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2012-09-18 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Jean-Marie, Chris, Gus, Elwood, Roger, Helen, Andrew, Sebastien, Josh, Melissa, Andreas, Colin, Liza, Carlos (14:33 UK), Stick, Mark

Dundee: Jean-Marie, Chris, Gus, Elwood, Roger, Helen, Andrew Remote: Sebastien, Josh, Melissa, Andreas, Colin, Liza, Carlos (14:33 UK), Stick, Mark

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • None.
  2. Welcome Helen Flynn & Andreas Knab - 14:31 UK

    • Helen, U. of Aberdeen, agr. research.
    • Andreas, James Madison (VA), art history visualization (pronounce the k)
  3. Release Status

    • Bugs
      • Jean-Marie: Some opened yesterday. Need to verify they’re bugs.
      • Chris: biggest issue, to add to scenarios
        • you can’t do anything when you’re an ‘admin’ user in omero.web.
      • RC? Josh: need to know if they’re blockers.
    • Doc: - 14:36 UK
      • proof reading
        • Sebastien: going pretty well. Go through the bio-formats and ome-formats docs, unless there is something drastic that needs changing.
        • Helen: only read the user sections. Only one funny phrasing
        • Jean-Marie: Sebastien, add things to standup? Yes, will move from doc2git
      • omero-tutorials @loci. Redirect?
        • Jean-Marie: out of date now, redirect to client tutorial online?
        • Josh: think not, even though lots of content from loci, their login, leave curtis to that to.
        • Melissa: specifically for people at loci not general public
        • Josh: something to think about, other sites have had to do things like this, our docs are lacking? or nice for links to be local, provide the screenshots, when we update them they get updated? Think about ways to make tutorials re-usable.
        • Jean-Marie: contact Monash?
  4. EMBO Status - 14:41 UK

    • Jean-Marie: should have a complete list by the end of the day
    • Andrew: Exhibitor pack stuff contact Wilma.
    • Andrew: Badges are uncustomised, 4 generic OME badges on the exhibit floor, 1 generic in to the meetings
    • Andrew: Posters printed or being printed, apart from bioformat one. Proof read by Helen
    • Poster edit: who by when
      • Andrew & Sebastien to carry.
    • leaflet: who by when
    • Laminated handouts
      • Andrew: both not done yet, printer issues @ UoD
        • Server diagram taken from Gus’ promo video.
        • Detailed diagram not changed much.
    • T-shirts
      • Andrew: arrived and ready.
    • Demo laptop
      • Andrew: all take laptops, we need server(s) running, hub & network cables.
    • Team:
      • Andrew & Sebastien: Friday to Tuesday
      • J-M & Roger: Saturday to Tuesday
      • Douglas: Friday to Tuesday
    • Survey
      • Gus: online/offline version work for me. Andrew has the iPad.
    • Travel
      • All organised with Davey etc.
  5. Satellite Update - 14:49 UK

    • Sebastien: nothing new.
    • Jean-Marie: KNIME guys working on integration connecting directly with OMERO from knime, later in the week.
  6. Glencoe Update - 14:50 UK

    • Chris: Jean-Marie & myself meeting with Bitplane, Andor, last week
      • discussions on moving file formats & ROI specs forwards, input from them things to discuss, things they need to discuss internally for workflows. Nice meeting.
    • Chris: Andreas started this week, ramping up development on 2 customers
      • Rarecyte, Liza & Andreas, poss. Chris, stick & Carlos
      • Attempt to establish a working paradigm for dev and production. Ways for redeployment, refining the process across OME team, PRs and builds on branches on Glencoe side.
    • Roger: Andor ROI specifics?
    • Chris: 3D roi, yet to send specs.
      • Jean-Marie: cross searches are main concern to find pattern. Navigating through the data / results.
  7. Any other business (<5 mins) - 14:54 UK

    • Josh: presentation feedback, will send an email. FS usecases we need to consider, not part of FS1
    • Josh: computer aided GUIs? Bioimage informatics, segmentation / classifiers.

Done 14:57 UK

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