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2012-07-10 Tuesday meeting

Attending: Carlos, Chris, Josh (notes), Liza, Mark, Melissa, Stick, Emma, Roger, Andrew, Will, Gus, Elwood (notes), Blazej, Jean-Marie, Scott

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

Attending: Carlos, Chris, Josh (notes), Liza, Mark, Melissa, Stick, Emma, Roger, Andrew, Will, Gus, Elwood (notes), Blazej, Jean-Marie, Scott

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Sprint Tickets/bugs / Release Update

    • Documentation

      • Josh: lots of doc tickets
      • Documentation bullet points
      • Josh: list of things people may/may not be looking at, can we keep working from this or is it too ambiguous to handle
      • Will: Looking at a few, going though, known limitations contains a lot of out of date pieces, adding anything to that from current release?
      • Roger: added postgres limitations
      • Will: anyone anything in particular?
      • Josh: done?
      • Will: FAQ, made a few edits, with suggestions
      • Josh: anything marked off this list is for final review
      • Will: list of pages, worry over some edited in a copy and left.
      • Emma: pending review stage, edited in red, checked and happy turn orange.
      • Blazej: after pending can only go public, accidental click can make it public
      • Andrew: can maybe look at finding all those pending review
      • Emma: monitoring recently changed things
    • Remaining critical items -- To be discussed. Remaining commits ASAP.

      • Josh: 6 critical, 3 insight, 1 cmd line, 2 Melissa, 1 not filed (memory leak from Chris)
      • Jean-Marie: 3 PRs open, search problem, turn off functionality, bug found late, single group search.
        • Batch annotate
        • Splash screen wording and Icons
      • Jean-marie: decision on memory
        • Josh: 1Gb on all client / platforms for insight?
        • Jean-Marie: let the user increase as they go, would require changes in the code, just the maximum size increased (x2)
      • Jean-Marie: have to turn to back on server/client version checking
      • Melissa: working on the 2 tickets, think they are under control.
    • Remaining rest -- Please clean up ASAP.

      • Josh: clean these up in the next hour (hopefully)
  3. Post release plans

    • Documentation 4.4.1 milestone
      • Emma: a quick release over summer for September
      • Josh: bugs that get submitted
      • Josh: everyone wants to clean it up and redesign it. sit down next week list of things we want to do, sphinx?
      • Josh: get notes under 4.4.1 so we can see the body of work we have to do
      • Josh: we all need a better system, rather than the release process page
      • Jean-Marie: plone / trac? doc we started to reorganise, sitemap / index.
      • Josh: start moving everything to a new system, can’t complete that this summer, but a few things, like a download page etc in a month / month 1.5
      • Jean-Marie: getting started page in sphinx?
      • Emma: duplicated, edited, published things. Unmanageable mass of data. Be thinking of over the summer. Need to put more thought into it.
      • Jean-Marie: easy to add to sphinx, danger again
      • Emma: more about planning
      • Andrew: annoying to have trac / plone different markup
      • Will: that’s what we’ve done for trac
      • Andrew: but many more for plone.
      • Jean-Marie: first question is “do we need a paper copy”
      • Andrew: also have schema from oxygen and slice/java/epydoc from build
      • Josh: Anyone else?
      • Jean-Marie: time to delete.
      • Emma: delete. delete.
      • Emma: also a good time for Liza to add a design. Mtg. with Scott & Gus
      • Liza: need to set some time, because need to manage workflow around GS projs.
      • Andrew: to also be included.
    • Beta decision
      • Josh: unless there are objections, we will be dropping beta.
      • Jean-Marie: worried, when we move to FS we change everything. That would be the time.
      • Will: are we going to do this silently or make a big announcement that we’re bug-less?
      • Josh: I would say we mention in the announcement that it’s just no longer appropriate,
        • but that the quality is still the same and there will still be big changes.
      • Emma: motion passed, removal of beta
  4. Feedback from Paris [UX team] - 15:21 UK

    • To be scoped: caching, archiving,
  5. Glencoe Update - 15:38 UK

  6. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Jean-Marie: marie laurie in toulouse chat this morning, notes taken have some points, what they want to achieve and how they are testing the system
      • Emma: match multiple levels of hierarchy in to 2
      • Jean-Marie: funding is different, working on different sites
    • Scott: Question when nightshade will be upgraded?
      • Chris: as soon as we release we can discuss, downtime is minimal, notify and upgrade everyone.


Done - 15:55

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