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2010-10-21 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Colin, Ola, Chris, Josh, Donald, Melissa, Brian Jones, Jean-Marie


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Jason: Follow up with Frankfurt and their EMDB needs
    • Melissa takes over LIF issue from Jean-Marie
    • Brian: Make sure last test_good bug in Chris' hands
    • Josh: still needs to contact Jerome re: public login
    • Ola: re-test wildcard *tiff searches
    • Adjust version numbers across the board.
    • Tag version for QA by Thursday
    • Ola reviews web tickets and either assigns to herself or removes herself for someone else to handle
    • Chris & Donald: Alternative storage
    • Chris: makes RW groups on nightshade
    • Chris: will try to get drivespace reporting working.
    • Andrew: adds logos to the front page of the website - done (But do we need a different strap line?)
  3. SPIM (10 mins)

    • Problem with reference IDs for anything below instrument. (Works in file but not in OMERO.server)
  4. Generating sprint # (45 mins) (Include this section every other week)

    • What New Tasks were added to old sprint
    • What Tasks are left in old sprint
    • Make new sprint
    • Estimates
    • Close old sprint and move other tasks into new sprint
  5. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -

      • Andrew's storing single plane OME-TIFFs mail
    • Forums -

    • QA -

      ID  Status  User/email  Type    Created Selected file   Comment Error
      2954    new jason@lifesc... Web 4.2.0-r757  2010 10 20  -   looking at shared data-- in a ...   Traceback (most recent ca...
      2953    new HMS-support@... Web 4.2.0-r757  2010 10 20  -   Using OMERO.web to access a da...   Traceback (most recent ca...
      2952    new i.porter@lif... Insight 4.2.0   2010 10 20  -   opening insight java.lang.Exception: Abno...
      2951    new m.spitaler@i... Importer 4.2.0-DEV  2010 10 19  14.10.2010 tiling_2.lif The data contain a set of tile...   java.lang.RuntimeExceptio...
      2950    new k.klotz@dund... Insight 4.2.0   2010 10 19  -   Saving files second time in 1...    java.lang.Exception: Abno...
      2899    new clzbrown@dun... Web 4.2.0-r757  2010 10 12  -   -   Traceback (most recent ca...
      2893    new n.r.stanleyw... Web 4.2.0-r757  2010 10 12  -   seemed to be a problm.....  Traceback (most recent ca...
  6. Any other business (<5 mins)


  1. Accepting Minutes: Accepted

  2. Matters Arising

    • Jason: Still pending his repsonse about Frankfurt (Acilleas)
    • Brian: Handed off, but investigating some things for Chris re: this ticket
    • Josh: Already replied to post for public login
    • Ola: will write a test for searching
    • Version numbers are adjusted (Melissa wil update hers a well)
    • Builds are not tagged.
    • Web
      • Ola: Still working on a few tickets (8 or so left).
      • Chris: worked on web startup.
      • Chris: Holding off on ice-grid-node changes (not enough time left)
      • Fix that at the same time as the static config files.
      • Keep default, but don't publish it as good starting point
      • Ola: will set up 3 levels of documentation for users/developers/admins
    • Donald/Chris: Are working on their Alternatve Storage presentation
    • Chris: Still pending on nightshade RW and drivespace reporting
      • web drivespace is broken
    • Andrew: Added logos to website, waiting for feedback
    • Jean-Marie: LIF issue was Peter Lipp; he managed to import, problem fixed.
  3. SPIM

    • IDs referring to objectives don't work from XML blocks.
      • Not maintained when imported into OMERO (IDs lost on import)
    • Need a way to reference the multiple objectives
    • Since Unique LSIDs are problematic, may have to live with files not being linked correctly
    • Andrew will write a proposal for feedback
    • Will need to look at removing unique contraints and review ULSID use in the future
  4. Deletes

    • Seem to be taking longer then expected, needs investigation
      • Large deletes that should take 10-15 mintues were taking 40 minutes!
    • Josh commited more logging to track large scale deletes
    • Jean-Marie: Is this a linking issue with Michael's images?
      • Chris: Don't think so
    • Still needs more testing. Being investigated by Chris/Josh
  5. Generating Sprint #

    • Remaining Tasks:
      • Jean-Marie: Big issue is permission right now
        • Chris: Ola and Chris discussed this issue today
        • Chris is going to put some test cases in place to look at some of the permission issues
        • Jean-Marie: Maybe some caching issue with thumbnails here
    • New Sprint:
      • Jean-Marie: We are in the middle of sprint 18, do we need a new sprint? No
    • Testing
      • Redoing scenario 21 now or wait on Ola?
        • Ola: fine to start now, but don't duplicate tickets please
        • Josh is reassinging all tickets in 21 again.
        • Colin is taking #3068 and Chris is taking #3066 (Jean-Marie's tickets)
      • Either build a loader or disable the DTD loading?
      • Melissa: Only time she's seen this error was when she accidently downloaded the wrong thing
      • Josh will retest to make sure his file is OK.
  6. Email/Forums

    • Export to Collaborators Forum message: Josh will respond
    • Brian will test QA5951 lif images (should be fixed now)
    • QA2893 and related bugs: Ola is going to look into it
    • Andrew storing single plane OME-TIF mail: Is this the way we want to go?
      • Curtis liked extracting the XML file and linking it with a tag
      • Donald: have a mini-group meeting on this? (put something up on trac)
      • Andrew will talk to Ruben and let him know we are considering options
  7. Big Images

    • CCDB has some functionality for large image viewing (everyone have a look)
    • Also might look at Fiji group
  8. Other Business

    • Chris is going to fine tune nightshade more
    • Donald/Chris should have their presentation ready for review on Monday and on Alfresco
    • Ola: Agilo responded re: cc field. Deep problem they will have a fix next release
  9. Action points

    • Melissa: adjust version number and backport
    • Ola: writes tickets/test about search issue
    • Chris: test web startup on Windows at home
    • Ola: fix or remove enum tab
    • Everyone: Go through delete scenario (21)
    • Andrew: talk to Ruben about ome-tiff options


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