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2010-10-14 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Jean-Marie, Josh, Melissa, Donald, Brian Jones


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Brian: Take care of Forum message from Chris wood.
    • Jean-Marie: will add a microbeam manipulation ticket
    • Will: Update the testing scenarios page and assign the last few scenarios to people
    • Jean-Marie: will add tickets for the testing scenarios (as described above)
    • Colin: will look in Window binary delete
  3. Sprint Status (20 mins)

  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at 12:30 Thursday (5 mins)

    • Email -

      • Re: [ome-devel] Zeiss 710 - RubĂ©n (problem with size of ome-xml metadata in every tiff of massive file set)
      • [ome-users] OMERO and network security... - Jerome
      • [ome-users] Installation of OMERO on CentOS - Caterina
    • Forums -

    • QA -

      ID  Status  User/email  Type    Created Selected file   Comment Error
      2921    new todd.stokes@... Importer 4.2.0  2010 10 13  movement-1_T0002_A_Z0004.tif    -   java.lang.NullPointerExce...
      2904    new unknown Insight 4.2.0   2010 10 13  -   -   java.lang.Exception: org....
      2903    new unknown Insight 4.2.0   2010 10 13  -   -   java.lang.Exception: org....
      2901    new Jay_Copeland... Insight 4.2.0   2010 10 12  -   When I attempt to export to om...   -
      2899    new clzbrown@dun... Web 4.2.0-r757  2010 10 12  -   -   Traceback (most recent ca...
      2893    new n.r.stanleyw... Web 4.2.0-r757  2010 10 12  -   seemed to be a problm.....  Traceback (most recent ca...
      2892    new ian.dobbie@b... Importer 4.2.0-DEV  2010 10 12  ...t-512x512-20101011_Mon-1145.dv   Hi, Just trying to get OMERO ...    java.lang.IllegalArgument...
      2890    new brian.lorang... Importer 5.0.0-DEV  2010 10 12  UMD001_ORO.svs  Latest round of testing from '...   Ice.MemoryLimitException ...
      2889    new brian.lorang... Importer 5.0.0-DEV  2010 10 12  nd051.nd2   Latest round of testing from '...   java.lang.RuntimeExceptio...
      2882    new jay_copeland... Importer 4.2.1-DEV  2010 10 08  ...x 1-5z 4um 6min tumorday12.oif   I would greatly appreciate som...
      2880    new selchow@zeis... QA  2010 10 08  -   -   -
      2828    new k.j.walker@d... Insight 4.2.0   2010 10 01  -   working to save images- 'save ...   java.lang.Exception: Abno...
  5. Any other business (<5 mins)


  1. Last Meeting's Minutes: approved

  2. Matters Arising

    • Brian: Chris Woods has been contacted. Will see if we can add an option for him
    • Jean-Marie: ticket for micro-beam manipulation done.
    • Will: updated scenarios, Jean-Marie: assigned tickets.
    • Josh: Seems to be working, but will need retested
      • Need to retry with newer Insight version
      • There are still tricky situations related to Hierarchy+Searches
  3. Sprint status

    • Please don't stay logged into devteam (Brian/Donald)
      • Jean-Marie: We assume you have read something if you are in devteam
      • Andrew: forget to open it in the morning.
    • Scenarios:
      • Everyone has gone through except Ola (sick) and Will (not available right now)
      • Delete front: All SHOULD BE assigned, please check what you have and accept assignment
      • Some new tickets, mostly Web-related (permissions). Some general web issues.
      • Some issues were not handled from 4 months ago.
      • Some UI issues. Will need to look at old tickets for UI that need to be addressed.
      • A lif issue from lab in Germany (coming to Jean-Marie).
    • Jean-Marie: In a collaborateive RW group, we still have Delete issues
      • Needs testing and workflow
      • Suggest we turn this off (until fully tested) so can't add images to shared container
      • Josh: but the data may already be in this state.
      • Jean-Marie: uncomfortable releasing without knowing for sure!
      • Andrew: Is this a case that's easy to identify?
      • Josh: We need to verify the scope of this issue (might only affect PIs?)
      • Jean-Marie: Will write a test for this, but we should still stop this delete behavior
      • Donald: We should remove the ability to link "another person's" dataset to "my"s projects
      • Jean-Marie: If we disable deleting collaborative items we will have to retest everything
      • Josh: Need to determine scope, might be solved with warning message, may need to disable PI deletes, etc.
      • Donald: we have no user-specific rollback functionality, so one user
      • Josh: we're not sure of that
    • Need to have a discussion about the web
      • Need to prioritize 'must do' tickets for this release
      • will need to redo the scenarios.
    • Scenarios 9 = Andrew, 18 = Donald
    • Should we move to iteration 18 and find 'must dos'?
      • no.2678 (VM machine) needs review and cleanup (Donald)
      • Importer tickets need cleanup/remove duplicates (Brian)
      • Web tickets need cleanup with Ola back (Ola)
    • SPIM
      • Andrew providing another version?
      • got reply saying G. will need some days
    • FLIM
      • Donald needs to get this out the door
    • Conclusion: Still question on when this will be release candidate!
  4. Emails/Forums/QA:

    • Ruben: Writing HCS plates one plane / tiff file. Poor format for OME-TIFF
      • Andrew: Perhaps just an ome-metadata file in the same directory and additional tiffs?
      • Andrew: Will talk to Ruben about possibilities
      • Melissa: Would be nice to have ome-reference file (as suggested above)
    • Jerome: (Public facing server)
      • Josh: need ticket (Jean-Marie: Already exists)
      • Making some changes to support Jerome's ideas not impossible
      • Josh will respond to him about possibilties
    • Caterina:
      • We have a place (use-cases directory?) for her suggestions
      • Andrew will hunt down a place for this
  5. Any other items?

    • Brian Jones: Some interest in batch export. Where are we?
      • Jean-Marie: Should be able to do that more efficiency now
      • Josh: Best solution for this might be zip file with multiple ome-tiffs
      • Jean-Marie: large exports can be harsh on the server, need to look at optimizations
  6. Actions

    • Review binary delete on Windows again (Add a scenario??)
    • Jean-Marie: Follow up with Germany team re: LIF
    • Brian: Update BF, retest #3039, etc. bugs from last test-run
    • Jean-Marie: Write delete test
    • Everyone: Discuss 'must do' tickets for this release. Ticket Review!
    • Andrew: Talk to Ruben, consider reference file option (discusson nit-pick)
    • Josh: Email Jerome about public server ideas
    • Andrew: Find a home for Caterina's feedback 'how-to'
    • Jean-Marie: Will put in search command line ticket to fix forum posted bug.
    • Josh: will respond to LDAP forum issue.
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