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2014-02-11 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Will, Petr, Andrew, Jean-Marie, Chris, June, Mark, Helen, Ola, Simon, Balaji, Dominik, Jason,

Remote: Seb B, Kelli, Josh, Melissa, Roger, Colin, Ian, Carlos, Curtis, Seb, Andreas, Emil, Evan, Gus,

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. 5.0.0 Status/Testing Update - 14:30 UK

    • RC2 is building… Test when ready!
    • ImageJ plugin is broken due to Bio-Formats - need to decide where new jar goes.
    • webstart cert…
    • maybe RC3 for IJ, webstart.
    • Can’t ‘leak’ cert - need to add exceptions for local builds
  3. Glencoe Update

  4. Consortium Update

    • FLIMfit downloads page now linking to Jenkins daily build artifacts
    • Need to check what versions we can use.
    • Latest builds not working against 4.4.8
    • Need to test against 4.4.8 - 10 and 5.0
    • PC builds not in Jenkins - get out of date quickly. Ian visiting at end of month
    • Other partner project downloads need checking periodically
    • Searcher is almost ready - just needs tagging
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits

    • Brief report from Nottingham gdoc notes
      • Needs more sysadmin discussion -> use forums.
    • Next outreach visit is Sussex on 10th March
  6. Trello-GitHub-Trac linking tools - presentation by Chris Allan

    • “Holy Trinity/Triforce of Software Engineering” - Issue tracking, SCM, Ci
    • Integration of components
    • Glencoe: Andreas & Sam - JCB into production, testing, deploy…
    • Issue tracking: Trello, trac, redmine, github. Ci: jenkins, travis, scc. SCM: git, github
    • Integrate with pub/sub and APIs - using “Corgi”
    • Typical Ci workflow is one-direction
    • Corgi - no daily merge builds.
    • Corgi listens for PRs - can update tickets, cards & trigger builds
    • on Github: glencoesoftware/corgi
    • PR has links to issue and vice versa.
    • Issue status changes wrt PR status
    • Refer to issue ID in PR name ‘gs-1070’ - Links created to/from redmine issue.
    • True ‘continuous integration’ Great for OMERO.web plugins
    • On github chris-allan/figure
    • Redeploy with zero downtime.
    • Corgi maps PRs to builds
    • chris-allan/figure/settings/hooks
    • Demo!
    • TODOs:
    • Trac - needs performance improvement, version upgrade, loose Agilo? (ticket hierarchies etc)
    • Modularize Corgi integration points - E.g. trello & trac
    • Expand SCC beyond ‘merge build’ use case - decouple from github issues
    • Need to work out what tokens to use (E.g. trello card IDs)
    • JM: could get tricky with several devs committing to same repo - don’t want to be constantly building!
    • JB: maybe open PRs at an early stage. Github handles PR rebasing quite well.
    • Curtis: using gh issues for scifio - nice integration with PRs etc, fast. BUT no hierarchy. ImageJ too big to move.
    • “hubboard”? - OS, drag n drop to handle issues.
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