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2010-06-08 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Chris, Will, Jean-Marie, Ola, Donald, Colin, Andrew, Melissa, Scott, Josh


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Everyone: Update your google contact list MAC addresses today!
    • Namespace-creation functionality
    • Donald: Talk to Iain/Michael about ROI changes (just a reminder of where we're at?)
    • Andrew: Track down all the recent RGBA schema changes and see what can fixed before 4.2
  3. OMERO Release Update

  4. Ome-tiff and light sheet fluorescence microscopy (see email and replies)

  5. Paris Meeting

    • Agenda Changes
    • Who is attending? Topics needing addressed?
    • Travel - summary, ok?
  6. AOCB (<5 mins)

    • Meeting with Jason about Paris - Friday afternoon to talk Paris 1pm? 30 mins


  1. Minutes and matters arising

    • Minutes acceped
    • Color discussion and unbounded integers
      • Donald: ARGB vote since that's Java standard and OpenGL can convert to RGBA on hardware
      • Andrew: store it as 4 ints; clearer. Others seem to feel this is inefficient so should be one value.
      • XSD Int values: Everyone agrees to move the current huge numbers in the XSD to bounded integers.
      • @Andrew: will email everyone with what he feels the new values in the XSD should be.
    • Namespaces: goal is to have them as non-system types, with sensible UNIQUE constraints
  2. Release update

    • Last non-metadata bug: directory doesn't get picked up properly
    • SVS is waiting on block based importing.
      • Still need to fix the block based importing but this won't be soon (for svs).
    • New stylesheets are upcoming
    • @Update bioformats and do a new QA
    • cli/ldap: commit is ready. Need to evaluate whether it breaks the movies
    • Web: mainly bug fixing
    • export still outstanding
    • testing strategy? everyone does all tasks on each platform
      • probably...otherwise we don't know the scope of things
      • Note: the list is still not complete
    • Turning off quotas since incomplete?
    • Java 6u14 Look&Feel issue?
    • Donald: on cellprofiler and flim (dataset-based)
  3. SLIM

    • NDIM proposal: Notes are up from the meeting held this morning. Interested parties please review and comment.
    • Multiple objectives? As annotation?
      • Chris: currently LSIDs won't be saved
      • Jean-Marie: need to get objective in refactoring pipeline
      • Andrew: second objective isn't really an objective
      • They have their own schema, how should we integrate?
      • Proposal for post-summer release
  4. Paris

    • Andrew will print out information on laser printer
    • Server Demo Setup: Same format as ASCB, just need cables/switch.

Action Items

  • Andrew: will email everyone with what he feels the new values in the XSD should be.
  • Brian/Chris: Test new metadata-rich formats to see if the new changes in BF are OK.
  • Josh will commit the config changes immediately following the meeting
  • Andrew: Contact Kees' lab about their light sheet microscopy setup before Paris.
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