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2010-06-01 Tuesday Meeting

Attending: Chris, Jean-Marie, Andrew, Brian, Donald, Will, Josh, Carlos, Colin, Melissa, Scott


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Everyone: See your testing repsonsiblities above under "Matters Arising"
    • Chris: Send everyone the remove access information for virtual servers
    • Everyone: Update your vacation plans, let Angie know!
    • Chris & Ola: Try LDAP ASAP
    • Jean-Marie: will update everyone about running over test_images_good again
    • Chris: add a 'team folder' for everyone to put their importer log files into for this test run
    • Andrew: We need to book for ASCB soon, send email for suggestions
  3. Status Update

    • Testing agenda i.e. release candidates etc.
  4. AOCB (<5 mins)


  1. Accepting Last Week's Minutes:

    • Everyone please go over your testing responsibilities. Must be done ASAP!
    • Everyone remember to update your holiday plans.
    • LDAP: Server setup for testing. May want to expand to Active Directories.
    • Testing: See the main 'Testing Scenario' page on the wiki for who is testing what.
    • ASCB: Time for booking is close. What are we booking, are we co-booking with anyone else (JCB, Micromanager)?
      • If we get a booth with JCB/Micromanager we may need more space. Only room for 2?
      • Jean-Marie: We got a lot of interest from analysis folks. We should perhaps move closer to them.
      • Andrew: We should get a list of who to be near (by no later then Friday!)
      • Possibilities: being by analysis folks, by Pipeline Pilot, by coffee, by scope manufacturers,...
  2. Status Update: (roughly last iteration before release)

    • Importing File Formats:
      • Chris: Working on export. Should be back to import work this afternoon.
      • When archiving is activated things go sproing (1/3rd failing). Should be fixed soon.
      • Bugs in the XSL transforms (default setting on debugger was continue on fatal warning).
        • How are we going to deploy JDK jars? JDK Stylesheet is broken.
        • However OME-TIFF/XML formats are working.
      • Color bugs: Jean-Marie is currently fixing transmitted light issues
      • Couple formats to fix and a bio-formats update then should ready for testing tonight/tomorrow.
    • For testing: We need a server 'marked' for testing
      • Josh: Should have it in by the end of the week.
      • Jean-Marie: Won't be able to release before Paris. Looking for release by end of June!
      • Josh: Not a lot of platform-specific blitz changes yet. Wait for install code before. server testing.
      • Jean-Marie: We should focus on client-testing.
      • Will: Everyone can add to 4.2 Documentation testing videos if they like.
      • Josh: We will need to redo all the commandline movies. (Not ready to make them yet. Wait on commit)
      • If anyone sees client layout problems take a screenshot and attach to ticket.
    • ROI Discussion
      • Donald: Should change the DB so that fillcolor/strokecolor are combined as a 32-bit integer
      • Chris: already in the model this way. Should align them.
      • Need to discuss how to create namespaces
  3. Paris Things:

    • Everyone who is going is booked.
    • Over 50 people currently registered.
    • How are doing demos?
      • Running locally/or from Dundee? Everyone needs to register mac addresses.
  4. Misc

    • Recent discussion on Confocal list
    • Wellcome Trust grant going forward
    • Imperial College email: interested in a visit. UK road trip in Sept?

New Tickets

  • Chris: Add story for testing responsibilities
  • Donald: combine color/opacity
  • Josh: add namespace creation functionality

Action Items

(Also see 'New Tickets' above) * Everyone: See the main 'Testing Scenario' page on the wiki for who is testing what. * Jean-Marie: Send Andrew a list of 'who to be near' at ASCB. * Josh: See why mage cannot be seen externally please! * Jean-Marie/Brian/Chris: Mark clients for QA testing tomorrow morning. * Chris: Add 'testing' story to wiki. '4.2 Integration Testing' under shoola/server tracs. EVERYONE SEE #2469. * Everyone: UPDATE your MAC addessses in the contact list BY THURSDAY.

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