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2010-10-12 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Colin, Josh, Ola, Andrew, Donald, Jean-Marie, Melissa, Scott, Will, Brian Jones, Carlos


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Josh: Need to fix up the milestone/delete pages to make them human readable!
      • Jason: Add some 'user-centered content' to the pages supplied by Josh
    • Someone point Caterina to the milestone page that it's coming soon
    • Josh: Talk to 'ahar' from forums about disk space/windows problem
    • Melissa: Respond to devel list (re: Zeiss issue)
      • Jason notify Zeiss guys about the email from Melissa
    • Ola: When talking to Agilo folks, mention 'first time notification' problem with tickets (no details sent)
    • Jean-Marie: add more tests with delete plane info. Combine OME-XML import/delete
    • Jean-Marie: setting up OME-XML with all objects (microbeam, etc.) for testing.
      • Chris: doesn't cover original files.
    • Brian: Do a full import/delete of test image files
  3. Status of Release (15 mins)

  4. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • GRE Symposium - anyone going? Need numbers by end of today.


  1. Accepting minutes / Matters arising

    • Minutes accepted.
    • Recap for folks missing last meeting:
      • Josh quickly recapped his meeting last week
    • Josh: Still needs to work on milestone/delete pages.
      • plone page updated with user facing
      • more developer-based issues are on server-trac
    • Skipping Jason's todos since he's absent
    • Josh should have all forum messages to "ahar" answered
    • Melissa completed her tasks
    • Jean-Marie has his tasks done
    • Brian has done several full imports. Still 2 errors left from the full 'test images good' import.
      • Deletes are looking good.
  2. Status of Release

    • Need to do some multi-user delete testing after Josh's changes
      • His new fix should fix doubly linked images so they remain as needed
      • New fix may also be faster
    • Not on gretzky yet.
    • Need to determine who is doing what testing
      • Jean-Marie: also need to test an owner
      • Ola: We should add tickets to a story and people can then record their testing as tickets
      • Will: Has already started recording his tests on the testing scenario page
      • Jean-Marie: The collaborative testing is lacking right now
      • see:
        • Everyone should do their assigned testing scenarios on this page
        • We will add a ticket for each of the user's tasks (so one ticket for Chris doing 1 & 10)
        • Additional tickets will be added for the more complexed delete tasks so we can coordinate this effort
      • Delete page already lists known limitations. Do we want to mention elsewhere?
        • Add a 'deep delete' warning dialog to insight/web when you are an administrator?
          • Jean-Marie: Good idea
    • Windows binary delete
      • Possible to close stateful services? Should be, yes.
      • Colin will test again Insight and Web, and create tickets as necessary.
  3. Any Other Business

    • GRE Symposium:
      • We should do a poster
      • Who is available for presenting?
        • Donald and Scott are available
    • Colin will be away at his math exam on Thursday (Good luck Colin!)
    • Deadline for Oracle port is unknown due to current testing regime.
  4. Actions

    • Brian: Take care of Forum message from Chris wood.
    • Jean-Marie: will add a microbeam manipulation ticket
    • Will: Update the testing scenarios page and assign the last few scenarios to people
    • Jean-Marie: will add tickets for the testing scenarios (as described above)
    • Colin: will look in Window binary delete
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