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2010-07-06 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Will, Ola, Donald, Colin, Carlos, Jason, Melissa, Josh, Scott


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • No points other than release tasks.
  3. Status of release (45 mins)

  4. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Brian, Andrew, Will, Ola, Donald, Colin, Carlos, Jason, Melissa, Josh, Scott


  • Minutes / Matters

    • attendees on meetings? should be. yes.
    • release tasks still ok with everyone?
    • Jason: two abstracts submitted; upcoming papers this summer
    • Scott: another paper accepted (deadline in August)
  • Release

    • open tickets
      • Ola: will get feedback fix in shortly
      • Folder-import on ubuntu, not tested yet. Brian will test on virutal image.
      • Chris: working on, then will test measurements in insight
        • Model objects in bf code-generation are not ns-marked
          • OME-XML with prefixes don't get matched correctly in the parser
          • Temporary fix (strip prefix) for now; a patch release will have a more complete solution
        • LEI archive seems to work ok (issue remains when trying to delete them)
        • After that, will go back to test LDAP again
        • i.e. closing half of the 8 today
      • Donald: one fix for masks and otherwise general OS testing
      • Donald can also look into #1717 (client hanging)
      • Donald: looks into quick fix for the LEI delete (annotations linked)
      • Josh: everything except for PDI seems to be pretty solid
        • Include a report for that
        • Don't worry about shipping a script at the moment
      • Centos5: problem since 8.1 is the default PostgreSQL version
        • Primary target because it just works
        • We can make our scripts compatible but there's a race condition
        • But we should suggest upgrading to Enterprise DB
        • AND we will need to keep this in mind for future upgrades
      • lib/scripts: need a way to merge pristine and site-specific lib/scripts (#2563)
        • Chris: for 4.2.1 provide a diff for lib/scripts
        • Needs to be kept in mind for how we modify OmeroPy/scripts
        • Leave out the namespace changes till we know what we're doing with these
        • Versioning for now based on server release ("4.2.0" for example)
      • official script (#2562)
        • current issues with IScript; not a reason to delay release
        • may want to require sysadmins to use the filesystem to modify script
  • Misc (Jason)

    • Will forwarded a message regarding JCB article; formulating a response
    • upcoming data mining / machine learning meeting
    • also 4.2+ priorities (simple like delete v. hcs etc.)
      • committments to external groups
      • requirements and expectations need to be clearly laid out / quantified
      • Pushing people towards using the KIT systems. Giving Urban a challenge?
      • Make sure we quantify our committments to contacts


  • Jason gets a list of construction in WTB
  • Everyone: fill in the attendance on notes (also including in minutes)
  • Scott give Andrew the details of your upcoming paper for our website.
  • Someone needs to upgrade/help upgrade KIT systems

Release tasks

* Moving 4.2 docs for live (Andrew)
* Windows install page (Josh/Chris)
* Non-Windows install page (Colin)
* Upgrade page (Josh/Chris)
* Security (Chris/Donald)
      * Which ports need to be opened in the wirewall
      * What's encrpyted when and how?
* Videos page (Will)
* Web videos (Ola)
* Cli videos (Josh)
* Faq
* Known Limitations
      * Client tutorial (J-M)
      * points:
            * lib/scripts patching
      * centps
* Downloads
* Schema Release
* RC1 email
* Final email
* Front page / news
* Client version numbers
* Server version number
* Deploying to KIT
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