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2012-07-24 Tuesday meeting

Attending: Andrew, Scott, Gus, Roger, Will, Elwood (notes), Chris, Sebastien, Carlos, Liza, Mark, Melissa, Stick

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Done
  2. 4.4.1 post mortem

    • Chris: make sure everyone is happy with what went out
    • Chris: anything to discuss, anything different for these releases
    • Scott: couple of bugs with searching and tags showing different ownership, raised with Josh last week and screenshot on the ticket, fairly critical, some time to get fixed. Main concern from my perspective
    • Will: General point, on previous releases at least once, we’ve upgraded nightshade a couple of weeks before, more bugfixes if we upgraded nightshade, a lot of testing for free. A few issue Michael brought up, UI and search, good idea to carry this on next time
    • Scott: All of nightshade?
    • Will: why not
    • Scott: might disturb them
    • Will: any bugs that come out we can get earlier
    • Scott: target specific people
    • Will: will force it on everyone
    • Will: We’d have time to catch bugs
    • Chris: Heavily disruptive to anyones workflow in a short period of time. Critical bugs would prevent people from working in the division.
    • Will: not suggesting stuff that isn’t fully tested, like 4.4.0 -> 4.4.1
    • Chris: potential for upgrades 2-4 times
    • Will: if we have bugfixes you’d have to do that upgrade anyway
    • Chris: RC -> release was a big fix, lots of daily fixes
    • Will: not upgrade nightshade earlier, upgrade nightshade what we intend to release
    • Chris: we were already delayed and needed to get stuff released before everyone was away
    • Elwood: Automated testing for import / pyramid generation before releasing
    • Will: Brian tests for files ran
    • Chris: adding more files and being more specific, we didn’t see pyramid based issues, something we should be able to address
    • Melissa: working on more bioformats testing in jenkins, only present on those specific files
  3. Web bug fixing progress

    • Will: working through them, biggest issue is not deploying to gretzky so no testing so far (re devteam question earlier today)
    • Chris: can sort out afterwards
    • Will: fixing a few issues and pushed one issue. Things that need fixing when writing docs they appear. Started with differnet branches, small fixes to the same code so it’s all one branch now.
  4. Standups and deploying things for testing

    • Chris: anyhting to go over before next week? Nothing we need to deal with / discuss
    • Chris: just need to address gretzky issue for deploying / testing (howe?)
  5. Movie making progress

    • Chris: identified the audio problem, don’t have a solution, based around the concatenation, aac stream gets started / stopped. Only list of things to do over next few days. No complaints yet.
    • Chris: any outstading movies?
    • Scott: about 4 more in next few days, trello board ( - you’ll need to be registerd and added to the organisation
    • Scott: using trello board to identify movies that are deprecated.
    • Elwood: used to identify the stage at which the movie is at, gives an overview of where we are.
    • Andrew: another system?
    • Gus: right tool for the job
    • Chris: will discuss things when everyone is back, git workflow and other things
    • Andrew: Agilo licence? hosted platform...
    • Chris: Expires Dec 31st 2012, will discuss longevity of trac and what should be where. 6/7 online systems would get unwieldly. Shelved until Melissa & Josh in Dundee maybe to discuss as a team.
  6. Satellite Update

    • Sebastien: fun with sphinx
    • Chris: you I and josh were discussing prior for where we put stuff? sub-modules
    • Sebastien: wondering if we should do this 4.4.2 or wait until next one, happy to push to private repo and can try stuff pretty quickly now, use it as a guinea pig for a satellite
    • Sebastien: Can wait until Josh/Melissa are visiting
    • Andrew about pages put in lab pages for them and only 1 lab has given us content, need to bug them again 3rd/4th reminder
  7. Glencoe Update

    • Chris: JCB meeting went well in NY
    • Chris: some changes to mini-viewer and image viewer to think about
    • Chris: Meetings in Stanford to get things moving
  8. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Michael's lab meeting scenario for 4.4

      • Scott: Jason made a point about Michael wanting to give people in the lab access to his images, given out his username and password (!!!!) wanted to see how it would wourk with new release, myself and Gus have eben through might be worth discussing with everyone to flesh out what would need to be done for Michael to achieve his goal.
    • Will: Data in Swedlow group?

    • Scott: combining Eric’s group data too, wanted to introduce members in to the lab meeting group. Gus and I will add clarity to this, sit with Jean-Marie and Will when he’s back to run through this

    • Image importing for Paul Felts. All images imported except for three in set 4 (78153.svs, 78192.svs, 78204.svs). These fail to import with an NPE in SVSReader (initStandardMetadata). They also fail to import in 4.4.1. (

      • Roger: Ticket open for this issue, particular images where import is failing, didn’t get with the testing.
      • Chris: everything under control?
      • Roger: can run wget over the thumbnails and images so we don’t have to manually go over everything
    • Scott: Upgrade for nightshade, 4.4.1? Do we hang on, any reason not to do it?

      • Chris: no reason not to do it, I can do it today if we need to.
      • Elwood: GRE BBQ tomorrow so maybe do it tomorrow
      • Chris: Can do it at 2am (UK) time
    • Roger: Sphix doc, converting docs this week and working with the plone docs, API reference not the user manual

      • Will: if we do convert to python docs, epidoc using different ways for docstrings and parameters and need to check with Carlos et al. re commercial code documentation.
      • Chris: might affect Stick & Liza
      • Roger: By next week user doc and plone pages and api doc should be converted so we can look at it
      • Andrew: then on to discuss styles / output / format etc...

Done 15:30

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