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2010-09-09 Thursday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Andrew, Ola, Chris, Josh, Colin, Jean-Marie, Will, Hudson-Bot


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Jean-Marie: See what's available for the analysis stuff
    • Analysis Guys: Discuss upcoming conference on Thursday
    • Josh: send list of topics from Murphy discussion
    • Everyone move tickets to unscheduled if not part of 4.2.1
    • Ola: reviews port forwarding in VM
    • Chris: add ome-team trac alias
    • Everyone: Look at #2836 for Pittsburg poster ideas, feedback welcome
    • Andrew: Need to find out if we are portrait or landscape for the poster
    • Will: Turn off web-EMDB stuff in trunk
    • Everyone: Stories for Big Images
    • Everyone: fill in the spreadsheet items
  3. End of Sprint Review (20 mins)

  4. Poster (5 mins ?)

  5. ASCB (<5 mins)


  1. Minutes/Matters arising

    • Chris: created omero-team 'at''
    • BII2010 demos
      • Hard to have a one-size fits-all demo
      • Chris: Scripts from Will? FRAP
      • Cecog (#2847)
      • Demoing Object Detection (find spots)
    • Murphy
      • Discussion any time before Tuesday
      • Experiment modelling - something we want to get into?
      • See: (experiment demo XML files)
      • @Josh will send ASCB, JCB, and Editor files.
      • Please provide feedback about options here! Need to decide direction before the meet!
      • Being able to see/use the annotations is important.
      • Chris: Structured annotation with unique namespace might be the only way to go here
    • VM: Ola has it set up, (looking at one hang). Web is configured.
      • Workaround for 'hang' is to quit, configure scripts by hand, and restart.
      • Needs to have some documentation done (Ola/Brian)
      • Brian will also set up and test latest version
      • Ola will do a bit of documentation for the manual process as well
    • No one had time to do spreadsheet items or make tickets for big images.
  2. Tickets

    • Go into testing phase of the VM with Ola's guide
    • Delete in the web? Works but not with queue.
      • Testing 'in force' Monday
      • Jean-Marie: Insight should also be set for Monday
      • Need significant permissions testing.
    • Binary data delete (next phase)
      • Got delete ids in place to start querying the DB
    • @Need to refactor XML Mocks so that Andrew can use it for sample OMEs.
      • Will: possible to name channels sensibly
      • Jean-Marie: you can customize it, but it's more work.
    • Existing Tests on Hudson
      • Some of those tests are v. old, need to be removed
        • Should some some broken and remove next week
      • Josh: Lets move some of the tikets for this to 'unscheduled'?
        • Jean-Marie: Its a reminder we should leave them!
        • Chris: Look at them next week again. (All agree)
    • End of Sprint:
      • Ola/Chris: Want to move away from mod-python for deploys
        • For testing, run on fast-CGI. Still need to fix a few things here
        • Chris will try to install locally and see if DB upgrade works
  3. Poster

    • Can be either portrait/landscape. Andrew has choosen portrait
    • Josh: short list of minor changes:
      • Screenshots for data model
      • Minor fixes to text, waiting for feedback from Jason
      • Ola: Any info for demo site? (put in empty space)
      • Will: Arrows need to be bi-directional
      • Andrew: Should there be an arrow between external data & server?
        • Josh: Based on Jason's glue diagram
        • Josh: Like the 'supported formats' attached to importer
          • Like 'underlying tech' box
        • Is this representing everything OK?
          • FS in management/visualization section?
            • Already 'busy'
            • Cellprofiler in/out?
            • "Importing with Bio-Formats"
          • Lots of text here!
            • Will: Should include picture+legend for a quick read

Action Items

  • Add story: Need to refactor XML Mocks so Andrew can use as samples.
  • Everyone: Try to get things green again!
  • Chris: Send email for server upgrade reminder
  • Josh: Will send out changes to poster to nitpick list
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