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2012-10-09 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Dundee: Chris, Jean-Marie, jason, Blazej, Petr, Will, Gus, Simon, Helen, Sebastien (notes), Andrew, Josh (notes), Andreas, Carlos, Liza, Mark, Melissa, Roger, Stick

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. Welcome Simon Li - 14:31 UK

  3. Sprint Tickets/bugs - 14:32 UK

    • J-M: Very large number of bugs for 4.5
    • Things shifted from 4.4
    • Week of bug fixing when things are more stable with FS
    • Jason: how many us versus the outside?
      • Chris: large percentage from us
      • J-M: recent QAs are older versions. (Simon is using QA at the moment to submit)
  4. FS status - 14:34 UK (Josh)

    • Josh: A lot of refactoring. Adding tests. 2 dozen of bugs to fix
    • See:
    • Import functionality. Hope to have it done by the end of the week.
    • Other stories, e.g. Delete story.
      • J-M: need a discussion with Blazej. Combine with test permissions.
      • Josh: delete is not going to working well right now. That’s okay. Need a better overview of import progress.
      • J-M: need to combine permissions/import/delete in tests (by end of week)
    • J-M: Haven’t done anything on HCS front. Have to pass the correct object. (also some getUsedFiles)
    • Chris: does Melissa know which kind of formats?
    • See:
    • Melissa: everything ticketed? J-M: yes.
      • All set for getUsedFiles
      • Multi-image imports are having problem (viewing planes).
      • Wil: x/y/z taken from first of series
      • Chris: clear knowledge of who’s working on what?
    • Jason: what’s the plan for next week? where are we?
      • Chris: more file formats working
      • J-M: view tiled images.
  5. Josh: what needs to happen is having correct infrastructure to test everything. Even without new code added. If anyone has any idea of additional scenario, it should be raised and discussed. Any unexpected behavior should be reported (slow, unexpected workflow)

    • Jason: testing? Josh: couple of weeks late, spreadsheet. Feel free to create performance testing scripts for instance.
    • Andrew: Performance expectation? Not slower except for import (faster)?
    • Chris: metadata should be the same. All the binary data should be different.
  6. Webmobile? (post 4.5) - 14:52 UK

    • Will/Jason discussed
    • Think about making webmobile a genuine, supported part of OMERO
    • All functionality that’s feasible/possible (accepting limitations)
    • A) should we do it and B) when? (by ASCB 2013?)
    • Jason: iOS and Android
    • Andrew: would need to buy network.
  7. Multiple development branch proposal - 14:55 UK (Sébastien)

    • 2 bodies of work happening at the same time (fslite and bf docs)
    • BF docs should go in ASAP, and don’t want things broken when testing Helen’s changes
    • Purpose of proposal is to improve current workflow with 2 main development branches
      • 4.4.x series (with Helen’s doc fixes, etc)
      • 4.5.0 series (all the fslite work)
    • see workflow graphic (like the gitflow one)
    • 2 sets of PRs:
      • Green: merged into develop. Tested with own job (on gretzy)
      • Blue: merged into dev_4_4. Tested separately (on howe)
    • PRs
      • Have to be careful against which branch you want to open your PRs.
      • Still using labels (hope to get away from that soon)
      • No longer using “green”/”blue” names. Now “4.4” and “develop”
    • Q(Andrew): Helen’s changes are being made against 4.4. Large number of changes?
      • Better to wait? Chris: but then someone is always waiting.
      • sebastien: to be opened against dev_4_4 of bioformats
      • Chris: whole target is that spelling fix of 4.4 gets applied to both.
      • Previously, changes would be lost for the 4.4 series.
    • Andrew: cherry picks along the way or all at the end.
      • Chris: that’s what we have to decide.
      • NB: We should be able to merge dev_4_4 into develop.
      • Andrew: Find a typo then...
    • 3 steps (Chris)
      • Make topic branch: git checkout -b topic origin/dev_4_4
      • Open pull request with your commits (against dev_4_4!)
        • Auto merged into dev_4_4, deployed to staging...
      • docs-release jobs publishes live public version
    • Will: doc change is 4.4.5 but not 4.4 relevant.
      • Chris: e.g. “4.4.2 specific change” will still need to be annotated on the page
      • Have to be aware of implications of cherry-picking and merging
      • Jean-Marie: only bug fixes should go into 4.4
      • Sebastien: agreed, it’s a point release
      • Chris: but we may have some feature that has to go into stable line
      • Will: working on functionality now (e.g. batch annotate)
        • shouldn’t only be in 4.5, should be in 4.4.5
      • Chris: decide on feature-by-feature basis
      • If something’s on 4.4, we should make it live.
      • We can also use submodules to make it work.
      • Critical: everyone should understand the ideal workflow
        • But we can do lots in order to handle edge cases.
    • Will: straight-forward rule for features in 4.4.5 v. 4.5.0
      • No one should be deciding about 4.4.5 features in isolation
      • Jason: no body of work is targeted for 4.4.5
      • Josh: typically safe to do it on the oldest branch possible.
      • Chris: only work right now is FS (4.5) and bug fixing (4.4)
    • Andrew: where will schema-2012-06 come back in?
      • Chris: when develop becomes dev_4_5
      • Andrew: no schema changes on develop? Right, or on topic branch.
    • Will: future of this workflow is to do it forever? Only until FS?
      • Josh: as soon as FS is GA, then dev_4_4 is put to rest. But then schema comes along. etc.
      • Will: i.e. get used to this workflow
      • Chris: understanding impact of change
      • Andrew: diagram helped. Naming is confusing to discuss. Use “live”, etc. next.
      • Jean-Marie: having more milestones would help
      • Josh: Warning: can only have one whiteboard at a time.
    • Finally
      • Sebastien: digesting now, we’ll review PRs tomorrow at standup
      • Extend to Bio-Formats? Melissa: Certainly could
        • Chris: Glencoe reality will be that many bug fixes will be released on bio-formats-stable (4.4.x)
        • i.e. would be good to adhere to this.
  8. Bio-formats move timing - 15:36 UK

    • Plan is for next month? Yes.
    • Melissa: as soon as done.
    • Jason: when you’re ready, Helen.
    • Changing LOCI URLs?
  9. Project Status Update (Jason) - 15:39 UK

    • Point to make (lots of slides; hold on)
    • Optimistic to pessimistic
    • Various users, etc.: JCB: 1500 unique users a day, etc.
    • Next steps: BF-C++, alt-storage, export, etc.
    • One year for deadlines
  10. Satellite Update

    • Jason: Next week
  11. Glencoe Update - 15:54 UK

    • Stick back. Carlos & Chris deployed @ JCB. Permissions issues (possible 4.4 bugs)
    • Interesting experiments in client infrastructure. Happy to chat.
  12. Any other business (<5 mins) - 15:56 UK

    • Mtg. in Sussex. (Gus/J-M). Also talking to someone in Belgium. … (Jason: 3 great places to talk to)
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