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2010-11-23 Tuesday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Ola, Jason, Colin, Will, Scott, Chris, Jean-Marie, Josh, Melissa, Donald, Carlos, Brian Jones


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Action items from last week meeting notes. (Everyone)
    • Trac merge status
    • Documentation
    • OME-TIFF export. Discussion required (not during meeting, but need a plan)
  3. ASCB (Will et al) (30 mins)

  4. Any other business (<5 mins)


  1. No minutes from last week; earlier accepted

    • Jason removed a few items from earlier notes
  2. Matters Arising

    • Sprint 20 up. Finishing Thursday.
    • Tickets from meeting need to be created and assigned before Thursday
      • Still some tickets to organize (everyone move tickets accordingly)
    • Trac now at .12
      • Now supports multiple repositories
      • Insight tickets are now moved over to OMERO trac
    • Trac merge
      • All tickets for insight (incl. QA) should now be on OMERO trac.
      • Ola will remove the "shoola" entry in the QA system
      • Trac now at .12
        • Now supports multile repositories
        • Insight tickets are now moved over to OMERO trac
        • Andrew & Chris will move over specification to OMERO
        • loci ome-xml package easier first step to integration
    • Documentation
      • Release pages still has flag in corner (that should be removed)
    • OME-TIFF
      • Jean-Marie: What are we going to do with export of OME-TIFF
        • Needs discussion (similar to delete approach?) [On Thursday]
    • 4.2.2
      • Jean-Marie: How much left?
        • one big OME-TIFF ticket
        • Export leaking descriptors
        • XmlAnnotation
        • bin/omero admin on Windows
        • Ola: Drivespace now working. Need to fix pychart.
      • Chris: need something by the end of this week.
        • If 4.2.3 necessary, do that later
      • 4.2.2 for end of week testing (middle of next cycle at the latest)
  3. ASCB

    • What do we want to show / What organization?
    • (Dec 7) B. Jones arrives
    • (Dec 9) Colin, Jason arrive
    • (Dec 10) Will, Ola arrive.
    • (Dec 11) Setup / Pre-show exhibit
      • a/v, furniture, checklist (Colin)
      • Lanyards going from (Andrew) to (Melissa)
      • T-Shirts sent by (Andrew) to hotel
      • Glencoe Pamplets (Jason)
      • Business Cards (Andrew)
      • Laptop setup (Ola):
        • Server (Olas): Data has groups/users/annotations
        • Demo Database (Will)
        • Switches/Cables (Jason/Colin)
        • Three Client Macs: Will, Colin, Jason
        • JCB / ASCB demo machine (needs mouse extension cord)
        • Power Point machine (Colin)
    • (Dec 11 - 14) Show
      • Saturday: Poster (made by Andrew, carried by Iain)
      • EOD Debriefing
        • Note taking (during the day) review
        • Gather notes on What's Coming
          • New Tech
          • New Formats / Metadata
    • (Dec 14) breakdown
      • AV Guys in the morning
      • Late Dinner
    • (Dec 15) return
    • What's New in OMERO?
    • Checklist of what to Demo
      • Need to highlight way to interact with data
        • Mention bio-formats, importer, insight, web
        • Do we need visual aids? PP slides?
        • Some 'simple posters' hung up?
        • Laminated cards from PP presentation (Will)
        • Confirm what we had for printouts last year
    • Jason hunting down restraunts
  4. Other Business

    • No other business
  5. Action Items

    • Everyone: tickets from meeting in/assigned by Thursday
    • Ola: remove 'shoola' entry in QA system
    • Andrew/Chris: Move over specification to OMERO
    • Chris: Remove 4.1 alert icon on Plone pages.
    • Close all tickets in 4.2.1 for Thursday
    • Andrew: Pickup Business Cards
    • Andrew: Changes to glencoe handout (talk to Jason)
    • Andrew: Poster orientation needs changing for ASCB
    • Melissa: Send poster corrections to Andrew
    • Will: Clean setup of Gretzky for dumping demo DB to ASCB DB
    • Chris: Pre-setup ASCB network for server/clients
    • Colin: Talk to Andrew about ASCB 'setup/breakdown' tips
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