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2010-07-08 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Chris, Andrew, Colin, Melissa, Josh, Jason, Will, Donald - Also 4.2 release task list


Brian, Chris, Andrew, Colin, Melissa, Josh, Jason, Will, Donald

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

  3. Generating sprint # (45 mins) (Include this section every other week)

    • What New Tasks were added to old sprint
    • What Tasks are left in old sprint
    • Make new sprint
    • Estimates
    • Close old sprint and move other tasks into new sprint
  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -
    • Forums -
    • QA -
  5. AOCB (<5 mins)

    • New release task: update 10.6 macports walk-through to specify Ice 3.3
    • New release task: upping version and branching
    • Post release tasks: send anything we need to talk about to Andrew and he can put them on the list.

Release tasks

* Moving 4.2 docs for live (Andrew)
* Windows install page (Josh/Chris)
* Non-Windows install page (Colin)
* Upgrade page (Josh/Chris)
* Security (Chris/Donald)
      * Which ports need to be opened in the wirewall
      * What's encrpyted when and how?
* Videos page (Will)
* Web videos (Ola)
* Cli videos (Josh)
* Faq
* Known Limitations
      * Client tutorial (J-M)
      * points:
            * lib/scripts patching
      * centos
      * ome+spw stylesheets (don't have enough sample documents)
* Downloads
* Schema Release
* RC1 email
* Final email
* Front page / news
* Client version numbers
* Server version number
* Deploying to KIT (Ola)


  • Minutes accepted

  • Matters:

    • Previous action items:
      • Scott's item still pending (he's not here today)
      • Jason has requested construction schedule for summer
      • Jason has written KIT/Urban L. about using servers for production
  • Sprint/Release

    • Extend sprint rather than create a new one? Yes till Monday!
    • On Monday, new sprint called...? Milestone "4.2.1"? "Summer 2010"?
      • Doing a 4.2.1 for next milestone
    • Some observations from Jason:
      • We've gotten much more complex
      • We are more organized now, finding true edge cases
      • We haven't set hard deadlines for releases
      • Based on this, we should be setting our future goals accordingly
      • Chris: We are much more integrated with the schema now
      • Jason: Lets set a final date for this release!
    • Andrew: converting SPW examples and creating new ones with Chris
      • Still working on making OME-TIFF examples
      • Adding none XML comments to file has causes OME reader to die.
        • This might be fixed already by Melissa.
      • Jason: Where is the definitive list of the files Andrew is making?
        • See:
      • Josh: What are we going to do about the style sheets loosing things? How sure are we that other thing aren't being lost in the transformations?
        • Chris: Reasonable set of test cases in BF
        • Andrew: Some things are being lost (just the two below now?). In older style sheets there are more
        • Josh: Screen Acquision, timepoint that I know of
        • Andrew: Not a lot of test cases right now (so not sure if SPW is covered)
        • Josh: We should let the community know the status of this
        • Andrew: These is a page for the known limitations for the transforms - we could tie this in to any annoncement
        • Chris: Pretty confident the non-SPW stuff is OK
        • Jason: if we exported SPW would anything be lost? Chris: don't know not enough samples.
        • Jason: Big problem, we are going to have to prioritize this problem
        • Chris: We really need to test the entire stack
        • Chris: Lets test a few more things, then let the community know if there are problems with screens/reagents
    • Brian: Ubuntu bug is GTK related. Release as 'known bug' and look at fileChooser alternative after 4.2
    • Chris: Populate ROI in incell not working. Chris will have a look at this.
    • Chris: Working on LDAP this afternoon.
    • Josh: RepoRawFileStore: just need to fix one bug (the .. error which will confuse users).
    • Josh: Is going to add the example/cleanup script for admins to use as a template
      • Nighshade DB upgrade is taking forever on Mage
      • The PKI3 database on Mage did update, we could use this for now
      • Would like to know where will is with his testing. We need serious testing against Will/PerkinElmer DB
        • Will: Still making the DB for testing, will add some plates (SiRNA one would be good)
        • Josh: Great we can run the script on that and then look at it
        • Josh: Would be good to get a DB in as dirty permissions state as possible, but not sure how!
          • Chris: easiest way to do this is to change default group and then annotate some images, project, etc
        • Josh: Will should run the upgrade script against his DB as a tester
    • Tomorrow testing in the morning!
    • Everyone go their change logs for Jason's email

Action Items


  • Chris: Set up 4.2.1 milestone for next week - Done
  • Moving 4.2 docs for live (Andrew) - Done
  • Non-Windows install page (Colin) - Done
  • Videos page (Will) - Done
  • Faq (Andrew) - Done
  • Testing the scripting service guides (Colin) - Done
  • Setting up 4.1 database (Will & Brian) - Done
  • Server version number + Branches + Hudson builds (Chris) - Done
  • Will: Add mobile browser to SVN - Done
  • New release task: update 10.6 macports walk-through to specify Ice 3.3 (Andrew) - Done
  • Update the Validator for 2010-06 (Andrew) - Done
  • OME XML Examples: all versions (Andrew) - Done
  • OME TIFF Examples: version 2010-06 (Andrew) - Done
  • Schema Release - Done
  • Windows BUGS! - Done
  • Windows install page (Josh, Donald, Ola) - Done
  • Upgrade page (Josh/Chris) - Done
  • BRIAN: All version numbers on all platforms. - Done
  • BRIAN: Web on production - Done
  • OLA: Does this section need to be updated? - Done
  • COLIN: ldap instructions - Done
  • COLIN: maintenance (backup/restore) instructions - Done
  • DONALD: does make movie work on windows? - Done
  • DONALD: Windows TESTING (from Josh & Dmac last night work)! - Done
  • Update Known Issues Centos information (Donald) - Done
  • Windows startup failure - Done
  • JASON: update the milestone page as a changelog - Done
  • numpy installation" - install pages updated - Done
  • "null see your admin" - Fixed by numby installation - Done
  • add numby info to update page - Brian - Done
  • missing hardcoded UI for scripts against Windows servers - Windows Test: Done, Mac test: Done, Ubuntu Test: Done
  • Test make movies - Brian - Done
  • Test windows server upgrade - Will - Done
  • JASON: Final email - Done
  • JASON: Future development page - Done
  • WILL: Downloads - In Progress (just waiting on packages) - Done
  • Front page / news (Andrew) - In Progress (2 of 3) - Done

After release

  • Chris: Test screens/reagents and let the community know if there are issues - Pending
  • Web videos (Ola) - Pending
  • Cli videos (Josh) - Pending
  • Known Limitations - Pending
    • Client tutorial (J-M)
    • points: * lib/scripts patching
    • centos - (Donald) See Below
    • ome+spw stylesheets (don't have enough sample documents)
  • Deploying to KIT - Pending
  • Chris/Josh: Test the LDAP (incl. SSL)
  • Security (Chris/Donald)
    • Which ports need to be opened in the wirewall
    • What's encrpyted when and how?
  • OME TIFF Examples: version before 2010-06 (Andrew) - In Progress (0 of 41)
  • Move HcsPreview to plone, including tables
  • Will add ticket for cleaning up numpy from scripts that don't need it - Pending
  • Discuss SQL_ASCII v. UTF8 DB encodings.


  • Scripts hang forever (and "view script" doesn't work) - Josh is looking into it
  • update 'null see admin' message to provide better feedback - Josh - Pending

Must Finish Before Release

  • JOSH: Tagging, change QA version - Pending
  • SPW Testing - Donald - Pending
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