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2012-06-26 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Andrew, Carlos, Josh (notes), Liza, Melissa, Ola, Sebastien, Stick, Jason, Chris, Emma, Gus, Scott, Blazej

Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

Housekeeping Pre-Meeting - 2pm Start

  1. Attending

    • Emma, Josh (notes), Ola, Jason, Chris, Jean-Marie, Stick, Blazej, Elwood, Roger, Liza, Andrew, Colin, Gus, Scott, Melissa
  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Roger: find supported files not in test_images_good (share document)
    • Melissa: provide list of blockers, etc. since not at the standups
    • Jason: contact Knime [DONE]
  3. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

  4. Done 14:11 UK

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Attending

    • Andrew, Carlos, Josh (notes), Liza, Melissa, Ola, Sebastien, Stick, Jason, Chris, Emma, Gus, Scott, Blazej
  2. Accepting minutes from last meeting (no meeting last week due to Paris Meeting) * No notes last week

  3. Misc - 14:31 UK

    • Meeting heads up
      • Sit forward
      • Everyone keep notes page open
      • One speaker at a time
  4. Sprint Bug Report (5 mins)

    • Omero-Beta4.4 bugs: 65 (5 blocker, 10 critical, 26 major, 24 minor)
    • Total bugs: 134 (5 blocker, 14 critical, 55 major, 60 minor)
    • Emma: increasing :(
  5. Web Contingency Plan - 14:33 UK

    • blocker 8871

    • blocker 8788

    • critical 8957

    • critical 9039

    • Emma: most urgent, Ola is now on leave so we need to re-address these.

    • Ola: looked at them, 1st one 8771 not a critical/blocker, it’s a bug that the cancel button needs moving? not really a blocker

    • Ola: 8788 are blockers, 8957 are consequence of this, these 2 are bugs breaking multi select in history, searching and basket, needs fixing

    • Jason: basket multi select different?

    • Chris: because of tree

    • Ola: searching and history is because of the tree, can’t multi-select at all

    • Ola: changes in listeners for the tree so missed here maybe, @will, maybe working and something else broke this, need to discuss on Thursday with Will, not a block on RC2, but a block on full release.

    • Ola: 9039 i can look at it if still valid and write down what possibly needs to be changed after the meeting.

    • Emma: other things in your head that needs to get written down? Send via email.

      • Ola: test for IE8, missed buttons etc. IE8 is Windows XP web browser.

      • Chris: Demo accounts, web QA?

        • Jason: who sees the requests, 2-5 a week?
        • Ola: sometimes on conferences there are more requests
        • Jason: request a demo account on qa, webadmin on demo server and creating account
        • Ola: created by hand, mailing list, issues / upgrades mailed out.
        • Ola: whole procedure in ome-team
        • Elwood: I don’t mind looking at that.
        • Jason: fullness of time, automating it, analytics, reporting what people are doing. Ola: work pattern, never used, used for a while then go away, often installing, taster session, small
        • Ola: some people use ot for presentation, some people send email new version doesn’t work because.
        • DECISION: Elwood
        • Chris: for notifications
        • Ola: code on necromancer, still grab from svn wasn’t sure how to change repository from svn to git, Chris can you help?
        • Josh: some point did git-svn clone but probably out of synch
      • Emma: set up email bounce yet?

      • Ola leaves - 14:45

  6. Paris Summary - 14:46 UK

    • feedback digestion
    • Emma: collect centrally ideas, feedback, comments
    • Scott: gus and I were going to do this
    • Jason: do this in person. mtg? tag everyone on the team?
    • Emma: everything in one document and then we digest on a Tues.
    • Jason: need to publish our priority list
  7. Back to release - 14:50 UK

    • Goal is still July 13
    • RC2 by end of this week
    • Chris: Read-only test on nightshade
    • Chris: work within current repository, a few of us as admins, checking thumbnailing etc.
    • Emma, Scott, Chris are admins afaik, no pyramids, imports, uploads,
    • Jason: can test the permissions, RC2 on Friday would be last
    • Scott: test changes in web on Monday, full retest
    • Chris: carlos pushed a branch, JM not using parameters, just need to worry about web, carlos and I need to agree on one thing
    • Jason: blockers & criticals? goals for RC2, clean them up?
    • Chris: wait until we can discuss with Will re: web tickets some blockers are doc tickets
  8. Satellite Update

    • Emma: anything?
    • Jason: first get together?
    • Emma: First one at the end of the summer. (after our scoping exercises)
    • Jason: 1st part of September satellites join 3rd call.
  9. Blockers

    • Chris: list of groups is an issue
    • Chris: script a creation on a test system to test large number of users/groups
    • Jason 50-100 is max
    • Chris: something for will to look at
    • Chris: set of criticals with large images in insight, opengl and other stuff, all are irritating but not blockers
    • Jason: open-gl downloads total 1% of all downloads
  10. Documentation

    • Emma: Gus, Scott, Colin starting on screencasts
    • Colin: more sensible user structure for testing, projects / data
      • Use this script then import, restore to make additional movies on that
      • Plan is to make 2-3 (5?) movies tomorrow. GS office? (Swedlow also)
      • And then see where we are.
      • Then need real data that’s imported that’s not a part of the movie (largely JCB)
  11. Glencoe Update - started 15:06 UK

  12. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • OME website redesign overhaul
    • Liza: few people ask about the website if there is a redesign, needs one not just cosmetic but from information, navigation, can’t find what they need, needs reorganisation, formulating a solution, change more important pages, then to redo the design
    • Emma: Andrew has script for site map and pages, help user get to information
    • Gus: inital 5 pages as stop gap for meeting tomorrow, can chat with Liza later
    • Roger: well editing notes from Perkin Elmer written up
      • Jason: share on OME docs / nitpick
    • Scott: Paris feedback / info gathering

Done: 15:13


* Ola: to fix QA email
* Ola: take a look at 9039
* Ola: out-of-office bounce (today)
* Josh: help move QA repository from SVN to git
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