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2010-07-27 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Chris, Josh, Ola, Andrew, Melissa, Colin, Jason, Carlos

In Attendance

Brian, Chris, Josh, Ola, Andrew, Melissa, Colin, Jason, Carlos


  • Matters arising

    • Finding out about KIT
      • Can't attend today
      • Donald will contact them offline
    • Whitespace in BF paths? Melissa: Assume they are stripped.
      • Melissa fixed last night should be committed shortly.
    • Servers
      • Chris/Donald: Working to gett a faster hudson. Various VM stuff might work.
      • Johnathon has no cloud setup right now, but should have something soon for us to try.
      • Considering our critical mass of servers we have, cloud may be worth serious investigation
    • ImageJ
      • Josh wrote to Johnannes after Jason talked to Pavel about the imagej/omero plugin.
      • They have master students looking to omero to compare it to their own DB.
      • Sounds like they have not yet started on the plugin, and would still like a simple API (as discussed in Paris).
      • Jason: Will have to wait for a status update from them, will hear from Pavel in upcoming Dublin meeting.
      • Jason: Ideally would be good for them to do ImageJ plugin. (Johnannes said he would like to do it).
      • Josh: Things can get pretty circular with ImageJ/OMERO/Bio-Formats.
      • Melissa: Still likes the idea of merging all our repos (BF/OMERO, ImageJ?)
      • Adoption of 4.2 at Loci requires a plugin
      • Jason: Perhaps a needed meeting? Melissa: Johnannes's group going to write nitpick with some ideas on how to proceeed.
    • JIC
      • Josh: Have Jerome's vol viewer working and is trying to get OMERO working with it
      • Still needs tweaks, but is close to a point where we can put on Hudson
      • Jason: Would be nice to have some screenshots of this working
  • Do we need a rapid 4.2.1?

    • Seems there are no serious bugs (one critical bug in server has a work around)
    • LDAP bug now has a workaround
    • Chris: various web issues from merge from Carlos & var/ permissions
    • Jason: Hold off a week and see if anything else crops up?
    • Chris: Some minor BF issues that are also fixed as well
    • readers.txt wasn't updated (we should remove readers programmically in importer)
    • FS items have been removed and put in "unscheduled"
  • Major priorities & workplans

    • Various work done on getting report 11 very clear. Is it clear to everyone?
    • Open question: Do we merge tracs for 4.2+? Version control? Merge BF as well? OME-XML? When?
      • Chris: We will loose a lot of linking/revision numbering
      • Would also be the proper time to move to another SCM
      • Josh: Need to get a handle on this by putting tickets on track for this task
      • Downside of this is that the built will depend on everything added, lots of building going on!
      • PREREQ: Getting HUDSON GREEN working (and speeding up Hudson)
      • PREREQ: Cleanup tasks incl. lib dependencies
      • PREREQ: Delete and performance for user friendliness
      • If we move to another VCS will have to test with Agilo/Trac
    • Summary: wait a week or so for 4.2.1, then work on delete/perf/hudson green, and then evaluate the trac merge
      • Jason: After these tasks, large images would be a good next step
      • Also need to make progress on modelling
    • Head's Up: Josh will be working on multi-db support (#73) in parallel with those tasks.
      • Remove postgres-specific code
      • Keep 'backup & restore' funcionalty in mind
    • On Thursday, plan out the next four weeks
  • New Tickets:

    • Importer readers removed programmically, take out double readers.txt
  • Action Items

    • Chris: Add tickets for the work of combining the tracs
    • Everyone review report 11
      • Flesh our requirements
      • Decide if stories/requirements/tasks are all in the right place
    • Chris: add tasks/requirements for merging SVNs
    • Everyone: Thursday we wil review what we are doing in the next 4 weeks. Prep time!
    • Chris & Brian need to hammer through the feedback
    • Jason: ASCB Abstracts with Andrew
    • Josh: invites Jerome to jabber.
    • Chris: Think about changing Jabber!
    • Chris: Follow up with BCho on annotation/tiff issue
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