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2010-08-31 Tuesday Meeting

In Attendance: Brian, Ola, Will, Donald, Jean-Marie, Chris, Jason, Carlos, Josh, Melissa, Brian Jones, Carlos


(Agenda was missed this week due to Andrew's absence - ad hoc version below in notes)

  1. Accepting minutes from [last meeting]: approved?

  2. Matters arising

    • Jason's TODOs are done
    • Donald created a ticket for Chris
    • Big Memory not done
    • Review client unification not done
    • Andrew: Please attach some sample data to the tickets for SPIM/NDIM: not here
  3. Jason: Write the director of the EBI about EMDB support: done

  4. Eveyrone: Vital we maintain ticketing! Please remember!

  5. Jean-Marie: Move current tickets to new iteration: done

  6. FS Team: Meeting on September 7th: not done yet

  7. Need to fix emails in agilo: not done yet

  8. Email/Forum/QA Review - checked at (5 mins)

  9. Chris has had a few back and forth's with Bram.

    • He wants to import his data + ome file on the side with more meta data.
    • Has been misusing name/description
    • "More options to import" (@Add requirement functionality, like editor)
  10. QA: * Importer problems with ND2 (which Jean-Marie is looking at)

  11. Testing Presentation by Chris

  12. Overview:

    • BF is now 1 to 1 relationship with model
    • Mock OMERO infrastructure is in place to do 'mock' client testing
    • Image Export to -> OME-XML -> import to Image -> Comare the two
    • All XsdFu objects are primative backed now
    • See package for mock examples (ModelMockFactory)
    • @OTF missing
    • @Missing testing of pojos
    • Still can't test Python or C++, only java
    • ome.xml mocks (see SPWModelMock for example) can only be generated in java but the resulting file can be imported normally and tested elsewhere
    • Infrastructure for testing OME-XML isn't well tested
    • Almost all in trunk (still need to put in importer tests)
    • Still need to decide where this code all sits
  13. Admin Stuff

    • Search Stuff for Will: Sorted, ticket added for filter full text search bug
    • Invites to Alfresco: just use your ldap access. You will need Freemind!
    • Travel:
      • Jason away for awhile on trips
      • Chris/Jean-Marie: France
      • Jason/Josh: Pittsburg
      • Chris/Josh: NoSQL meeting
      • Donald: Lazan HCS meeting
    • Jason, Chris, and crew talked with Jon about setting up a large OMERO infastructure in the building here, will require some work with FS, etc. to get set up. Everyone get ready!
  • Brian: Talk to Chris about Bram importer requirements, add story/tickets
  • Ola: Jason need a 4.2 sharing mechanism set up on test servers (some groups)
  • Jason & Donald: Need to talk to Jos
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