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2010-07-29 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Josh, Colin, Melissa, Donald, Carlos, Chris, Jason


Brian, Andrew, Josh, Colin, Melissa, Donald, Carlos, Chris, Jason
  1. AOCB (<5 mins)

  2. Action Items

    • Chris: Add tickets for the work of combining the tracs
    • Everyone review report 11
      • Flesh our requirements
      • Decide if stories/requirements/tasks are all in the right place
    • Chris: add tasks/requirements for merging SVNs
    • Everyone: Thursday we wil review what we are doing in the next 4 weeks. Prep time!
    • Chris & Brian need to hammer through the feedback
    • Jason: ASCB Abstracts with Andrew
    • Josh: invites Jerome to jabber.
    • Chris: Think about changing Jabber!
    • Chris: Follow up with BCho on annotation/tiff issue


  1. Accepting Last Meeting Minutes

    • Accepted
  2. Matters Arising

    • Action items in
    • Hopefully see Jerome soon
    • Bjorn (KIT) will hopefully set up win server for us, but not sure on time frame
      • Should clairify what is needed in email to them
    • For Release:
      • Josh has most of his tickets done, has one ticket in there for moving the version number
      • Ola has a cookie problem that needs fixing
    • ASCB Abstract: Andrew will submit tomorrow morning, make sure you review by then
  3. New sprint

    • Chris will create a new sprint for all the 4.2.1 work (plus a few more for summer time sprints)
    • For next week: Andrew, Brian, Chris, Ola, Colin (in dundee)
    • Perhaps week after that when J-M is back there will be a discussion about delete
    • Choosing to do Hudson Green for at least the next week
    • Priority tickets: 2610, 2596,
    • May put off the windows stuff for later
    • Would be nice to get things working without turning too many find bugs options
    • Will need to get the C++ bindings working
    • We may want to put all the hudson scripts in subversion for easier editing?
    • We may want to wait for the Windows jobs until we have a box of our own box
    • Plan: Monday morning, pick one or two of the builds and try to get them green (blue)
    • Keep notes of what gets changes in Hudson, what gets turned off (tickets for them) (Add GIT!)
    • Andrew has some modelling stuff that still needs doing as well next week
  4. Lists/Forums

    • One thing for Chris to look at (M Woodbridge delete all but four issue)
    • QA: One ticket for Melissa, most everyone else inporter side dealt with. Insight stuff needs looking at
    • Forums are in reasonably good order
  5. Upcoming Holidays

    • Next Week: Josh
    • Andrew: 9 - 13th
    • Donald: Second half of August
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