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2012-07-17 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Carlos, Colin, Josh (notes), Liza, Mark, Melissa, Sebastien, Will, Elwood (notes), Chris, Emma, Roger, Andrew, Scott, Blazej

Agenda - 2:34pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Fine.

    • Release feedback
    • Roger: auto-import for continuous testing (ticket for cli-importer?)
  3. Sprint Tickets/bugs: 4.4.1 milestone or The infamous report 9

    • Josh: 4.4.1 Jason set milestone as September
      • Some blockers already in.
      • Nothing in this sprint yet.
      • Documentation to be assigned
      • Don’t put everything in a sprint, 2-3 tickets a day at standup
  4. Plans for the summer - 14:38 UK

    • CMS alternatives?
      • Scoping, evaluating, testing
      • Roger: who will be editing? Emma: to be decided.
      • Andrew: wary of something that’s too customizable (upgrades!)
      • Sebastien: happy to get involved.
      • Blazej: also, but away starting Monday
    • Plone Documentation/Screenshots/Movies
      • Emma: just keep making progress as people are gone over the server
    • Trac - docs to update?
      • Chris: lots of stuff to update here, feeds in to CMS problem
      • decide on something that will produce documentation, not user facing, install docs, developer documentation
      • be aware of the trac content, less but more relevant, some of it is old (no versioning)
      • time to triage it?
      • Will: we went through it
      • Chris: true but not up to date, eclipse stuff not up to date, build for dev are not up to date,
      • Will: less editable? Chris: not the goal but rather easier process. i.e. programming of docs.
      • Andrew: separate git to keep it out of step. cF. schema for website. not locking it to master.
      • Josh:
      • List: plone/drupal then sphinx/doxygen/ (jean-marie: custom one)
      • Emma: scoping, not for everyone to be doing solely.
    • Web bug fixing - 14:53
      • 8883 RFE: Click arrow
      • 8286 Single Group workflow
      • 8300 Orphaned filter by user & group
      • 9138 Bug Web/SplitView
      • 9262 Bug: No image thumbnails show up for deleted images
    • Scoping for FS? - 14:54
      • Emma: Douglas also wanted to be involved
      • Colin: FS branch on
      • Josh: mid-august / september, for round 2 of FS
    • Training documentation (see overlap with some client documentation on plone) - 14:56
      • Emma: slotted in with CMS at some point, interlinked.
      • Scott: paper copies of training material, how it could be handled
      • Emma: requirements of a CMS/Doc system
  5. Meetings

    • Tues meetings (24th & 31st)
      • Emma: Holidays are imminent, be prepared to host meeting.
    • Daily Stand-ups
      • Chris: everyone to organise the stand ups
      • Emma: goal is to remove redundancy, remove blockers
      • Scott: add work to standup the night before ready for standup
      • Chris: Roger and Will have done merge-green, merge-blue. Do merges locally and then just push to team.
      • Josh: have some commits, we can do a test run through tomorrow or Thursday.
  6. Movie making process (Colin) - 15:04

    • Scott: final checks, iphone format script and settings
    • Elwood: some additions to the process: ffprobe and script change for media format (bitrate/channels)
  7. Satellite Update - 15:06

    • Emma: updated by Andrew, chasing information from satellites
    • Sebastien: going back to satellite job, some scripts running to integrate,
      • biggest question setting up when it should be delivered
      • could easily result in ROI model extension. How do we integrate code (discuss), omero.matlab /
      • Josh: matlab scripts? get it in to git as a 1st goal when ready, unit tests for 4.4.1? via submodule
  8. Glencoe Update - 15:09

    • Chris: large image viewer, some PRs coming in related to large images.
  9. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Paul Felts data issue
      • Emma: general upgrade to server? wait until big image bugs are fixed
      • Chris: subresolution image generation added to open source
    • CLS repo update
      • Colin: add some importing to the script
      • Emma: can chat with Sarah via Scott or next week
      • Chris: subresolution is related (slower in jpeg due to reader)
    • Nightshade upgrade - 15:19 UK
      • Chris: can be done when we want, email the users
      • Emma: should we or someone in IT do it?
      • Scott: possible to do it this week?
      • Chris: stick did last deployment, dir update script
      • Emma: stick back next week, get him to do it and document it
      • Chris: use josh’s email script to send
      • Josh: do it and document it with time remaining.
    • Demo Server @ (KIT) Update
      • Elwood:
      • Josh: be in touch with Bjorn as much as possible, was private emails before
      • Will: send the email
    • next visit to Dundee (Josh/Melissa)
      • Josh: 20th Aug / 10th Sept
    • New logos onto plone / trac etc.
      • Andrew: trac done, plone to do
      • Chris: forums, done already
      • Emma: top tabs thingy (aka favicon)

Done - 15:30

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