      • Jason: put RC3 on it promptly, announce downtime
      • Will: to test OMERO.figure, but is already running it against 5.0 locally
    • Josh B: working on documentation fixes
    • Jason: check 4.4 clients against 5.0 server
  3. Consortium Update - 14:47 UK

    • Discuss position re: data from David Lleres@Montpellier. (<5 mins) (Ian)
      • Ian: FLIMfit data, issue not easily fixed for 4.4
      • Melissa: David is cc’d on ticket in 5.0.1 milestone, can point him to daily build when fix is working
      • Jean-Marie: they are already testing a 5.0 RC1 server
    • Sebastien S: target branch for doc PRs?
      • Helen: dev_5_0 please
    • Sebastien B: planning releases of consortium projects after 5.0.0, with announcements?
      • Jason: great idea, come up with a reasonable schedule
      • Jean-Marie: could be a matter for Edinburgh meeting too
    • Simon: OMERO.searcher nearly there, couple of PRs yet
      • Jean-Marie: presentation soon?
  4. Any other business (<5 mins) - 14:53 UK

    • Feedback from meeting audio from remotes
      • quiet, barely intelligible, bad
      • Jason: acoustics in this room are poor, have to find another solution
      • Carlos: very different from last week
        • Chris: microphone set-up is the same (room is different)
      • sound got much better once built-in projector stopped
      • Jason: try bringing quieter projector next week

Done 15:04 UK

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