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2010-06-03 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Chris, Will, Josh, Melissa, Colin, Donald, Josh


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Everyone: See the main 'Testing Scenario' page on the wiki for who is testing what.
    • Jean-Marie: Send Andrew a list of 'who to be near' at ASCB.
    • Josh: See why mage cannot be seen externally please!
    • Jean-Marie/Brian/Chris: Mark clients for QA testing tomorrow morning.
    • Chris: Add 'testing' story to wiki. '4.2 Integration Testing' under shoola/server tracs. EVERYONE SEE #2469.
    • Everyone: UPDATE your MAC addessses in the contact list BY THURSDAY.
    • New Tickets:
      • Chris: Add story for testing responsibilities
      • Donald: combine color/opacity
      • Josh: add namespace creation functionality
  3. Status Update

  4. Email and Forum Review - checked at 11:50am today (5 mins)

    • Email - 2 x patches from RubĂ©n link & link
    • Forums -
      • Re: omero.server and omero.web by bhcho link
      • Re index by johnjhufnagle from Thu May 13 link
    • QA -

link to last 7 days open tickets

ID      Status  User/email  Type    Created Selected file   Comment Error
2466    new columbus.hel... Insight 4.1.1   2010 06 03  -   -   java.lang.Exception: org....
2465    new m.posch@dund... Insight 4.1.1   2010 06 02  -   ROI intensities java.lang.Exception: Abno...
2463    new unknown Importer    2010 06 01  -   test    -
2462    new columbus.hel... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 28  -   -   java.lang.Exception: org....
2461    new columbus.hel... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 28  -   -   java.lang.Exception: org....
2460    new m.porter@dun... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 28  -   I just re-launched insight, op...   java.lang.Exception: Abno...
2459    new m.porter@dun... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 28  -   I clicked the save button on t...   java.lang.Exception: Abno...
2457    new fourtwo@open... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 28  -   -   java.lang.Exception: Abno...
2456    new columbus.hel... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 27  -   same as last time. Scren seesm...   java.lang.Exception: org....
2455    new columbus.hel... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 27  -   trying to delete a screen via ...   java.lang.Exception: org....
  1. AOCB (<5 mins)


  1. Accepting minutes: yes!
  2. Matters Arisng:
  3. Everyone: Do your mac address today!
  4. Josh/mage
    • Haven't found out why yet
    • Everyone should run locally for the moment
  5. How do we set ARGB for pything in Java?
    • Model says RGBA, method on rendering engine setRGBA(), not qualified in server
    • We will need to standardize server methods to model RGBA
    • Related to Ticket #2367 (OME-TIFF ticket)
      • Problem here is that color channel size should be an int, but the model seems to indicate a long
      • This will need to be changed and these types need bounding
      • For the moment, Chris will write a custom handler for color but will need changing to BIG_INT in next schema release
    • Possibly split into R,G,B,A
    • Donald: but that causes a lot of bit fiddling
  6. Status update
  7. Chris: should be solid in the clients (barring color)
  8. Work on export in the backend; beginning of next week
    • Slightly more exported (incl. annotations)
    • Nearly impossible to do code-gen at the moment. (inconsistencies)
  9. Jean-Marie and Will have us solid on metadata
  10. Stylesheets: several things to fix
  11. Testing
    • Will is currently looking at permissions
    • Colin: needs to talk to Josh about getting session information for FS
  12. Donald: Flim is back to where it was before and is now refactoring it to work with more samples. ROI Stuff done.
    • Will: Iain was concerned about ROI changes. May want to go over it with him Donald.
    • Donald: This is known breaking changes for the guys downstairs.
    • Chris: Perhaps we should not upgrade to 4.2 locally yet.
    • Andrew: Perhaps we can just write a script for Iain (after 4.2 release)
  13. Emails / Forum / QA
  14. Melissa will reply to Ruben
  15. Chris responded to several
  16. Josh will respond to Hufnagle
  17. Donald: seems to be a JVM update which has broken Windows L&F

Action Items

  • Everyone: Update your google contact list MAC addresses today!
  • Namespace-creation functionality
  • Donald: Talk to Iain/Michael about ROI changes (just a reminder of where we're at?)
  • Andrew: Track down all the recent RGBA schema changes and see what can fixed before 4.2
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