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2012-04-24 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Andrew, Jean-Marie, Sebastien, Elwood (notes), Emma, Chris, Roger, Dom, Ola, Will, Colin, Stick, Liza, Melissa, Gus, Scott, Wilma (briefly)

Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

Housekeeping Pre-Meeting - 2pm Start

  1. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • NOTE: Action points are from last meeting two weeks ago
    • Emma: Confirm meeting dates for pfelts feedback DONE
    • Dom: Work on mock up of logo and splash screen (ome-nitpick)
    • Dom/Jean-Marie: discuss default group on login. DONE Since we can add as many groups to display. The plan is to remove it.
    • All: Decide on Logo/ Branding name
  2. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Sprint Bug Report (5 mins)

    • New bugs (since April 10): 17 (0 blocker, 3 critical, 5 major, 9 minor)
    • Total bugs: 106 (8 blocker, 9 critical, 32 major, 57 minor)
  3. Sprint Tickets/bugs

  4. Minigroup Updates (points for Sprint page)

    • HIC
    • Model
    • Web
    • Insight
    • FS
    • Usability
    • Bio-Formats
    • Chgrp
    • Docs
    • Big images / learning
  5. Satellite Update

  6. Glencoe Update

  7. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • File sharing
    • Tidy of Team on squig


Attending: Andrew, Jean-Marie, Sebastien, Elwood (notes), Emma, Chris, Roger, Dom, Ola, Will, Colin, Stick, Liza, Melissa, Gus, Scott, Wilma (briefly)

Agenda - 2:30pm Start

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

    • Emma: Welcomes Wilma to the group.
  2. Sprint Bug Report (5 mins)

    • New bugs (since April 10): 17 (0 blocker, 3 critical, 5 major, 9 minor)
    • Total bugs: 106 (8 blocker, 9 critical, 32 major, 57 minor)
      • Jean-Marie: leave it for now, Josh and Melissa here next week so main focus will be the model. Working on Josh’s branch code-gen before going away. Some db upgrade and change in code, some harder to find than others, query in strings trying to find them.
      • Andrew: a ticket for review
      • Jean-Marie: some in python script, old code, difficult to track
  3. Sprint Tickets/bugs

    • Jean-Marie: Code freeze at end of next sprint, depends on XSD-fu stuff.
    • Chris: 1 sprint behind, will need an additional one
    • Will: Other stuff to handle as well
    • Jean-Marie: End of next sprint aim to be all in to prevent slipping. 7th May final deadline goal
    • Scott: Additional things for the model?
    • Jean-Marie: Decided on model changes for mapping model+db, all defined, we have manual input required on code generation. Will cause blockup, requires testing and database upgrades.
    • Scott: File formats have to go back and test them all
    • Jean-Marie: covered model with mock object before, will have to be done again
    • Jean-Marie: chmod is a bloacker for feedback as well.
  4. Minigroup Updates (points for Sprint page)

    • HIC
    • Model
      • As discussed
    • Web
      • Ola: Merging outstanding branches (fun!)
        • Preparing one branch to merge with UI changes then to be tested
        • One branch to have some bug fixes, hopefully by end of the day / tomorrow
      • Emma: Full viewer?
      • Chris: Know what is wrong, wont push until it’s fixed
    • Insight
      • Jean-Marie: 2 outstanding branches, testing, may be Will, something more technical.
      • Jean-Marie: linking to other client software, adding support for Windows as well as Mac, Ian Munro, Matlab/FLIM
      • Jean-Marie: chmod and changing stuff when group change, will discuss with Josh on his return.
    • FS
      • Colin: Separated out API stuff (chat with Josh) to push in to this, less impact than changing slice files so we can roll out implementation
      • Colin: Few bugs with CLS deployment, fixes.
      • Colin: Push tickets to unsheduled / 4.4.1
      • Emma/Jean-Marie/Will: Yes 4.4.1
      • Colin: Cherry picked some commits needs review with Jean-Marie
    • Usability
      • Scott: Working on documentation
      • Gus: Building momentum with training documents, screenshots, annotated
      • Scott: Push for Paris for docs and get feedback, between testing. Get feedback in Paris
        • Working with current version of Insight
        • Only effected by group changing, too complicated to cover
        • Only issue is Windows 7, having it on latest OS most sensible.
        • Jean-Marie: Share the laptop?
        • Elwood: Use VirtualBox?
        • Gus: Parallels, upgrade would be better for my usages
        • Emma: Go for it.
    • Bio-Formats
      • Melissa: Only 2 bug tickets at the moment, sort out before I leave, just a handful of tickets left, we need to review the license changes, nit-pick. Need to go over it and anyone interester
      • Curtis: time to look at it would be appreciated
      • Chris: Set aside time next week
    • Chgrp
      • Jean-Marie: some work but not much
    • Docs
      • Covered above
    • Big images / learning
      • Emma: Went to a Presentation clap Scott
      • Scott: Gave them (all lectures in life sciences) David Coates, Dean of teaching, the OME-hype, Paul Felts gave a demo
        • Good news, they liked it, but means more work
        • They want to invest and buy in the right way, which means them having discussions around resourcing for allocation
        • Further meeting in June in Medical looking to work with.
        • Carry on supporting Paul come September and see what comes
        • Import the rest of his data before he start lecturing
        • Finished that course, wants a new set for a different course.
      • Jean-Marie: Planning sessions with Paul for new design, if we need to make changes we can manage them sooner
      • Scott: Feedback form students
      • Andrew: Caching on the server?
      • Emma: Worked well, no way of prepopulating. Paul was engaged, students asked for it annotated.
      • Will: Excited by combining more data types, 3D molecules, surfaces of skulls, other data types, OpenAstex viewer supports those. iPad versions exciting!!! SOmething to keep in mind. Different levels of scale zooming with mouse, not a single image but combining images.
      • J-M: Image - image link
      • Will: EM Light microscope synergy
      • Gus: European, virtual physiology
      • Roger: combine, flourescene and EM in York, not quite sure of situation
      • Will: ASCB mico vendors not a special format, take a load of tiffs and combine them.
      • Roger: Designed specifically, florescence and EM silicon nitride, wet samples can ask for details
      • Emma: CLS repository, meeting with Sarah to look at the directories
        • Colin: rebased of develop canon raw files
        • Ola: Built now testing after meeting.
        • Colin: hopefully FS wont fall over
        • Emma: Get strucure in, script the import
      • Elwood: plant sciences?
        • Scott: Fun with networks, 6-8 scientists, people with a fair amount of imaging and several PHDs and post-docs
          • Good timing, just starting imaging, 1-2 microscope working
          • Main issue with connectivity from Hutton Network, sorted now
          • Will follow up in 2-3 months with their happiness and use of OMERO
      • Will: John Innes centre, plant system centre (Oxford?)
        • Jerome has left to go to industry
        • Interesting company from a microsocpe guy installing MicroManager, installing on hardware
  5. Satellite Update

    • Emma: Oxford interviews
    • Jean-Marie: Ian Munro integration working, hopefully session in Paris/Dundee
    • Will: Ingvar, help with getting stuff sorted (git pains)
      • Getting things to work on Apache, pointed towards the forums
      • He’s not committed to Paris
    • Emma: Ivan CMU busy on forums.
    • Sebastian: Using Harvard license for Matlab, VPN issue
      • Imaging meeting in Edinburgh and will be a good test case for tracking analysis
      • Spoken to a couple of people who know about OMERO and they are interested heard via Jason
    • Curtis: Nothing to report from Madison
  6. Glencoe Update

    • Chris: New projects starting up, job adverts
    • Liza: Working on business cards, week I get back from vacation
    • Andrew: Can use the files on squig as part of redesign
      • Checking the printing
    • Liza: Okay me working on Dundee and OME designa dn then passing to you
    • Andrew: Yep sounds good.
    • Stick: No update.
  7. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Splash Screen
      • Emma: OME on there
      • Jean-Marie: OME project
      • Jean-Marie: Differnet icons on product
      • Chris: Rich clients have their own logo and name
        • Otherwise no correlation between them
      • Jean-Marie: Rich Client one window instead of split design
      • Jean-Marie: Icon to use for the applications.
    • File Sharing
      • Andrew: Squig is the right place to share files?
      • Chris: yes, Glencoe staff not associates, Carlos, Melissa, Liza can nto VPN
      • Chris: can SFTP but causes permission issues, smb and cifs does not get in the way, permissions are forced
      • Andrew: Anywhere else?
      • Chris: No.
      • Andrew: better solution
      • Emma: Associate staff, health and safety training.
      • Chris: Beaware of umask if using sftp on Necormancer or Squig
    • Tidy of Team on Squig
      • Andrew: Team folder a mess, old stuff
      • Chris: Data repo
      • Jean-Marie: Summer task?
    • Jean-Marie: Meeting with medical images, in France, people do not use central storage, exchanging images one to another, contact an Aberdeen contact, brain scan, some formats we support some we dont. Will pass contact to Scott/Gus
      • Swedish R developer, prototype from pytable and display / analyse with R, Jason with them this week. Scripts and Matlab
      • Jean-Marie: Putting data together, more about not having the system than not havign desire
    • Chris: Notes to write up as well
    • Roger: ROI types, last week with Activision there is a whole library of annotations in a format I can document, send to nitpick

Done 15:33

  • Actions *
    • Liza: Splash screen with OME and OMERO on it somehow
    • Roger: Send documentation about Activision annotations
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