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2014-02-04 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Will, Gus, Kenny, Jean-Marie, Balaji, Chris, Mark, Helen, Colin, Dominik, Petr, Ola, Roger, Jason, Simon, Remote: Blazej, Josh M, Douglas, Andrew, Stick, Emil, Josh B, Andreas, Seb, Wilma, Carlos, Melissa, Liza, Seb B, Ian

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Welcome Dominik to Dundee team

  3. 5.0.0 Status/Testing Update:

    • Blocker: - Java webstart: need to sign webstart jars. Backend security/keys.
    • Blocker: - Log4j jar (see nitpick). Immediate fix for 5.0.0.
      • Breaking changes? Change jar contents?
      • Uber jar vv smaller jars, devs vv users?
      • How important is logging for users? Option to add logging via IJ menu?
      • Status bar info important to a number of people
      • Curtis: Don’t want to require extra step for users - Can solve this in code.
      • Jason: 2.5k downloads of BF per month (not Fiji). Important to support vanilla IJ users
      • Josh - Discuss further… [don’t want to break 5.0.0 -> 5.0.1. Incremental changes after 5.0.0]
    • Petr: testing ready to go. Scenarios tested. Need IJ plugin scenario update
  4. Glencoe Update

    • Config settings PRs nearly done.
    • Sam’s caching - ready - any questions?
    • JB - search in progress..
      • FileAnn indexer improvements
      • Recovery of stalled indexer improvements
      • Once PRs are in, test with CLS image repo, reindex etc. Test with snapshot first.
      • Basel interested - 4.4.9 in production - backporting to 4.4. should be OK if needed.
  5. Consortium Update

    • Ian - solution to ‘slow-loading’ problem with BF integration
    • Curtis - IJ scripting improvements. Types/params. See modules from OMERO
    • Sebastien - Config PR merged. Easier deployment of web apps, combinations etc.
  6. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits - 14:56 UK

    • Report from FOSDEM (
      • Simon: Good meeting, Lots of useful talks.
      • Kenny: Config management useful - lots of tools we could start to use, CI code review etc. Start regular meetings
      • Blazej: Presentation well received. Big conf, worth attending. See FOSDEM website for videos (soon)...
    • Petr & Will going to Nottingham on Thursday
    • Several outreach visits being planned
    • Various local demos (Ninewells pfelts), workshops too - drop-in sessions.
  7. Presentation on Trello - Josh Moore

    • Need to get hands dirty…


    • Homepage lists all boards

    • can ‘star’ your favorites, ‘your boards’ etc.

    • stick with ‘openmicroscopy’ organisation

    • Create board - need to add users

    • Each board & card has unique link

    • Card has single description - best to use it

    • Add checklist etc. Useful, can drag n drop to re-order

    • Up to 6 labels on card - take care when moving cards between boards

    • Multiple members per card.

    • Due date can be useful - viz later

    • Votes, Subscribe etc.

    • Get lots of notifications, e-mail

    • Sidebar:

      • Powerups - voting, aging, calendar. Calendar enabled - toolbar button.
      • Stickers - please don’t overuse!
      • E-mail - address per board. Send e-mail to create card. - could teach jobs, tools etc to create cards etc
      • Profile -> cards List all your cards.
    • Left board list:

      • Drag and drop to re-arrange.
      • Can show permanently
    • Shortcut keys (use “?” to show)

    • E.g. mouseover cards and “space” to add, numbers to toggle labels.

    • Filter “q” to show only your tickets.

    • Searching pretty good.

    • Drag-n-drop or Move card to board - quick! Easy to keep up-to-date

    • Archive boards, lists, cards. Open in side bars.

    • Snapshots / Template boards E.g. release planning

    • Concurrency issues - E.g. editing cards at same time.

    • “Boards I watch”:

    • Sysadmin board:

      • Inbox for new cards - don’t know where they go
      • in-progress - Keep up to date.
      • archive after ‘done’
    • DevX board (developer experience)

      • API changes, integrations tests, etc
      • List for each user - in-progress.
    • UX board, Documentation board etc.

    • Need to decide on common usage of boards.

    • Try to get all cards at the same granularity

    • Don’t add too much noise to ‘Priorities’ board - E.g personal TODO list.

    • Need to add dates to Priorities board.

    • Upcoming features board:

    • Move to here from Priorities board.

    • Numbers are limits on number of cards in list

    • Need to keep cards moving -> release

    • Scoping - API, mockup UI, etc. Team know what’s needed

    • Impl [5] get it done!

    • Demo - petr.

    • Demo Done - could be released.

    • Petr: what does membership mean?

    • Josh: different per board; important for notification

    • Chris: expresses interest

    • Jason: need to be led

    • Will: boards aren’t public (yet?)

    • Chris: nothing technically stopping us. What would people do with the content?

    • Jason: we’re already challenging ourselves/users with the number of views. Expressing different things than trac.

    • Ola: No milestone view - Josh - stick with trac - could add milestone number to Upcoming Features.

    • Chris: use trello to reduce the noise of ideas, since that’s never worked well on trac. (requirements whiteboard)

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