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2010-11-30 Tuesday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Ola, Scott, Josh, Chris, Andrew, Carlos, Colin, Donald, Jean-Marie, Will, Brian Jones



  1. Demo

    • Everything ready.
    • Friday demo to Pieta
    • Demo held off till Thursday due to networking issues
  2. Matters Arising

    • Everyone: tickets from meeting in/assigned by Thursday - Done
    • Ola: remove 'shoola' entry in QA system - Done
    • Andrew/Chris: Move over specification to OMERO - MAKE TICKET.
    • Chris: Remove 4.1 alert icon on Plone pages - Done
    • Close all tickets in 4.2.1 for Thursday - Done (9 tickets removing)
    • Andrew: Pickup Business Cards - In Ticket (still waiting on a few)
    • Andrew: Poster orientation needs changing for ASCB - In Ticket
    • Will: Clean setup of Gretzky for dumping demo DB to ASCB DB -
    • Chris: Pre-setup ASCB network for server/clients ???
    • Everyone: Resolve your 4.2.2 tickets TODAY!!! (Thursday) - DONE. Reviewed later in this meeting.
    • Brian: Update Beta Wiki page - DONE.
    • Jean-Marie: Update known issues page with Java 6 update information - DONE.
  3. Documentation Framework

    • Unify various documentation sources
    • Intended to help users find what they need
    • Some links are still missing
    • Everyone take a look; anything missing?
    • Something like a sitemap.
    • Jean-Marie: color code in the document
      • Red for something missing ("write docs")
    • Related story:
  4. 4.3+ Project list

    • "Graffe sheet" now up in google docs
    • Is this spreadsheet sufficient? Feedback welcome
      • Jean-Marie: Good starting point
    • OME-TIFF/export etc. got elevated over the course of our meeting
    • Jean-Marie: Should we use a separate sheet for the 2-week cycle?
      • Josh: We could PDF/JPG this and snapshot it that way
      • Will: Just copy/paste to a new sheet for each iteration
  5. 4.2.2 Status Update

    • Chris: Just one blocker left (closed two others)
    • Ola: Drivespace (3493)
      • Closing (leaving some related tickets in 4.3)
      • Javascript will not crash server
      • Still needs deprecation of old methods
        • Josh: See #3510: this needs caching
    • Chris: should be ready for 4.2.2 packages (announce Thursday/Friday)

    • Meeting Debrief: OME-TIFF becoming imporant, may need to move some things on the google 'graffle'
      • Chris: A few big pieces.
        • Most significant: many OME-TIFFs (ex. screening data). Current setup won't work well for this
        • Need full export
        • Configurable export of metadata
        • Seperate metadata and tiff images
        • Adjusting BF to be able to control multiple tiff exports (choosing planes per dimension, etc).
      • Jean-Marie: Should contact some users with these sorts of problems to define the problem better.
        • Let them know changes are coming!
        • Define the problem with more detailed tickets
    • BF OME-TIFF work on graffle will switch with BF C++/C# changes
    • Ruben requested to be CC'd on any OME-XML tickets related to him
  7. SPIM

    • Chris is testing Andrew's sample file
      • Chris: Seems to be going through the round trip now
    • Andrew can write an email on the new file, update website
    • Still not a complete solution but its still better (can be transformed to final version later)
  8. Emails/Forum/QA

    • See emails noted above. Need review on Thursday

Actions Items

* Andrew: Make ticket for specification move
* Everyone: review the documentation overview
* Josh: update the roadmap page for 4.2.2
* Chris & Josh: close the last tickets
* Andrew/Chris/Etc.: Draft email for big OME-TIFF users with problems (see OME-TIFF above). Update tickets
* Andrew: update SPIM file/website (due Wednesday). Send wiki page to team for the SPIM changes.
* Everyone: Review emails in notes for Thursday
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