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2012-08-21 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Emma, Colin, Elwood, Josh, Gus, Will, melissa, Blazej, Jason, Jean-Marie, Chris, Roger, Andrew, Liza, Carlos, Douglas, Mark, Sebastien

Agenda - 2:31pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • None
  2. Sprint & 4.4.2 Updates

    • Jean-Marie: reviewed every morning
  3. Proposed Process Changes - 14:37 UK

    • Emma: in office through the end of Sept.
    • Jason
      • great feedback on 4.4.0
      • scaling effects
      • 1 year goals/reports
    • Standups - 14:43 UK
      • Andrew: main issue is just typing speed
      • Jean-Marie: can’t delay the start of the meeting.
      • Josh: ideal goal is to have build done night before and agree at standup.
      • Colin: ok to edit the notes? Definitely.
      • Emma: the more that gets put in ahead of time the better
      • Melissa: email / edit notes ahead of time.
    • Tuesday meetings - 14:55
      • Andrew: agenda template.
        • Emma: Don’t need sprint or individual updates, goal is to have more presentations
    • Client strategy meeting 15:00 UK
      • Jean-Marie: Testing clients, people attend based on their need.
      • Andrew: Elwood now on insight? Yes. Blazej - working on server
      • Emma: open (non-exclusive) but certainly not required.
      • Melissa: agenda posted? Yes.
      • Carlos: web client mtg. had great interaction / huge tool to let web work done interact with open source
        • every other week is fine. 2pm is hard.
        • will likely want to be included on most things.
    • QA - 15:08 UK
      • Improvement coming. (When Chris comes back?)
    • Git & Trac - 15:09 UK
      • Josh: Don’t have to name branches, but might help know what’s going on
      • Chris: could also have tickets updated earlier. Updated before develop merge?
        • Ok to merge without updating ticket?
      • Josh: Closed = PR on tickets, don’t reopen / edit tickets once code is committed to a PR.
        • Discussions happens on the PR.
      • Jean-Marie: add testing instructions; screenshots can help for UI changes.
      • Melissa: BF users expect close ticket == new jar. will have to add more info.
      • Jason: just a matter of weeks to fix that
    • Four-week sprints - 15:21 UK
      • Jason: re: discussion in Paris
      • Attempt to not hold back features (see chgrp/4.4.0)
      • Andrew: LTS releases if we’re doing more?
        • Jean-Marie: discussed for FS and schema, support FS for a while.
      • Chris: definitely want to get bug fixes out quicker
    • Holiday - 15:30 UK
      • Missing 4.4.0 deadline hurt w.r.t. vacations
      • Hopefully 4-wk/focused sprints will help
    • Team building - 15:31 UK
      • Wilma sent out dates. Wants to help drive.
    • Team tutorials - 15:33 UK
      • Jason: going to cafes, etc. to spend time talking (Will: and pubs...)
      • Josh: git/hub, other tools, process, etc
      • Jean-Marie: and document it!
      • Chris: jenkins, eclipse, profilers, debuggers
      • Melissa: good notes taken!
      • Sebastien: should be re-integrated into developers’ documentations
      • Elwood: recording those? (at least if it’s a presentation, etc.)
      • Jason: more audio/video equipment? (Andrew: laptops? Different money.)
    • Scoping excercies - 15:39 UK
      • Josh: scoping FS tomorrow. Everyone should leave tomorrow having a good feeling :)
      • Then we continue scoping the rest
      • Jean-Marie: may have to re-scope something based on feedback, be sensitive to change.
  4. Code signing - 15:47 UK

    • General code signing
    • Web start on OS X 10.8
    • Chris: out-of-scope for 4.4.2
      • explicit signing rules (like Java and Windows have been doing)
      • can skirt for our own applications
      • catastrophic for webstart (have to change system preferences)
      • need code signing certs (couple hundred USD)
      • must run mac 10.8 on apple hardware
      • Douglas: certs from university system for free?
        • Chris: but not on Windows; different scope in code signing world
    • Andrew: app store then? Yes.
    • Chris: new gear, new dev. process
    • Dev. versions of OMERO won’t be able to run in some environments.
      • since we can’t propagate certs everywhere.
    • Jason: security?
      • Chris: Can’t allow our certs to leak or we get banned.
    • Chris: have to document this
    • Elwood: no service like for iPhone?
      • Chris: Apple decided to use different certificates from Java and Windows
  5. Recruiting / Interviews Status

    • (Already covered around 15:37 UK)
  6. Conference Suggestions - 15:55 UK

    • EMBO: JM, Roger, Sebastien, Andrew
    • ASCB: Chris, Melissa, Colin, [Gus/Blazej/Elwood]
    • Explanation:
      • Big conferences with exhibition space, t-shirts, etc.
      • Demonstrating software
      • Melissa: Lot of work.
      • Emma: good experience
  7. Satellite Update - 15:58 UK

    • Conference call.
    • Douglas: OMERO running after hardware people
    • Sebastien: Documentation not really satellite work
    • Jean-Marie: received download of their application
    • Emma: Douglas, visit or availability for testing?
      • Depends on how stuck I am; if yes, then useful to come up.
      • Available for testing.
      • As satellite have been trying to convince people to use OMERO. Open to go to meetings?
      • Emma: yes. (Discuss off-line. See link in last mtg notes)
  8. Glencoe Update - 16:02 UK

  9. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Is it time to remove: ? (Delete it)
    • Andrew: T-Shirts? 3D / Wordal
      • Liza: Send slogan I’ll do design.
  10. Finished: 16:25 UK

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