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2012-10-30 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Jean-Marie, Helen, Gus, Mark C., Petr, Roger, Blazej, Chris, Elwood (notes), Will, Andreas, Carlos, Douglas, Josh (notes), Liza, Melissa, Sebastien (notes), Stick

Notes - 2:30pm Start

Dundee: Jean-Marie, Helen, Gus, Mark C., Petr, Roger, Blazej, Chris, Elwood (notes), Will Remote: Andreas, Carlos, Douglas, Josh (notes), Liza, Melissa, Sebastien (notes), Stick

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting * Posting asap.

  2. Glencoe Update - 5 mins * Chris: Recovering from Sandy. Affected services: DataViewer, demo system... everything in the US.

  3. develop Update - 10 (14:32 UK)

    • Status of FS: New 4.5 requirement:
      • Josh: Starting point to know what FS is about. Contains a series of stories. First one 909 (get it working) almost done. Should be closed soon.
  4. Not easy to involve other people yet.

  5. Next story 9821

  6. Get more people involved as the story progresses.

    • Others:
  7. Elwood organizing meeting with Michael and Iain on the paths (See 9821) * Josh: Next big story after 9821 is 9826, will certainly have influence on UI. * Jean-Marie: Web will be affected by some of the more advanced import scenarios. A lot to fix before we progress with this.

  8. dev_4_4 Update - 25 mins (14:41 UK)

    • Bug fixing status round-table.
      • Josh: How much time do we need? Feeling?
      • Jean-Marie: 1st week initially, Petr has been active :) At least another week
      • Petr: Almost through can’t find any major bugs.
      • Jean-Marie: Blazej going through QA and picking ones he can do.
      • Josh: Bio-formats in web, NPE? Or a complete change needed?
      • Will / Jean-marie: Minor changes and no unstabilization, more crashes in clients.Security violation via QA, maybe need to look at that. Some coming from 4.4.3 so 4.4 addressed some of them.
      • Melissa: Only minor bugs, no major reworking
      • Josh: Only need some formats to review?
      • Melissa: scifio went in to develop, made certain it wasn’t in 4.4
    • Release plan for 4.4.5
      • Finish bug fixing (NB: care on UI changes)
        • Freeze with only blockers/regressions
        • Bio-Formats move from LOCI - should downloads page be in Sphinx docs (as currently) or moved to plone? Where will JARs be stored?
    • Comments
      • Andrew: some commits to fix the menu of the website. Shouldn’t affect dev_4_4.
      • Josh - proposal: fix all bugs this weeks. Next week: only commits that go in are critical ones and release at the end of next week.
      • Andrew:
      • J-M: branching strategy
      • Josh/Melissa: should be fine to branch off of dev_4_4. Carefully create PRs if at all, since they need to be excluded.
        • Petr: Scenarios are ready for when a user is manipulating data, need to add screenshots for search and ROI in web, will be done today/tomorrow. Would like to think how we can make it convenient for testers, not having to go to squig / googledocs, can address later. Permissions stuff, repetition of scenarios. See “Testing Setup”.
        • Sebastien: downloads page of bio-formats. Do we keep this in the docs, or move it to plone like OMERO? On Plone for OMERO since the build number is in the links. But want them to be consistent. Decision: Move to plone.
  9. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Jean-Marie: Jeff barton group, roger & simon post standup move, when they have a meeting to avoid disruption. Will try and meet everyday so people are not isolated.
    • Andrew: any big topics for next week?
  10. Chris: Bio-Formats versions + FS discussion + release.

  11. Josh: Possibility of server/FS walkthrough. Analysis (Windcharm, OMERO.searcher)

  12. Chris: ROI discussion on Thursday this week.

  13. Andrew: Kenny starting next Monday.

  14. Done: 15:12

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