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2010-10-07 Thursday Meeting

In-Attendance: Brian, Andrew, Ola, Chris, Colin, Melissa, Jean-Marie, Josh, Colin, Jason, Brian Jones


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Jason: Followup with Janet Thorton/Gerard and
    • Jason: pass things around internally for review
    • Jason: create website usability ticket
    • Someone: look into getting hubs as standard kit for demos, also script of group creation, etc.
    • Jason: Send Chris the groups for Swedlow Lab sharing
    • Chris: will update QA build for everyone
  3. Status Update

  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -

      • [ome-users] Issues with import and subsequent issues with removing mistakenly imported images from OMERO server (Caterina)
      • [ome-devel] Zeiss 710 with ZEN software - RubĂ©n (MELISSA responds; Jason forwards)
    • Forums -

      • Re: Disk Space (JOSH)

      • Re: Omero Web mod_python on osx 10.6 (OLA, don't know the problem)

      • piechart (disk space) - could not open display (OLA sends a workaround.)

      • QA -

        ID Status User/email Type Created Selected file Comment Error 2861 new unknown Insight 5.0-DEV 2010 10 06 - - java.lang.Exception: Abno... 2860 new unknown Insight 4.1.1 2010 10 06 - - java.lang.Exception: Abno... 2859 new unknown Insight 4.2.0 2010 10 06 - - java.lang.Exception: Abno... 2857 new caterina.str... Insight 4.2.0 2010 10 05 - I had a problem while deleting... java.lang.Exception: Abno... 2828 new k.j.walker@d... Insight 4.2.0 2010 10 01 - working to save images- 'save ... java.lang.Exception: Abno... 2826 new unknown Insight 4.2.0 2010 09 30 - - java.lang.Exception: Abno... 2747 new k.j.walker@d... Insight 4.2.0 2010 09 22 - opening a second image window.... java.lang.Exception: org.... 2685 new team-sysadmi... Insight 4.2.0 2010 09 02 - I was opening a dataset consis... java.lang.Exception: org....

  5. Any other business (<5 mins)

    • Email address in ticket issue.
    • Web on test environment should be set up to send error messages to Ola


  1. Accepting Minutes

    • Accepted, no issues
  2. Matters Arising

    • Jason: Still working on EMDB, will send out to interested parties after that
    • Jason: Will make a new story/ticket for web issues hopefully tonight
    • Jason: Has sent Chris the groups needed
    • Chris: Has updated QA build for everyone
  3. Status Update

    • Server Delete (Josh):
      • One problem with unknown unknowns
      • Can't delete annotations on annotations right now (needs some thought)
      • Should be detailed as being something clients should take care of by unlinking
      • No other outstanding tasks
      • Jean-Marie: Decision for Rois was to delete those from another user.
      • Chris: doubly-linked objects have their links broken (at the moment)
        • Also needs to be clearly documented.
      • Documentation ticket:
      • If image in 2 datasets and delete a dataset, image is unlinked (not deleted) even if 'delete with contents'
      • Ola: Problem with delete speed. If just removing, paginated pages can become blank
        • First idea, don't refresh
        • Will reported that the empty page was confusing
        • Leaving deleted items on queued can also be confusing
        • Agreed to leave on list and document as a "Known limitation"
    • Chris will upgrade server today to get it up to latest changes
    • Most of the importer OME Sample files are working now
      • Metadata only files still fail
        • Andrew: should we give user a warning for these?
        • Chris: Not right now, but eventually.
      • OME files still need work to get them into the right places (plates go into datasets right now, for example)
  4. Email/Forum Review

    • Email:
      • What Catarina is trying to do should be fixed by 4.2.1
        • She won't be able to fix the current ones without going into the DB
        • Jason: Should send her an email with the details of the clear/delete changes coming
        • Will: Current parent delete pages needs to be made more friendly
    • Forums:
      • Disk Space: Josh will talk to 'ahar' about issue
    • QA Feedback
      • Jean-Marie looking into these
  5. Any Other Business

    • Ola: Agilo emails in tickets: odd problem, reproducible, he'll try to fix it.
    • Jean-Marie: post-upgrade, no longer getting contents of email in email creation
    • Chris is making good progress on Windows setup
    • Everyone should go through their list of files for testing
      • Brian will start this (with a delete cycle)
    • Jean-Marie will add more tests with delete plane info

Action Items

* Josh: Need to fix up the milestone/delete pages to make them human readable!
    * Jason: Add some 'user-centered content' to the pages supplied by Josh
* Someone point Caterina to the milestone page that it's coming soon
* Josh: Talk to 'ahar' from forums about disk space/windows problem
* Melissa: Respond to devel list (re: Zeiss issue)
    * Jason notify Zeiss guys about the email from Melissa
* Ola: When talking to Agilo folks, mention 'first time notification' problem with tickets (no details sent)
* Jean-Marie: add more tests with delete plane info. Combine OME-XML import/delete
* Jean-Marie: setting up OME-XML with all objects (microbeam, etc.) for testing.
    * Chris: doesn't cover original files.
* Brian: Do a full import/delete of test image files
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