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2010-10-05 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Jason, Brian, Andrew, Chris, Jean-Marie, Melissa, Josh, Ola, Colin, Will


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Jason: Review Will's email and send feedback
    • Jason: Set up a website usability ticket for tasks/feedback
    • Everyone: Discuss the BF/C++ issue (need time for this)
    • Jason: Write Michael H. so Curtis can help him out
    • Jason: Write to Zeiss
    • Andrew: Follow up Jason's Zeiss conversation with specifics
    • Andrew: book hotels for ASCB - done
    • Andrew: Pass on payment instructions to Kevin - done
    • Chris upgrade agilo
  3. Report from meetings we have attended + Q&A (max 15 mins each meeting)

    • Chris, Josh, Jean-Marie
  4. Any other business (<5 mins)


  1. Minutes / Matters Arising

    • Jason and Will are working together on the EMBD and its coming along nicely
      • Still having some caching issues which Will is looking into
      • Jason will followup with Janet Thorton/Gerard and pass things around internally
    • Jason did not yet create a web usability ticket
    • Jason wrote to Michael H, waiting for reply
    • Jason/Andrew/Melissa wrote to Zeiss, waiting for reply
      • Encouraged the use of the forums for technical discussions
    • Chris: re. C++, made good progress to get windows/hudson box going.
      • Hopefully working end of today
    • Jason: responded to Catarina on forums
    • Chris: Agilo upgrade is nice but some issues with caching javascript
      • Email addresses are still showing up in the clear!
      • Ola: haven't heard anything back from the google groups
      • Hold off using omero-team@...
  2. Sprint/Testing

    • Will recently
    • Need everyone to evaluate the full suite and see where we are
    • Chris: need to get gretzky up to the latest version (David is using it)
    • FLIM meeting tomorrow; still getting more requirements
    • Eventually, heatmap will be the most appropriate output
    • Pieta has her script working on the cluster (gone from 5 hrs -> 5 min!)
    • Chris: How easy is it to register processes in the cluster?
      • Josh: Can register as many as you like but no control over scheduling
      • Chris: And no round robin-ing? Josh: Correct
      • Chris: Ideally you don't want a processor on the omero node
        • Josh: Maybe a can do a few quick fixes here
        • Josh: We may want to suggest users to set up 'exclusive' processors
    • Jean-Marie: We now have feedback/tickets for some QA, if you find anything check these first
  3. BII/Pittsburgh

    • Josh: *'Takehome' was getting into analysis ASAP.
      • 'Twist' was that analysis/publication were intertwined (Results/Analysis/Scripts/Heatmaps)
      • 'Fallout' is that some groups are starting to give us bugs for this functionality
      • Otherwise, meeting went well
      • As soons as Big Images gets started, we should also look at analysis tickets
    • Jason: Based on observations, we still need to simplify things!
      • Josh: Definitely, takes folks a few times for the setup to make sense
  4. MIFOBIO/Biarritz

    • Jason:
      • Big meeting in France! Lots of people
      • Did talk and demo.
        • Went well but we still need to work on doing on-site demos!
        • Put together a 'road kit'?
        • Demo'd 'in anger' by users and didn't go down! Well done!
        • Liked what they saw, now want it 'really working'
    • Jean-Marie:
      • Labs work with each other and are interconnected, must provide for entire collaboration
      • Way labs work with their data: incl. shared common pots (sharing containers), tabular annotations
      • Folks wanted to see ImageJ plugin improvements (better bridging both ways)
      • Andrew: Zeiss was viewing their OME-XML files in Fiji so definitely a point of entry
      • Chris: Fiji is definitely a point of entry around Germany
    • Chris:
      • Had a talk with Leica folks re: leica matrix/ome-tiff
      • We will need to rationalize 'sharing containers' (datasets/projects/etc) between users
      • France is much more project driven vs. group driven
  5. NoSQL/Frankfurt

    • Chris:
      • Take home message: No silver bullets in the NoSQL space. Need to evaluate everything
      • MongoDB guys were not there, esp. to discuss the need for replicates for durability
      • Targetted towards very big deploys.
    • Josh:
      • NoSQL stores are fantastically useful, but require some major rework and (meta)data dup.
      • Think caching/indexing/views!
    • Jason:
      • These sorts of 'slightly off topic' meetings are good! We should do more to see what's out there
      • Analyzing data with OMERO should be easier.
      • Kind of data people are analysis has jumped, and will continue to. Everything is getting more complexed!
      • Need to think about things like server-generated client menus for scripting, etc., and we're getting there!
  6. 4.2.1 Testing/Deploying

    • Everyone should start looking at these now
    • Jean-Marie: Running out of time to examing 'Big Stories' and ticketting new tasks. Need to do this on Thursday!
    • Nightshade: 1) "deleting is better". 2) Swedlow Lab wants to be able to share data in a group
    • What happens to their data when someone leaves a group? Josh: There is a script for that!
      • Jason: We need a 'former lab members' group on Nightshade for old users
      • Josh: We may need an index on the group ID column (plane info table) to improve performance
      • Chris: Nightshade so big now, takes a long time to test these sorts of changes

Action Items

* Jason: Followup with Janet Thorton/Gerard and 
* Jason: pass things around internally for review
* Jason: create website usability ticket
* Someone: look into getting hubs as standard kit for demos, also script of group creation, etc.
* Jason: Send Chris the groups for Swedlow Lab sharing
* Chris: will update QA build for everyone
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