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2012-10-02 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Colin, Helen, Wilma, Petr, Jason, Roger, Will, Chris, Andrew, Helen, Andreas, Josh (notes), Liza, Mark Hiner, Melissa, Elwood (notes), Sebastien, Douglas (14:37)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting (Two weeks ago as people away last week)

    • Done
  2. Welcome Petr Walczysko

    • Testing & QA, microscopes
  3. Sprint Tickets/bugs - 14:31 UK

    • Remove from agenda.
    • Some pyramid issues. New 4.5 import testing spreadsheet.
  4. EMBO Feedback - 14:32 UK

    • Meeting
      • Andrew: quiet. Perhaps other European meetings (BSCB / BSDB)
      • Roger: Spoke to several microscope manufacturers
      • Sebastien: Trying to be European ASCB. Different crowd: Students & post-docs. More big shots coming. 5 people is too many?
      • J-M: 1000 attendees
    • Booth
      • Roger: need to clarify message on the booth of what we are we “selling”?
      • Jason: same issue at ASCB Philadelphia. Need to put some thought in for ASCB.
  5. Arrange ROI Meeting (Jason) - 14:42 UK

    • Various attempts to come up with a ROI spec for open-source software projects. Money to have a 2 - 2.5 day meeting to get this done, potentially in November. Wilma will be looking into it, along with administrator for euro-bio-imaging.
  6. Documentation for 4.5

    1. Spelling decision - 14:46 UK

      • Sebastien: beyond spelling decision, need to reframe process workflow for the docs
      • Users requirement: not an issue for the users, especially non-native speakers, they want consistency.
      • Funding requirements: no specific driver from a funding perspective.
      • Identity
        • Jason: Might be useful to remind people that there’s a UK-connection but you wouldn’t do that through spelling.
      • Efficiency
        • Sebastien:How do we make this decision and to stay efficient with the PRs?

        • Jason: more a question of spell-checking tools. Gus: working in American English shouldn’t be a problem, automatic.
        • Andrew/Helen: Key thing is that Helen can’t work the best of her ability with American spelling.
      • Components consistency
        • Chris: meta-issue of working with other software projects. dangerous to be using British spelling in our doc when linking to external projects. Shouldn’t be making decision on personal preferences, but what’s the best front facing language to be using.
        • OMERO biased towards Europe. Bio-Formats biased towards US.
        • Josh: Schema defined as American spelling which bleeds into all the software.
        • Andrew: only need to decide manual and documentation.
        • Helen: don’t see a problem - will check the block of code differently.
        • Will: But “How to write Python API” - if methods are American and the text is British.
        • Roger: clear separation between text and code
        • Chris: ultimately, either 1) end-to-end en_US or 2) define what component uses what (e.g. sphinx/en_GB)
      • Long-term impact: need to make a decision keeping in mind that the team fluctuates. Absolute decision or just for the next X years?
      • Actions
        • Jason: discuss with Helen offline
    2. dev_4_4/develop branch (discussion) - 15:11 UK

      • Josh/Sebastien: working on proposal . Core idea is to split what is addressing current release, doc PR and next upcoming major release (4.5.0). Plan is to have new jobs up next week, there will be a small number of 3-5 jobs.
      • Presentation next week. Suggestions / worries are welcome.
    3. Bio-Formats documentation - 15:16

      • Sebastien has converted everything from loci, including scifio into sphinx.
      • Melissa: on loci trac, only auto-generated pages with the supported metadata
      • Josh: need to look into redirecting from (cf Curtis)
  7. Elwood presents OMERO Import Redesign - Google Presentation - 15:19 UK

    • Requirements defined by looking at insight/importer: user-friendly, simplification (personal goal), more help, single screen
    • Feedback
      • Andrew:
        • general issue with text on colored backgrounds (hard-to-read). put default text on default background.
        • Generally very small text. Need horizontal scrolling.
        • Advanced UI. How many people are going to tweak the metadata every time?
        • Elwood: valid points. All done at 1024x768 so should scale. Balsamiq doesn’t allow horizontal scrolls shrugs There are vertical splitters to hide, for example, metadata panel.
      • Allow personalization, so for some sites metadata HAS to be there, etc. Meta data profiles load & save?
      • Single screen. Andrew: wizard to allow more on each screen? Chris: original requirement is trying to target one screens.
      • Metadata edition
        • Chris: things should be an order of magnitude faster. Any need for complicated import process or should it be content driven after the copy.
        • Jean-marie: Users need to be able to add some metadata on import. Tags and annotations on import.
        • Chris: Need for a custom UI to add and remove those elements?
        • Jason: more common use case would be tag/text annotation/scale bar
        • Andrew: presets that get applied for expectation.
      • Douglas: have been working on an importer (tagging only) tokenizing file name. Also creating maps between tokens in file names and tags in the system (arbitrarily defined; saved in a file; and can be resurrected on startup)
      • Andrew: SA on users? Jean-Marie: yes, do that in Knime.
      • Simplicity
        • Will: majority of people don’t want to enforce metadata - current UI is fine. Chris: for these people, current UI is more complicated than it needs to be.
        • Andrew: filtering i.e. screens/projects can be confusing for OME-TIFF, etc.
        • Jason: different types of imports. Chris’ simple one. Then data series (collection like a screen). An then, “Target” in FS.
        • Gus: more formal task analysis? Jason: bias is to keep it simple.
        • Chris: in 4.3 we chose not to force people into a tree-based workflow. Because it wasn’t possible (legacy)? Could change that, then it couldn’t really get any easier. … How much do you completely separate the UIs. If you are on simple tab, then you have 3 things to choose and a button.
        • Elwood: at UX mtg., tabs were mentioned. Agreement that we not have them for simple/advanced, but the comments sounds like we do need it.
        • Jason: if this is a progression (more screens to get more complex) and get here deliberately, that’s very different. But for an initial view, slide 7 is a lot.
        • Elwood: Need scientist feedback.
      • FS slider
        • Elwood: should be fairly straight-forward to add the FS slider.
        • Discussion on the need for a FS slider
      • Roger: Drag and drop to the import list. J-M / Chris: possible just technical.
  8. Website re-organisation/redesign - 16:05 UK

    • Helen: Start rearranging menus.
    • Jason: once bioformats is over, come up with a proposal
  9. Satellite Update - 16:05 UK

    • Douglas: ImportLibrary.cpp. Importing into FS from C++ (i.e. not Java).
      • Josh: system call to “java -jar omero_importer.jar”, since import is just uploading now.
      • Douglas: upload whole directory, “make the most of that”? Shouldn’t be necessary to have Bio-formats.jar on the node.
      • Melissa: without Bio-Formats you have no guarantee you’re getting all you need. There are even cases where uploading the whole directory won’t suffice. Frequently need to look inside the files.
      • Jason: narrow use case? Yes, OMX. Writing it because we have tons of OMX, would be nice if it could be contributed it back. (Converting file names into a tag system).
      • Douglas: could also write it in Java as well, but could get around that.
    • Sebastien: EMBO discussions: ROI model/attaching actions to items in insight (“open with...”).
    • Jason: targeting 2 weeks from today (the 16th) would be formal satellite presentation. Two many in one day. (Jean-Marie: Sebastien’s next week falls into that category)
    • Jason: mac hardware. question is getting them installed (re: Kenny)
  10. Glencoe Update - 16:10.

  11. Any other business (<5 mins) - 16:21 UK

    • FS: several formats not working.
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