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2010-06-24 Thursday Meeting



Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • NDIM meeting next Tuesday; also discuss upcoming releases
    • Figure out postgres endiandness, and generally test if that's an issue
    • Will & Josh: Upgrade Will's code to use the new original_metadata.txt files
    • Andrew: From last Thursday WorkPlan/July-December-2010
  3. Status of release

  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email - none outstanding
    • Forums - no new posts since the 17th June
    • QA -

link to last 7 days open tickets

ID  Status  User/email  Type    Comment
2495    new van.gale@nre... Web 4.1.1-r592  Keep getting this error when t...
  1. AOCB (<5 mins)
    • ASCB hotels


  • Notes accepted

  • NDIM meeting on Tuesday; 10 BST

  • Postgres/endianness: Donald can't see there being a problem (just can't use address math)

  • "original_metadata.txt": path values are currently blocking import

    • Will: do they need to be unique?
    • Josh: not now, since they aren't in a repository, but we should work toward path+name always being unique
  • Model workplan

    • Discussions
      • xray is not on the list
      • "FP" means? (flurescence protein? probe?)
      • "4D+" means?
      • FSM: time lapse flur. very low amounts of flur. (already covered)
      • TIRF & TotalInternal are duplicates?
    • Schedule
      • More than just a timeline, we also need proposals
      • A clear path of how to complete them.
    • Detector
      • 2 tickets
      • one closed, other rewritten
    • Lots of small releases?
      • More than just modelling has to carry through
    • Ndim
      • Josh has some working code, that we can look at but not propagated everywhere
      • Will be discussing on Tuesday
  • Release status

    • DB Upgrade
      • Last remaining issue are weird permissions in nightshade and other production databses
        • Need to send out a request-for-information to the mailing lists.
      • Need a way to test upgraded databases without the binary data. Insight and web!
      • For the light path, we can compare two insight clients side-by-side
    • Remaining tickets
      • Hoping to release in 2 weeks time.
      • Need to suspend any activities that aren't directly related to release to get it out the door.
        • Writing docs, etc.
      • BUT there are still 70 tickets on the OMERO trac.
        • Donald will test out movie making on mage.
        • eman2 to be released? No. Move them out.
        • cellprofiler?
      • Round robin
        • Andrew (9): all "wiki" tickets will be moved.
        • Brian (12): Unclear. New minor UI issues should be put in "unscheduled"
        • Colin (2): moving
        • Carlos (8): most are invalid; Ola needs to re-test. #1412 would be good to have
        • Ola (20): currently working on tags & permissions. many of them are fixed. Other assigned tickets should be for the end of the week.
        • Chris (18): ... not here ...
        • Donald (15): 8 are done. some move. Other need interaction with Josh
        • Jean-Marie (4): concurrency will be pushed along with testing. #1717; will look at.
        • Josh (10): several small things to do; parameter default as a client issue?
        • Melissa (1): should have been closed.
      • Again, everyone please move your tickets BEFORE the meetings.
      • Everything should go into unscheduled.
  • forums/emails

    • No emails or forums
    • One QA (web). Ola will look at it.


  • Andrew: get ome-xml trac notifications working
  • Josh: sends a list of database upgrade points to the team
  • Josh: sends a request-for-information to the mailing list
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