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2012-11-27 Tuesday Meeting

Dundee: Colin, Helen, Simon, Will, Elwood, Gus, Blazej Remote: Josh, Stick, Liza, Chris, Carlos, Douglas, Andreas, Liza, Melissa, Sebastien, Mark Hiner, Jean-Marie

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • DONE
  2. Glencoe Update - 14:37 UK

    • Chris: deploying 4.4.5 + bulk metadata & some of Will’s branches @ harvard, jake can test a few things
    • Chris: Image viewer popup window for bulk metadata.
    • Jean-Marie: Will align with Insight with feedback from users.
  3. Documentation/website (45 mins)

    • Improve documentation sidebar
      • Helen: No issues for me global TOC at top, links to sub divisions in sphinx and links to downloads & licensing. prev & next links and page contents. Plone breadcrumb off, sphinx nav on at the top.
      • Will: Bio-formats needs reverting, plone off and sphinx on.
      • Sebastien: agree on final template for bio-formats / dev 4-4 / develop
      • Helen: fine as soon as breadcrumbs are resolved.
      • Curtis: consistency between products/support
    • Standardize on sphinx sidebar?
      • Will: or make it look like plone.
      • Chris: worth a look.
      • Curtis: but not if it eats up hours and hours.
      • Simon: remove italics from internal sphinx links
    • Sebastien: should be possible (on :doc: or :ref:). Investigating.
    • Blazej: custom class, should be as easy as that.
    • Timeline - 14:49 UK

      • Chris: had decided in 4.4.0 not to maintain it.
      • Will: find it useful. Link to all the movies (even way back)
        • No where else
      • Josh: just copying it over sounds manageable.
      • Will to examine and get up-to-date.
      • Jean-Marie: have to be careful providing “all movies” since it can lead to confusion (UI changes, etc)
      • Chris: another reason that we go rid of it
      • Will: not every movie is useful
      • Helen: issue is that it has 2 functions: feature timeline & movie archive
      • Elwood: some of the movies are tutorials (workflows)
  4. Satellite Update (every month) - 15:05 UK

    • Imperial repository
      • hg -> it
    • ATOM code from Oliver Müller. Need to decide what to do with it.
      • Colin: to take a look and give feedback.
      • Will: similar to VolViewer
    • Douglas? No mic.
  5. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:13 UK

    • ASCB(Colin)
    • Bookings made by Wilma yesterday
    • Liza has re-branded “Metadata Matters” t-shirt.
    • Will need “OK” on order from Jason.
    • Jos/EDI coming tomorrow.
  6. Done 15:15 UK

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