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2010-11-11 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Colin, Melissa, Josh, Chris, Jean-Marie, Will, Donald, Carlos, Jason (a bit late)


  1. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Add "display all data in web" requirement
      • will schedule this for post release
    • Add "anonymous access" requirement (~6 mon. work)
    • Add "web framework" requirement
    • Add flexible group/projections requirement
    • Agenda for next week's dev meetings (have Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday only!)
      • Monday morning review
        • Requirement review (and what we have time for)
        • Carlos: Gateway work with Ola (and Will?)
        • OME-XML/TIFF libraries and support roadmap
        • Discuss email from krisJA (data formats in C#)
        • FS roadmap/planning
      • Big images (Monday afternoon meeting)
  2. Release

    • Nightshade is slow but not sure there is anything else we can d about it
      • Needs further 8.2 testing (after release)
      • May be slow but stable, will just have to delete in smaller sets
    • Importer/Bio-formats should be ready
      • XML annotations are being corrupted, but we can't fix right now
    • Insight
      • One strange bug Will found (being looked at)
      • Web start: an adjustment needs to be made to facility this
    • Chris will branch server trunk to 4.2.1 after meeting
      • also going to pull bio-formats over
    • Documentation
      • Still some changes to movies (on the web stuff perhaps)
      • Can be done after
      • Known issues/troubleshooting pages need to be updated before release
      • Few more screenshots for insight
    • Web seems up to date (will confirm with Ola)
  3. Email and Forum Review - checked at 13:30 (5 mins)

    • Email - none

    • Forums -

    • QA -
      link ID Status User/email Type Created Selected file Comment Error 2999 new G.Akman@suss... Insight 4.1.1 2010 11 11 - - java.lang.Exception: org.... * Closed 2998 new m.porter@dun... Insight 4.2.1-DEV 2010 11 11 - Changing the render settings u... - * Closed 2982 new erdem.karate... Insight 4.2.0 2010 11 01 - I changed the location of the ... java.lang.Exception: Abno... * Jean-Marie will address 2962 new todd.stokes@... Web 4.2.0-r757 2010 10 22 - switching to another data owne... Traceback (most recent ca... * Not sure (need to talk to Ola)

  4. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Chris: Movies seem to be activing funny and need checking
      • Don't seem to work with Michael excepting in VLC
      • Jason will double check
    • Andrew needs to order t-shirts soon and needs ideas!
      • Not much time (less then a week)

Action Items

* Known issues page update before release!
* Jason: Check movies to make sure they work outside VLC
* Ola: Check QA #2962
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