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2014-01-07 Tuesday Team Meeting

Dundee: Kelli, Helen, Kenny, Simon, Gus, Jean-Marie, Mark, Petr, Andrew, Will, June, Chris, Ola, Blazej, Roger Remote: Josh, Seb B, Andreas, Carlos, Seb S, Ian, Douglas, Melissa, Josh B, Curtis

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • accepted
  2. 4.4.10 Status - 14:29 UK

    • 5 tickets
      • #11876 LDAP issue
        • being investigated by Blazej today
        • Blazej: Douglas’ setup works okay
        • Ola: bug has existed for some time, may need to push fix to 5.0
        • Kenny: LSC soon to retire LDAP server, move to AD
    • Jean-Marie: using nightshade for testing
    • Sebastien: working on CI jobs for release
    • Simon to get 4.4.10 server running on gretzky
  3. Glencoe Update (Chris) - 14:39 UK

    • working on screens
    • some end-of-month deadlines
    • Liza is on maternity leave
  4. Consortium Update (every month) - 14:40 UK

    • Douglas: working on 5.0 web plugin issues
    • Ian: working on BF5 + FLIMfit, build issues
      • Jean-Marie: should meet again in Edinburgh
      • Ian: could even come up to Dundee, talk to Petr, Roger, et al.
    • Sebastien B: has been working on CI, but would like to test tracking tools on 5.0 production server
  5. Upcoming meetings/conferences review gdoc spreadsheet - 14:45 UK

    • 1st quarter meetings:
      • FOSDEM Brussels
        • session accepted
        • Blazej: twenty-minute lightning talk
      • Debian meeting in Stonehaven, scientific software
        • Roger is going, also some Barton group
      • Xray Phase-contrast Microscopy Meeting, Germany
        • Andrew: probably not worth it, insufficiently relevant
      • XML Prague 2014
        • Andrew: registration open, too late for papers
        • XML + big data stream looks interesting
      • PyData conference London
        • Simon, Chris: still no agenda posted
        • Chris: probably Glencoe attendees
        • Simon: interested in going
      • Bioimaging 2014, France
        • Jean-Marie: large, general meeting; deadlines largely past
        • Jean-Marie: probably not worth it, and quite expensive
      • Vizbi 2014, Heidelberg
        • Will: somewhat useful, though not cheap
        • Jean-Marie: virtual attendance possible
        • Chris: probably won’t send Glencoe people
      • FLOSS UK Brighton
        • Jean-Marie: could also visit Alex
        • Roger: usually a good meeting
        • Chris: rather hardcore
        • Jean-Marie: may not be useful for Gus
        • Jean-Marie: probably not worth it
    • Data Visualisation Crucible Event (Dundee) - Simon: follow-up to November event
      • University of Dundee - College of Life Sciences Research Symposium, Crieff, Scotland
        • Andrew: no obvious deadline, but keen to have people register, limited space
        • Chris: would be good to register if we plan to go
        • Jean-Marie: probably not more than a poster
        • Simon: go around with a sign-up sheet for workshops
        • Will: whole event is quite an investment of time
        • not sure if Jason is attending
        • Jason: last year hoped to have short presentation and subsequent workshops
        • Jean-Marie: maybe approach similarly to GRE symposium
      • CW14 software in research, Oxford
        • Douglas: looks interesting, can’t attend, but may send somebody else
      • ABRF Albuquerque
        • Jean-Marie: will be going, as part of tour of USA
        • Jean-Marie: Kevin wanted to run some workshops in Midwest?
      • Big Data in Biology
        • Douglas: conference is worth a look
    • Helen: worth listing meetings with near-term deadlines even if actual meeting is much later
  6. Public webclient SSBD Database (Will) - 15:09 UK

    • E.g. Dataset 220.
    • Public user can create P/D, run scripts (e.g. Batch Image Export -> OME-TIFF) etc.
    • Need webgallery.
    • Short term solution?
    • Ola: regular expressions for URL filter; buttons can be clicked but no deleterious effect
    • Jean-Marie: may be worth contacting them
    • Ian: would also be interested in a good solution
    • Will: can hide scripts from web UI
    • Ola: can help to prevent outside access to OMERO server, run web client on different machine
  7. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:17 UK

    • Social media (Kelli)
      • expanding social media presence
        • including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+
        • Josh B: LinkedIn use of projects, etc.
      • first, making Twitter content more frequent and regular
      • Jean-Marie: how best to provide content for tweeting?
        • Kelli: let me know after stand-ups
      • Will: confusing sometimes with “from organization” tweets knowing who is tweeting
        • maybe organization best for only certain kinds of content
      • Josh B: how to organize team members’ work-related blog posts, etc.?
      • Will: tweet summary of any interesting content from weekly team meetings?
    • Ian: UK research funding is increasingly entailing access to the actual data produced
      • more than just seeing it, need to be able to download it, work with it, etc.
    • Sebastien B: next week is Will’s presentation; build system one will follow later

Done 15:31 UK

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