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2012-08-28 Tuesday Meeting


Dundee: Emma, Gus, Jean-Marie, Colin, Roger, Will, Blazej Remote: Carlos (left 14:55), Josh, Liza, Mark, Melissa, Sebastien, Stick


  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. General Status Updates (Sprint Tickets/bugs etc.) - 14:32 UK

    • Scoping Review (fs mtg. from last week)
      • Jean-Marie: get client mtg. on that topic. Agenda is posted to discuss what we will change. (Importer window)
      • Colin: would have been useful to have outline/graphic of old importer before the mtg.
      • Andrew: graphics would have helped a lot.
    • Release/testing etc.
      • Emma: reasonably well
      • Jean-Marie: few comments.
        • Re-using the admin user (initially 4 tasks for them). There aren’t enough.
        • We’ll add more (via Colin’s script. adm-7 is like user-1) to prevent conflicts.
        • Colin: they’ll be in the same groups. But we’ll have to do some specific import testing for those users.
        • Josh: will talk to stick about using vagrant to get us faster images.
      • Jean-Marie: Clear enough? (Didn’t want full workflow with explicits)
        • Roger: seems straight-forward.
      • Emma: Plan to do at end of each sprint? Yeah. Add server later, then java versions, python versions, etc.
      • Blazej: plan of proper test cases? Explanations for each user (“ROI”, “blah”) is slowly becoming a test case. Ideally you’d have an automated tool.
  3. OMERO Showcase - 14:41 UK

    • Movie playing in web page - did not have time to get into Plone.
      • “Good” “Same here”
      • “Big music”
      • Andrew: displayed on page in plone? Think so. Andrew: will get it in (takes a little while)
      • Andrew: on front page?
        • Colin: think so. They’ll find it on the front page.
        • Andrew: but it’s predominatly bioformats. One click away.
        • Jean-Marie: front page, and then we can move it down.
        • Gus: thumbnail and popup?
        • Will: don’t want it fullsize on the front page.
        • Emma: in the booths at the meetings.
        • Gus: can resize.
  4. EMBO - 14:49 UK

    • T-Shirts
      • Liza ideas: Front 1, Front 2, Layout
      • Liza: took ideas from devteam chats. embryo itself looked awful.
      • Josh: just fish may be too far of a conceptual jump. Add bitly or QR code?
      • Emma: was worried about JCB v. OME.
      • Will: don’t have a problem of using JCB/Glencoe on t-shirt, but needs more background/explanation
      • Melissa: better for ASCB? (Emma: we’re not beside JCB booth)
      • Emma: am against the bitly URL
      • Andrew: QR code? (they work) Emma: no.
      • Liza: just regular OME t-shirts? Andrew: could, but Jason wanted something
      • Jean-Marie: EMBO is soon. Just do plain one, then more
    • OME Leaflets
      • Budget? Probably. Can Emma can ask Jason about how much? Emma: yes, will follow-up. (2-3 days)
      • Josh: can start soon if we want it.
      • Andrew: complete redo. trifold is horrid. plain a5? yes.
      • Starting today.
    • OME Swag
      • T-shirts to give away? (makes timescale longer)
      • Emma: depends on budget.
    • Glencoe Leaflets
    • Glencoe Swag
      • Look at files and GS folks will get back to you.
  5. Developer Docs for 4.4.3 - 15:01 UK

    • Do we complete trac -> sphinx? OR turn trac editing back on?
      • Will: discussion about organizing docs (trac frozen)
      • Josh: anything that HAS to go out for 4.4.3 on trac? (Otherwise, make edits in sphinx and then do it slightly post 4.4.3)
      • Will: few loose-ends. but if this is the doc release, would be a shame to have people going to old URLs.
      • Sebastien: would like to have user and dev. side-by-side, but there’s a lot on dev. side. More discussion on how things can be organized. Point of sphinx is that it’s manual user documentation (not a wiki) so we need to discuss. Preference would be to keep trac locked, but if we need to change a couple of files (mostly Will?) that’s fine. Schedule dev documentation for 4.4.4 or 4.5. I don’t see us finishing dev doc. for mid. Sep.
      • Roger: what state do we want it to be? If we want dev. docs there, but not polished, then we could probably do that. Just needs link fixing up. Doable with relatively effort.
      • Emma: meaning same structure on plone? Crudely organized, but just the trac files ported.
      • But an improvement on trac? Reasonable compromise?
      • Josh: turn wiki off?
      • Josh: need redirects.
      • Andrew: can look at stats.
      • Jean-Marie: some things were ticket based (from Scott). Heads up.
      • Sebastien: right now, only the “Omero/” things have been moved.
      • Will: turn trac output back on? Yes
      • Emma: don’t get caught up in restructuring.
      • Roger: just make it work.
  6. Hiring Update - 15:09 UK

    • Emma: feedback/objections?
    • 13th of Sep. for tech writer.
  7. Satellite Update - 15:12 UK

    • Interest in specific code integrations
    • Multi-dim
  8. Glencoe Update - 15:13 UK

  9. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Paul Felts import update - 15:14 UK
    • Roger: Still going. Should be done in next week or two.
    • Emma: as long as we hit the weeks, it’ll go fine.
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