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2014-01-21 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kenny, Gus, Ola, Emil, Andrew, Petr, Will, Colin, Mark, Balaji, Blazej, June, Jean-Marie, Chris, Simon Remote: Josh M, Andreas, Carlos, Josh B, Mark H, Melissa, Seb B, Douglas, Ian, Roger, Wilma, Seb S, Kelli

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. 5.0.0 Status/Testing Update - 14:27 UK

    • not many / alarming test failures
    • priority to resolve remaining tickets
    • Paulo said upgrade went fine (one burp)
    • Ola upgraded two systems in Dundee (from alpha); all ok
    • Douglas upgrade several; fine
    • Petr: about to switch to Squash, but depends on Kenny’s availability
      • so probably not in time for 5.0.0
      • a Squash server would be nice
    • Seb: RC2 ETA? J-M: Not yet. Look at tickets in a couple of days and possible squash.
  3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:35 UK

    • publication of 201308062 (9th screen)
      • screen-screen linkage
      • linkages to model organism databases (flybase, etc.)
    • returning to prior projects, e.g., Andreas’ tagging work, Sam’s caching work
      • prototypes coming, for UX discussion
        • soon paper.js work on ROIs
  4. Consortium Update - 14:40 UK

    • Ian: working on file loading with bio-formats; big performance problems
    • teaching time table? Later today.
    • Simon: hopefully get OMERO.searcher out with 5.0.0 release
    • Sebastien: WebFigure + tagging deployment on howe (dev_4_4), other branches coming
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences/outreach visits - 14:45 UK

    • Jean-Marie: interest in a few training meetings, mostly in UK
      • will organize, and status in gdoc Training folder
    • FOSDEM next week
  6. Report on P Felts Virtual Microscope for teaching - Ola & Gus - slides - 14:47 UK

    • generally positive reviews from students
    • is now using OMERO 5 line
    • students 50/50 split between tablets and laptops
    • screen realty
    • various ROI requirements
    • pop-up tutorial on first use
    • students’ examination scores were higher if they used the virtual microscope
    • trying to convince medical school to use it everywhere (and then nationally)
      • interest from consultants at Ninewells
        • especially, sharing rare pathology material with other institutions
    • good support from Paul
    • intent: build learning library (rather than vanilla OMERO)
  7. Trello boards report (Josh) - 15:06 UK

    • reviewed. See "Proposed for 2014" label (yellow)
    • Presentation in 2 weeks? Separate demo as we did with git?
    • Partner project boards have partner-project-specific cards, not cards that affect OMERO in general
    • Helen’s documentation cards will go to the UX board
    • Discussion with Jason at 1600
  8. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:16 UK

    • Geoff Barton's e-mail instructing CB division annual leave to be reported to CB-Admin
      • necessary for Dundee team members? No - June will handle as previously
    • Douglas: radio mic seemed great improvement
    • Sebastien B coming to Dundee next week

Done 15:21 UK

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