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2010-07-15 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Colin, Jason, Ola, Josh, Andrew, Brian Jones, Melissa, Will


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Post release work

    • Review outstanding tasks link
  2. Defining the 4.2+ priorities

    • Infrastructure: -- avoiding another Martin moment
      • Delete, Large Images, Hudson Green, Performance
    • Lots of other Future stuff
    • Collaborations that make OMERO do work
      • 1: Electron Microscopy-- collaboration with Ingvar & Christoph
      • 2: Distributed Compute-- collaboration with Jos & Jano)
      • 3: Bayesian whackiness-- collaboration with Gayle Leen
      • 4: HCA-- collaboration with DDU (???)
      • 5: FLIM-- collaboration with AIL lab (???)
  3. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -
    • Forums - none
    • QA -


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  1. AOCB (<5 mins)
    • ASCB - Regular Abstract Submission (talk or poster) deadline July 29 (From Tuesday)
    • ASCB - Booth assignment OME #615, Glencoe #617 FloorPlan(PDF) (From Tuesday)

Attendance: Brian, Colin, Jason, Ola, Josh, Andrew, Brian Jones, Melissa, Will


  • After Release:

    • Web Videos: Ola will do them tomorrow
    • CLI Videos: Josh is working on them now
    • Deploying to KIT: Ola has been in contact and is waiting on the KIT team
    • Will's Ticket: Added to unscheduled
    • DB Ticket: Added to ....
  • What comes next

    • Jason: Conscious of some things hanging out there:
      • Delete Data
      • Hudson Green
      • Issues with Performance. World seems 3-4 months behind us so we have that time!
      • Large Images
      • Lots of stuff in other 'bins' to look at as well
      • Donald/Will funded for other commitments (plus others)
      • Looking at the spreadsheet, how do we balance the infrastructure need-to-do's against external wants
    • Josh: finding a way to keep on the infrastructur tasks
      • 20% to keep up? a week a month? a day a week? an hour a day??
    • Jason: but there are also some big tasks
    • Brian: Like the idea of concentrated infrastructure time where everyoe is 'on the same page'
      • Josh: Lots of good examples of where people are off on their own and this wastes time
      • Donald: Teams of two or three working on 'similar' things would help
      • Josh: If we could group stories then people can better work together
      • Jason: Doesn't need to be just one big story, could be multiple smaller groups (2 of 3 people)
      • Brian: Seems we should try and keep our commitments to one group, thus lowering the problem of multiple-commitments?
        • Jason: Have to be careful that the 'personal commitments' along side your group work don't disrupt other people
    • Donald: will have to also increase our skill sets
    • Don't have to all be experts, but there's something between novice and fluent
    • ... Looking at 4.2+ spreadsheet ...
    • Nine Wells:
      • Implementing brain atrophy index
      • Is there a student?
      • Jason: make sure all committments are well communicated
      • Haven't seen any data yet
    • Reviewed the weighted todo list on google.
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