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2012-08-07 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Elwood (notes), Andrew, Jean-Marie, Emma, Chris, Blazej, Roger, Scott, Gus, Carlos, Colin, Liza, Melissa, Sebastien, stick, Douglas

Attending: Elwood (notes), Andrew, Jean-Marie, Emma, Chris, Blazej, Roger, Scott, Gus, Carlos, Colin, Liza, Melissa, Sebastien, stick, Douglas

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • None
  2. Sprint Bug Report (5 mins)

    • Chris: 1 big one, w.r.t jcb. Slow memory leak. Will need testing at a later date. 2 day fix.
  3. Minigroup Updates (points for Sprint page)

    • Docs

      • Roger: almost complete, just need to fix some links, looking for feedback.
      • Andrew: what can we replace? 1 chunk
      • Roger: self contained unit
      • Andrew: don’t want it in 2 places
      • Roger: mainly omoer 4 platform documentation
      • Chris: Install/troubleshooting
      • Emma: doc subset
      • Roger: odd page outside that, self contained
      • Chris: to flip over to it we need to remove omero project section on plone, and find a way to redirect.
      • Emma: could use some styling
      • Andrew: mounted as subfolder would be jarring
      • Emma: how easy to edit and change things
      • Andrew: how hard is it to publish the edits?
      • Chris: same process at Glencoe
      • Jean-Marie: allow for checks before going live
      • Chris: don’t directly push to master
      • Emma: needs discussion offline and docs for ‘How to guide’
      • Andrew: not going out with 4.4.2
      • Emma: content needs work
      • Chris: don’t want to just publish in it’s current form, take a step back and adjust the docs
      • Emma: hopefully assess the rest of the site later
      • Roger: could do with reorganisation, user / dev / admin handbook
      • Chris: not worried about the deploy, need documentation for that, bootcamp to go through editing process to make sure it works properly, how to view locally before published
      • Blazej: have a build step setup, don’t have a build job yet
      • Sebastien: next move is to integrate development pages from trac. checked links on trac, some deprecated objects
      • Chris: versioning docs?
      • Roger: looked at postgres, dynamically or static generation, version managed in hierarchy by url
    • Big images / learning

      • Emma: data ll in pfelts, Roger deleted dead images
      • Roger: slow progress on generating (few 100 images)
      • Scott: about 200ish SVS files in total
      • Chris: 500GB disk, need to monitor it, check pyramid file deletion
      • Emma: scn files not working (dental school)
      • Roger: bug fixed in 4.4.1
      • Roger: writing xml parser then will need sub-res
      • Chris: time frame on sub-res work? as we’ll need to test everything
      • Melissa: no time frame yet
      • Chris: sooner we get it done the better so we can maximise testing
      • Melissa: will focus on that this week
      • Scott: waiting on email reply from Paul
      • Emma: no time on upgrade, will upgrade How-To file
      • Emma: CLS meeting set up
  4. Scoping Exercises

    • FS
      • Emma: time to kickstart this?
      • Colin: FS scoping when visiting Dundee (Aug 20th)
    • ROIs
      • Chris: small meeting for 4.4 bugs potential, test files and testing, both clients, example files from Andrew, getting it on the website.
        • Have resolved issues in web don’t have test data yet.
      • Jean-Marie: can be generated on the fly
      • Chris: sample files with all ROI structures. Can prepare and present next meeting or alter next week, to be confirmed.
  5. Hiring Update

    • 3 posts are now closed, a few applicants, interviews soon.
  6. Satellite Update

    • Sebastien: mostly docs, when back from vacation, nothing before week of 20th
    • Douglas: Someone say that everything is fairly status quo here, still working on tokenizer importer and stuff
  7. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Have we stopped using action points?

      • Andrew: did we stop them
      • Emma: only really for forums/emails/qa etc.
    • Debian build

      • Roger: Debian, remove jars and build bioformats, circular dependency on ome repository otherwise no way to build with a package manager. Auto build on debian and ubuntu to get to work as part of a dist build, the circ dep needs to be resolved. Would be great to achieve and then deploying via apt-get. Extracting it out is a big job might be difficult
      • Chris: for full stack yes it’s a big job. now it might be more efficient to modify and extend the build process, instead of remove components.
    • Trac

      • Chris: not a personal task list, meant for collaboration. We are going to change the ticket workflow, so that no-one can change tickets without going to qa first. So we can manage the process better. No way of knowing without asking person directly. Mixture of content, jammed everything in to trac making it difficult. So we can query on status and manage things better. We will know progress of the issues.
      • Emma: trac only for version-controlled items (code + docs)

Done 15:20

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