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2012-09-11 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Emma, Colin, Elwood, Gus, Andrew, Blazej, Roger, Jean-Marie, Josh, Sebastian, Carlos, Liza, Stick, Mark, Melissa

Dundee: Emma, Colin, Elwood, Gus, Andrew, Blazej, Roger, Jean-Marie Remote: Josh, Sebastian, Carlos, Liza, Stick, Mark, Melissa

Notes - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Good.
  2. Release plans

    • Reports

    • Summary (Josh)

      • Tickets are looking quite good. Much has been pushed. Almost only bugs remaining.
      • Josh: Need a round of properly labelling them as ‘blocker’
      • Jean-Marie: put if we put in a blocker, then we’ll need to push a (lower priority) bug out.
      • Jean-Marie: Tests for images with acquisition data being prepared by Elwood, light source and particular entities.
      • Emma: Was moving stuff in web and was working okay.
      • Jean-Marie: need to investitgate ROI deletion, reported by Andrew / Roger
      • Goal (Emma): RC on Friday? Yes. Worst case, will test it on Monday.
    • Documentation (Seb and Josh) Doc2Git (Gdoc) 14:38 UK

      • Josh: these should be the remaining TODOs
      • Sebastien: 2 biggest, install and windows, server table page out of date, links checked, minor stuff moved to post release, another round of proofing once RC is ready.
      • Josh: pointing people at the docs?
        • Jean-Marie: would point people at the official.
      • Josh: Update download page script to add link to PDF online.
      • Josh: Legacy upgrade needs deciding.
        • Sebastien: copy and pasted from plone, let it grow indefinitely? Or point to legacy part of plone. Refactorign upgrade page to be more generic using sphinx directly, can’t copy/paste any more. 1 big page or switch to something else.
        • Emma: the page will get somewhat crazy.
        • Roger: can’t see value of multiple major releases. Others are all still documented under legacy/
        • Blazej: once we ship the HTML it should only ship the current one.
        • Decision: don’t let the page grow indefinitely.
          • Sebastien: just kill the page? Yes. Point at legacy.
          • Several: Kill it and point to the legacy page.
    • Testing 4.4.4 (Sprint 5) Testing Pre-release (Gdoc) - 14:47 UK

      • Jean-Marie: today was still merge-green.
      • Tomorrow will be OMERO-trunk.
      • Reviewing import list with Roger
      • Reduce number of scenarios to focus on import
      • Looking for testing from the clients (GUI/CLI) that it looks correct when viewing, etc.
      • There’s a page on the setup spreadsheet explaining goal.
      • Not primarily about import bugs.
      • Howe: data still needed? (for movie)
        • Was it captured? Jean-Marie looking at capturing with Roger after the meeting.
        • Ping Colin with the clean server.
        • Splitting 130 formats into 6 users. (list isn’t finished yet)
        • Please mark your test as “done” a.s.a.p.
      • Josh: haven’t got merge builds to deploy to bp (Windows), not for merge green/blue/red
  3. Satellite Update - 14:53 UK

    • Jean-marie: KNIME are integrating inside a Knime node, working with images, picking data passing data when using insight as a plugin.
    • Waiting on Johannas reply, using insight as headless started in Dresden
  4. Glencoe Update

    • Josh: Carlos will be preparing for JCB update at some point
  5. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Colin: Thursday with interviewees?
    • Emma: Time for coffee and one for Lunch.
    • Andrew: EMBO next week, waiting on posters and T-Shirts, Roger, Andrew, Jean-marie, Douglas, Sebastien

Done: 14:58

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