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2010-08-12 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Chris, Colin, Carlos, Jason, Josh, Jean-Marie, Will, Donald, Melissa


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Put in outstanding action points from last Thursday and Tuesday meeting
  3. Names for Jerome's OMERO in Action Proposal (5 mins)

  4. Demo accounts-- updates? (5 mins)

  5. Hudson Status (10 mins)

  6. Generating sprint or rework summer sprint # (45 mins)

    • What New Tasks were added to old sprint
    • What Tasks are left in old sprint
    • Make new sprint
    • Estimates
    • Close old sprint and move other tasks into new sprint
  7. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -
    • Forums -
    • QA -
  8. AOCB (<5 mins)

In Attendance

Brian, Chris, Colin, Carlos, Jason, Josh, Jean-Marie, Will, Donald, Melissa


  1. Accepting minutes: Accepted

  2. Matters Ariving

    • Christof and Ingmar coming to visit
  3. Jerome's Proposal

    • Some talk of a training centric proposal
      • Right around Paris meeting time
      • Jean-Marie: Some benefit to everyone coming to one spot
      • Jason: Nice to have the greater exposure from going 'on-site'
      • Chris: Seems like a UK-centric Paris meeting, maybe we could combine?
      • Jason: This would be more technical (technical workshop)
      • Jason will talk to Jerome with our feedback
  4. Demo Accounts

    • Seeing lots of request, Ola is working on it!
  5. Hudson Status

    • Hudson went down today with a hard drive problems, Chris is rebuilding
    • Currently all services (except Hudson) are back up
    • Now working on the last bit of recovery
    • New volume should be much better/faster/bigger
    • C++ in rough shape with corrupted XML, we should redo from scratch
    • Java and Python is in much better shape
  6. Status of Hudson Green

    • Jean-Marie: Is our strategy to leave new stuff off the list until things are more stable?
    • Chris: Still need to remove the test-engine (handled differently now)
    • Jean-Marie: What are we going to do with the search? (Needs to be looked at)
    • Jason: By the end of Friday close hudson and move on then!
    • Josh: Need work on documentation, also need to review and add more tests
    • Chris: Important to link tests with tickets where appropriate
    • Jean-Marie: New sprint starts today
    • Jean-Marie: What about moving existing methods to appropriate locations
      • Jason: Probably best to do this cleanup at the same time as Delete
    • Jason: Options for next step: Grouping, Delete, Big Image
    • Jason: Would be nice to notify the community with 'what we are doing' and 'why'
    • Chris: We should consider concentrating on one big thing per iteration
      • Jean-Marie: We need to consider what 'key' requirements are to do this
    • Jason: Should we do FS after Delete?
      • Chris: Doesn't make any difference which comes first
    • Chris: We should concentrate on building featurs for existing installs
    • Josh: A lot of time is Documentation, etc, even for a small task like delete. Should be lots for people to do if someone else their coding tasks done
    • Donald: Need HCS users here to be intelligent about deploying it elsewhere
      • Josh: When's the deadline for this?
      • Josh: What's needed? Donald: Not sure! (mostly client side)
      • Donald: Need to find work flows for users, gather requirements
      • Jason: Lets use our internal resources so this isn't time sensitive
      • Donald: I'm ready to go with cd-install for Paul
        • Chris: Great, we will need to work out disk space
    • Jean-Marie: Propose doing Delete in the next sprint, followed by Grouping
      • Chris: Lets see how it goes out and determine if the workload is right
      • Chris: Principle folks involved are Jean-Marie, Donald, Ola, Chris, Josh
      • Josh: Important for us to get everyone involved!
      • Jason: What can the rest of the folks do?
      • Chris: Will's EMDB project needs help?
        • Will: We are a part of the way along with our proposal
        • Jason: Will's project overlaps with other of interest (Big Images for example).
          • We can perhaps move in that direction
      • Chris: Options are Model Review, Performance.
      • Brian: What about smaller groups (two of three) doing smaller but vital tasks?
        • Packaging, Windows Install, Documentation, VM
        • VM would be good and solve a lot of issues
      • Jean-Marie: Lets get the Delete focus group present a proposal for everyone
      • Jason: Still need to get N-Dimension fixed (modelling/spec)
      • Josh: Are we doing a new API for delete, or a quick fix for 4.2.1?
        • Donald might be in both groups?
        • Everyone working on packaging but a small Delete group working on proposal
  7. Emails / Forums

    • Largely on top of things
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