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2014-01-14 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Simon, Will, Kenny, Emil, Jean-Marie, Balaji, Mark, Jason, Kelli, Gus, Ola, Andrew, Helen, Chris, Blazej, June, Roger, Petr Remote: Josh, Colin, Carlos, Ian, Mark H, Melissa, Seb B, Andreas, Seb S, Douglas, Josh B, Curtis

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. Balaji Ramalingam has joined the OME team in Dundee.

    • experience in HCS
  3. 4.4.10 status - 14:29 UK

    • Outstanding work; ETA?
    • Josh: open PRs can be merged, try a 4.4.10 build on howe tomorrow
    • Petr: looking good, no major issues, new release scenario (including BF/ImageJ)
  4. Branch policy (5 mins) - 14:30 UK

    • dev_4_4 for 4.4.x (howe), dev_5_0 for 5.0.x (gretzky), dev_5_1 for 5.1.x (trout)
      • Should new development happen largely on dev_5_1 only?
        • dev_5_0 gets major bugfixes (and some easily rebased fixes)
        • we tend to release from branches that have been stable for a while?
      • or, should most new PRs reach both dev_5_0 and dev_5_1?
        • except those changing existing API or model
        • more eyes typically review the same code
        • some users have strong aversion to upgrade from 5.0.x to 5.1.y?
      • Josh: don’t open PRs against 4.4 unless really necessary
      • Josh: rebase from 4.4 to 5.0, but new development onto 5.1 (develop)
      • Jean-Marie: tickets in 5.0 milestone are for dev_5_0 branch
        • some could be pushed to 5.1 milestone
  5. OME presentations - Jason (10 mins) - 14:38 UK

    • put presentations into the presentations folder on squig
      • or web ones in downloads, e.g. reveal.js
    • presentations have a title, and an outline is useful given diversity of talks
    • finish up with acknowledgements slide (with good coverage!)
    • Liza worked up good PowerPoint templates, well worth using them
    • @@Andrew: move Artwork/ templates to the one location
    • @@Andrew: /ome/team/Talks, /ome/team/Abstracts, and google drive
    • Will: also posters
    • JoshB: require PDFs?
      • Jason: .pptx has worked well; PDF is good for distribution
  6. Glencoe update - 14:49 UK

    • Chris: screens going up on Monday
    • Jason: JCB data viewer now five years old
  7. Consortium update - 14:50 UK

    • Seb S: tool release
      • Helen: can add to partners page
      • Jean-Marie: perhaps install on server and demonstrate
    • Seb B: CI tab for consortium projects
  8. Upcoming meetings/conferences - 14:53 UK

    • Big Data in Biology (SF, March) - website claims we can still submit a poster, discounted registration deadline is 21st Jan (Done: Douglas, Josh)
    • Early bird discount for Craft Conference ends 31st Jan
    • Abstract submission for Microscience Microscopy Congress 2014 in Manchester is 27th Feb
    • JM & Petr need another helper for ABRF in New Mexico?
      • don’t need helper
      • visit Madison, WI beforehand
    • Gus registered for Crieff - poster and presentation (unlikely to get) entries submitted
      • abstract on squig
    • Paris users’ meeting: June 5th-7th after CTLS 2014
      • dev meeting at the end? Yes (Saturday).
  9. Will Moore's presentation on WebFigure (35 mins) - 14:59 UK

    • better name for WebFigure?
      • OMERO.figure?
    • Jason: glaring to-do’s?
      • Will: more, nice-to-have’s
        • how to save figures as some kind of annotation, then can be edited further
        • Andrew: as it stands, users may accidentally lose figures by deleting images used in the figure
      • must have versioning (standardization?) of file format
    • Jean-Marie: keep as separate app in own repository, or integrate into core?
      • Simon/Douglas: keeping separate can encourage us to add more webclient hooks for plugins
      • Chris: Glencoe already has separate repositories whose software can be deployed with OMERO, may be able to reuse Glencoe scripts to allow similar workflow on open-source side
    • Jason: representation of thumbnails other than datasets.
      • Gus: been discussing making better use of the center pane
      • Carlos: another use case - re-usage of tool for actual journal authors (make everything OMERO)
        • would be bad if it were integral part of OMERO.web, but should be a separate app (for re-usage)
      • Chris: drastically different technology; try to make best use of it. (but can’t communicate between 2 tabs)
        • Will: using local storage for copy-n-paste?
        • Chris: allow the sharing of events via the backend?
    • Gus: very positive user feedback
    • Douglas: use of templates (replacing movies, etc.) are great. but saving over templates can be confusing.
      • have things that are just templates?
      • incl. specific journal templates
      • Will: that gets back to the previous script way of doing it with figuring (complicated)
      • Petr: don’t have to use templates; also don’t call them “templates” (would get lost)
        • disappointed about the manual copying of image IDs
        • Will: almost prefer the full page for building the figure; works personally.
        • Jason: right click “send to webfigure”; drag-n-drop
        • gdoc cut-n-paste?
        • local storage?
        • Chris: all the copy buttons in browser are flash applications
        • Andrew: “last image viewed” notion in server?
        • Chris: would need server-side message-passing API
  10. Any other business (<5 mins) - 16:05 UK

    • Jean-Marie: next week has review of teaching server, etc.

Done 16:06 UK

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