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2010-09-07 Tuesday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Andrew, Chris, Josh, Jean-Marie, Will, Ola, Colin, Melissa, Brian Jones. Carlos


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • BII2010 software demo - suggestions?
    • M Team: Review VM tickets. Take on what you can!
    • VM Team: Decide what target VMs to test this against (VMWare? etc)
    • Everyone moves unneeded tickets to unscheduled.
    • Chris: add new story for automatic import machine
    • Chris: add a mail alias for 'ome-team'
    • Everyone: Review delete ticket #2615 and see if anything is missing. Meet early next week
    • Andrew: Poster for Pittsburg (Ticket #2836)
      • Confirm Dims are 40" x 60" and is PORTRAIT.
    • Andrew: Please attach some sample data to the tickets for SPIM/NDIM: not here
    • Review branching (need ticket)
  3. Review Google priorty list (20 mins)

  4. AOCB (<5 mins)


  1. Minutes/Matters

    • Minutes accepted
    • Analysis meeting at Carnegy Mellon
      • Will have poster
      • 1 slide 'intro'
      • pre-conference meeting with Bob Murphy Lab
      • Demo (Any suggestions for this?)
        • Donald's FLIM stuff?
    • Review VM tickets
      • Josh has two bugs with the VM
        • Networking issues
        • Apache config gets borked in certain cases
        • Need to get the VirtualBox installed somewhere for further testing
        • See #2678 bugs (#2808 #2806 are new Josh Bugs)
        • Hopefully install on Hudson after this (1st Phase!)
    • gretzky setup
      • web seems to be slow??
      • user: delete-test pw: test with 2 plates.
      • 25 minutes to import a plate (small binary size; 20 minutes for metadata)
    • Delete
      • Should be able to start testing full cycle essentially now
      • Josh has one commit after metting (namespace support)
      • Josh working on Annotations right now
      • After this most tickets should be done!
      • Colin is looking at binary data deletes
      • One more iteration; seem to be on trac.
    • Poster for Pittsburg
      • Andrew & Josh working out prospective ideas
      • Andrew likes layout option #7 in ticket #2836
      • Must be done by Friday for handing off
      • Need to find out if we are portrait or landscape for the poster
    • Branching/Merging Trunk to Branch
      • Need to make sure EMDB is stable
      • Enable/Disable mobile stuff?
      • Check extra measurement stuff
  2. Priorities / Requirements

    • Try to target ideally one thing, possibly two
    • Melissa: shouldn't be too much effort for Big Images in BioFormats
    • Brian Jones: Pasteur's interest in FS
    • Brian Jones: Could we have BigImages+FS ready by ASCB?
      • Andrew: Big images is a nicer demo for ASCB
      • Chris: Probably need 3 cycles for BigImages, only leaves one for FS
      • Colin: Lets have a meet about what we can do in that time
    • Jean-Marie: Big Images also includes smarter use of Plate data (fewer transfers, etc)
    • Melissa: shouldn't be any model needs for big images
    • Josh: multi-db support (#73) is also ongoing
  3. AOCB

    • ASCB: need to book hotel rooms soonish (for Dec. 11th-15th)
    • EMDB: Ingvar isn't going to meeting in the States.
    • > <
    • ul>
    • Vacations:

      • Will leaving end of month
      • Josh needs 1-2 weeks in October or December for Alabama time.
      • Colin off this Friday and a few days in October
      • No other major vacations (that we can think of before December)

Action Items

* Jean-Marie: See what's available for the analysis stuff
* Analysis Guys: Discuss upcoming conference on Thursday
* Josh: send list of topics from Murphy discussion
* Everyone move tickets to unscheduled if not part of 4.2.1
* Ola: reviews port forwarding in VM
* Chris: add ome-team trac alias
* Everyone: Look at #2836 for Pittsburg poster ideas, feedback welcome
* Andrew: Need to find out if we are portrait or landscape for the poster
* Will: Turn off web-EMDB stuff in trunk
* Everyone: Stories for Big Images
* Everyone: fill in the spreadsheet items
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