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2010-06-29 Tuesday Meeting



Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Andrew: get ome-xml trac notifications working
    • Josh: sends a list of database upgrade points to the team
    • Josh: sends a request-for-information to the mailing list
  3. Status of release (45 mins)

  4. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Minutes/Matters

    • Minutes accepted; there were a few misunderstandings regarding RC, etc. but cleared this morning
    • OME-XML notification now working; add your email to OME-XML.
  • Status of release

    • Database upgrade
      • We don't have enough evidence to be able to provide a generic script
      • Current plan is to bail out of upgrade as soon as permissions
      • Sites with such cases will need to contact the list
      • Eventually we should have a suite of scripts that can help sysadmins.
    • Tickets/bugs: 70 tasks open (some are bugs)
      • How many do we want to try to fix?
      • Ola: most of the tickets are minor. Need 1-2 days. (from testing)
    • RC1 today?
      • export: with cross-fingers, should be able to export and reimport files
      • upgrade: also underway.
      • what's our intention?
        • put it on the website?
        • or just mark a QA?
      • Insights omero_client.jar needs to be updated
      • Composite builds need to be tested.
    • Be sure to add "bug" in title of all tasks
    • Everyone put all tasks on hold to get this out the door
      • If we're not finished by Friday, we'll re-evaluate who should ramp back up
    • HDF install hasn't been tested
    • Documentation
      • Lots of screenshots need to be updated
      • But at least the first few pages (entry points) need to be clean
    • We need constant updates throughout this week
  • Priorities

    • Current google doc lists docs, performance, bug fixing, and testing, then delete for the summer
    • Donald: I thought summer was going to be cellprofiler, flim, hcs
    • Everyone review the page and add weights, we can review on Thursday.
    • Weights are dynamic; will change over time.
  • Misc

    • Anyone want to submit an abstract to (see Bob Murphy's email)
    • Interesting in looking at OME's modelling for sequencing (see Donald)
    • Update on NDIM (
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