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2014-01-28 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Andrew, Gus, Sebastien B, Kenny, Chris, Mark, Emil, Petr, Jean-Marie, Balaji, Will, Simon, Helen, Graeme Remote: Melissa, Josh, Ola, Wilma, Blazej, Zeb, Andreas, Kelli, Josh B, Ian, Douglas, Colin, Carlos

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Helen edited to clarify Dundee leave policy
  2. 5.0.0 Status/Testing Update - 14:31 UK

    • Code freeze Friday, RC Monday
    • Chris: blocker story on Trac
    • Petr: testing card on Trello
      • server setup on sysadmin trello board
    • Jean-Marie: consider moving non-blockers to 5.0.1
  3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:36 UK

    • Redis based caching; Upcoming prototype
      • #11517 will be updated today
      • all against 4.4, but could go against 5.x
  4. Consortium Update - 14:37 UK

    • Jean-Marie: meeting Ian at end of February, contacted Bill, etc.
      • June back on Monday, to work out arrangements
    • Ian: Bio-Formats fixes working, ideas on performance problem
    • Douglas: preparing for FOSDEM, user survey results collected into horrible spreadsheet
      • Chris: some Glencoe use of survey monkey
    • Sebastien S: needing to discuss further with Sebastien B about continuous integration, RC ready for Petr to test
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits - 14:45 UK

    • Ola & Helen going to schools outreach event tonight. Set up 'scientific images' group on CLS repo to show teachers as a test (see UX board for further details)
      • informal meeting between life sciences people and teachers
      • will show them a couple of Paul Felts slides in OMERO
    • Early bird registration for VIZBI (not going?) and Craft Conference (Blazej?) ends 31st Jan
      • Jean-Marie: not going to VIZBI, too much else happening
        • Will: might be useful, hard to tell in advance
      • Blazej: would like to hear from several software-related speakers at Craft
        • message queues, big data, but conference is expensive
        • Chris: travel and accommodation more expensive than conference, but if keen then go for it
        • Jean-Marie: cost is not prohibitive
        • Josh B: also interested in attending
        • Blazej: will e-mail Jason, etc. to start arranging, cc: Josh B
    • Abstract submission for Manchester Microscopy congress is by 27th Feb
      • Jean-Marie: probably worth a poster at least, running a workshop just before the meeting
    • Jean-Marie: arranging outreach to Sussex, Nottingham, et al.
  6. Continuous Integration talk by Sebastien Besson slides/pdf to come here - 14:56 UK

    • Jean-Marie: what is the plan with various Matlab versions?
      • now there are three Matlab-based consortium projects
      • Sebastien B: multiple versions are a considerable pain, rather test all of them well in one version
      • Sebastien B: soon get integration tests in place
      • Ian: specific MCR?
      • Sebastien B: Ian, Michael’s projects just need MCR, but U-Track needs more
    • Jean-Marie: Windows builds?
      • Sebastien B: definitely planned, Roger also is an interested party
      • Kenny: two more Windows build nodes recently added
      • Jean-Marie: current build takes very long on Windows
    • Will: much Python code is not yet passing flake 8
    • Will: style checking for JavaScript?
    • Jean-Marie: what of PRs that travis erroneously/transiently marks as errors? They are stopped in the CI pipeline.
      • Sebastien B: chosen people can restart it, prevents failed morning builds for test servers
      • Andrew: can we fix the current Bio-Formats travis problems?
        • Sebastien B: issue is largely maven artifact download failures
        • Andrew: no Bio-Formats builds use ant?
          • Melissa: indeed, but Jenkins uses ant plenty
      • Mark: not listing travis-failed PRs for review in daily stand-up
  7. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:44 UK

    • how to handle support questions from Twitter
      • Will: for simple questions with simple answers, respond by Twitter, otherwise can link to forums (even preparing answer waiting there)
        • Helen: responses to questions on Twitter should be timely
        • Will: could have a separate Twitter account for help / support
          • Kelli: would still be limited by 140-character limit for answers
          • Helen: may have to link to answer in forum
        • Helen: number of Twitter followers is increasing
    • FYI: Dundee move from MSI to CTIR delayed to summer
    • this week’s microphone set-up made it much easier to hear side conversations
    • Josh M to go over Trello next week, maybe also some ticket cross-linking

Done 15:51 UK

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