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2010-11-02 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Jaosn, Brian, Donald, Chris, Ola, Andrew, Jos, Jean-Marie, Josh, Melissa, Scott, Carlos


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Everyone: Assign documentation tasks today
    • Email needs to send out email about changes to documentation
    • Next week have a coffee round table discussion about 'publishing direction'
    • Release candidate tomorrow/Monday!
  3. Status of 4.2.1 release (45 mins)

  4. Updates to Partners

  5. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • who is allowed to use nightshade (ola)


  1. Accepting Minutes: Accepted

  2. Matters Arising

    • Type 'FLIM OMERO' in trac if you are interested in the new work with David
    • Jean-Marie: OME website thin on client stuff, lets move some over from Trac?
    • Website changes: Please look over. Anyone need anything changed?
      • Seems ok, going live.
    • Next Tuesday we will be going over OMERO.web for ideas and suggestions.
  3. Status of Release Candidate

    • Chris: Nightshade updated, some tricky things to fix
      • Ex: group permission changes are slow
      • Jean-Marie: May need to put this on the known issues page
      • SPW deletes on nightshade w/ plates seems really slow
      • Jean-Marie: Sounds like we need another round of testing
    • Josh: Has been working on Hudson, more tests now passing
    • Josh: need to decide on the two blockers (#3201, #3164)
    • Josh: C++ build on mac bug can't be reproduced yet.
    • Ola: Has a few tickets left to fix/test. Largest is the ajax blocking.
    • Jean-Marie: We will need to have a talk about "4.2.X"
      • (suppose to be big images, but maybe not for everyone?)
    • Major Insight issue is the concurrent-modification-exception
    • Brian: Importer tickets all done except one
    • Bio-Formats: couple small OME-TIFF export bugs (no open tickets)
    • Hopefully everything sorted by Friday
    • Jean-Marie: need to think about additional companion files. Zip them up?
      • (See #3215) Jean-Marie may move where they are in insight for now
    • Will do another release candidate tonight for testing (and update nightshade)
    • DropBox: currently testing on Windows (rest of today)
  4. Documentation updates

    • Josh has made a backup of the trac pages
      • Melissa will need to do the same for bio-formats
    • Need a documentation update list and trac story
  5. Other Business:

    • Partners: A few changes (Andrew talk to Jason about what stays and what goes on the partners list)
    • Ola: helping a scientist work alongside someone from Ninewells (using Nightshade)
      • Goto the CLS login support website to find out how to get the Ninewells folks into nightshade
    • Any collaboration-feedback we can get is valuable.
      • Goal: 2 more devs + 2 post-doc bioinfos
    • FLIM Meeting today: Jean-Marie presented ideas for workflow, which David & Peita seemed to like.
    • Matlab: Josh: Any chance of getting this on the new box before release?
      • Jason: Michael has been coding against 4.2.X and has most functionality working
      • Jason: GREMPorter has matlab on it
        • Josh: May have to split out the matlab stuff to run it on GREMPorter
    • Josh visiting Dundee: Needs to be resolved (see doodlepoll?)


  • Add ticket about speed testing plate delete
  • Everyone run './ build-cpp' on Mac OSX to see if it succeeds.
  • Brian: Update BF
  • Melissa make a trac dump
  • Brian comes up with a documentation update list (and general trac story)
  • Andrew contacts Brian Jones about changes (Accelrys, etc)
  • Josh splits out windows matlab test for gre-mporter
  • Everyone: answer the doodle pole (
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