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2010-05-06 Thursday Meeting

Attending: Brian, Andrew, Colin, Jean-Marie, Donald, Ola, Will, Josh, Carlos, Melissa


Remember: Agenda must be complete (with estimated times) on the day before the meeting. Any additions after that must go at the bottom (AOCB)

  1. Accepting minutes from last meeting

  2. Matters Arising (<10 mins)

    • Andrew publishes the page
    • Jason writes to the speakers for info
    • Jason writes to Angie, and CC's EBI
    • Scott sends details on OSS meeting
    • Brian: Start the ui testing scripts for most tasks
    • All: send new name suggestions for "workflow" Donald
    • Donald commits FLIM code for the end of the week
    • Chris: David needs a box to run this (by week's end?)
  3. Email and Forum Review - checked at (5 mins)

    • Email -
    • Forums -
    • QA -

       Subject:    [ome-users] TIFF and LIF import error

Jose Faro <>
Subject:    [ome-users] (no subject) FindSpots

Rubén Muñoz <>
Subject:    [ome-devel] ScanR Reader

Forums Re: omero.server and omero.web


ID  Status  User/email  Type    Created Selected file   Comment Error
2435    new alessandro.d... Insight 4.1.1   2010 05 05  -   I was just trying to login on ...   java.lang.Exception: Abno...
2430    new aleksandrat@... Importer 4.2.0-DEV  2010 05 04  ..._1x1_Control_Thy_RO_noFBS.xdce   Could not import them   java.lang.RuntimeExceptio...
2428    new palmeida@igc... Web 4.1.1-r592  2010 05 03  -   Hi, I have been talking wit...  Content-Type: text/html ...
  1. AOCB (<5 mins)


  • Minutes: accepted

  • Matters arising

    • Page published
    • EBI coming Tuesday morning
      • Formal agenda?
      • Hopefully presentation on Tuesday.
    • UI testing scripts? Brian: currently working on metadata store
      • will try to have it by Thursday (end of iteration)
    • "workflow" naming
      • Josh: namespace at the database level so we can reuse it
      • Will: something that all clients can use (not necessarily scripts)
      • Jean-Marie: maybe David will have a name suggestion
    • Flim code committed? Will do.
    • Boxes for David: no progress, will have to wait for Chris to return
  • Iteration

    • Ola
      • Updating shares
      • problems at screening level? haven't tested
      • can't import anything so can't import
    • Brian/Andrew
      • Q: rough estimate?
      • 70+35 methods of 800 that aren't working
      • looking at not until Monday night.
      • Jean-Marie: at least turn on what we had previously
      • Dicom is the only thing importing
      • ...but changes are in a branch
      • Working through in order
      • Getting more people involved?
    • scripting
      • Jean-Marie: can launch from Insight again
      • Will: keep updating workflow as we're adapting
      • Style page? ScriptingServiceGuide, but a bit out of date
    • database
      • any other changes? Jean-Marie will try out filter set
    • ldap
      • testing in real scenario would be good
    • general
      • we're in burnup again
      • plus there are 80+ tickets in no iteration
      • although this is supposed to be the last!
      • especially the new functionality needs to be found
  • Presentations

    • Cancelled during testing
    • Can use that time to go over testing
    • e.g. Review various platforms & how things look (linux/mac/...)
    • determine who is testing what after scripts are done
  • Email/Forum

    • FindSpots: @Andrew
    • tiff/lif: schema version doesn't have path on OTF
      • @Brian creates ticket and puts image in test suite
    • ScanR: @Melissa owes Ruben a couple of emails (before Friday)
    • @Ola looks at the forum post
    • @Ola handles QA (already sent solution to Alessandro)
  • AOCB

    • OSS/Scott: probably won't be attending
    • JCB: copies of the form Dundee 8 + Josh faxed
      • Carlos & Melissa? melissa done / carlos not done
    • ASCB: deadline for talk/poster abstract
      • deadline is still a bit
      • moving forward

Action Items

  • Everyone: Review tickets, any new functionality in backlog
  • Andrew: Reply about find spots (something about cellprofiler?)
  • Andrew: Put up an ASCB times table

New Tickets

  • Investigating integrating FindSpots
  • Need to test OTF's in lif, if the path is missing handle it (see tiff/lif email). Add image to test suite.
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