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2012-08-14 Tuesday meeting

Attending: Emma, Andrew, Roger, Gus, Will, Elwood (notes), Blazej, Jean-Marie, Chris, Colin, Josh, Mark, Stick, Liza, Melissa

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. 4.4.2 Updates (points for Sprint page; currently empty)

    • Moving tickets into 4.4.3
      • Jean-Marie: Only items which are under version control
    • Emma: Around 15th Sept release day for 4.4.2
      • Chris: what do we want to do with test servers? howe - movies? backup?
      • Emma: second server for imports (movies done by then)
      • Chris: backup howe
    • Movies - Gus' showcase movie taster Pilot Movie at: /team/Movies/MoviesFor4_4/pilots/ - 14:33 UK
      • Gus: adjust/fine-tune script to get what everyone wants in
      • Jean-Marie: planning on web after? Yes, this was about half
      • Andrew: pretty -> pretty -> massive diagram!
      • Andrew: re-record so that the windows line up.
      • Gus: welcoming general coments, will put scripts up.
      • Elwood: less level of detail on the diagram
      • Blazej: have an evolution of the diagram as you speak about it
      • Jean-Marie: feedback by end of day tomorrow
      • Chris: don’t think you can explain “client-server” in this number of seconds
      • Will: even just 3 images.
      • Andrew: have to work in more enthusiasm
      • Chris: have to reduce repetition of certain words (“server”)
    • Docs - 14:48 UK
      • Status
        • Blazej: building, hudson job and accessible
        • Goal is to try to provide a book-like experience (not worrying about num. of pages)
        • Jean-Marie: includes screenshots for videos in PDF (same name for png or mov)
        • Blazej: very flexible, styling isn’t something we should be afraid of.
        • Next step is review of content based
        • see README for how to keep consistency.
        • Josh: de-dupe with plone and sphinx, plan and effort required
        • Chris: build on necromancer?
        • Blazej: difficulty with code checkout, can make decision offline after meeting, can look at automating it
        • Elwood: subdomain e.g.
          • Andrew: please no, hurts link checkers, google, etc.
        • Roger/Will: keep submodule??
          • Chris: trade-offs
          • Josh: possibly distribute rst files to other places.
      • Table of Contents (in-progress)
      • Docs PR
      • First build
      • Next steps
    • Big images / learning - 15:10 UK
      • Roger: pfelts, far from completion, uploading 3 images 3-4 days,
        • churning through them and removing redundant ones
        • quite painful
        • don’t delete small files until pyramids have been generated otherwise it breaks it.
  3. Satellite Update

    • Jean-Marie: discussion with KNIME folks. Notes under mini-groups
    • Jean-Marie: Iain Munro should have feedback by the end of the week
  4. Glencoe Update - 15:15 UK

  5. Conferences (volunteers needed!)

    • EMBO, Nice, 22-25th Sept
      • Andrew: No A/V kit. (can use tablet)
      • deadline for getting hotel reserved (with fixed names)
      • Nice in Sept. anyone?
        • Elwood & Colin: Unavailable that weekend
    • ASCB, San Francisco, 15-19th Dec
  6. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Will: see JIC email; update their trac page
      • Could create tickets for some fo their issues
      • Emma: wiki integrations?
      • Will: yeah priority needs discussing
  7. Actions:

    • All: feedback to Gus on movie
    • Chris: backup howe
    • Emma: to ask Paul Felts about files
  8. Done: 15:33 UK

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